Watches and smartwatches – what are the trends in 2018?

Technology is actively making a change in today’s society. The tech advancements modified everything that has to do with people’s lives, making it easier for them to deal with their daily tasks. This happened with watches too. Everyone knows how a regular wristwatch looks like. Well, its most basic function is to tell the time – no complications, no out-of-this-world mechanisms and so on.

Traditional wristwatches are considered fashion accessories before anything else. People consider watches a way to complete fancy outfits, forgetting about their initial purpose. Smartwatches rapidly changed the way people perceive this small accessory. They can now have thousands of functions on their wrists, at one swipe away, all in one device that also looks incredibly fashionable. Learn more about the trends here:

The rise and decline of smartwatches

When they first disrupted the market, smartwatches were the first choice of most people. They were fascinated with the functions that smartwatches could successfully replace. Plus, interconnectivity created quite the fuss around both individuals and businesses at the respective time. Connecting the smartwatch to other devices that you possess, especially your smartphone is both convenient and efficient. Technologies continued to advance and smartwatches became more and more filled with functions that could make your life easier in an instant. But smartwatches reached their peak and sales slowly started to decline. The decline of smartwatches sales happened because most tech brands out there launched at least one model of smartwatches, making the market overly saturated.

Even though the sales are not as numerous, smartwatches continue to sell well around the world and big brands are continuously launching new products that quickly catch the interest of potential clients. Smartwatches still represent a new form of technology since they are not adopted in mass yet, but there are some people that still appreciate the functionality, comfort, and looks of a normal watch. The trends differ from one year to another and technology breakthroughs will always make a difference in sales.

People still prefer traditional watches

But what’s all the fuss around smartwatches didn’t get to everybody. There are people who don’t find any sort of comfort of efficiency in the use of smartwatches and they prefer the basic functionality of regular wristwatches. Actually, people still invest in watches as luxury fashion accessories. Huge brands still launch new collections that never cease to attract new customers.  The new Seiko watches for men attracted all eyes during the collection presentation and people hurried to buy these watches on presales as fast as they could. The value of a beautiful wristwatch is not comparable with the power of an actual portable device because they have entirely different meanings. Choosing one of the types fully depends on the preferences and needs of the user, but the trends of 2018 found both watches and smartwatches in the same place. There is no winner or loser, as everything depends on your own choice.





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