Why Should You Allow Employees to See Their Own Tracking Data

Pretty soon there will be more businesses using various tracking tools than those who aren’t. Everyone wants to get the benefits, and fastrack their company’s overall progress.

And while time trackers for work are gaining popularity, business owners are wondering whether it’s a good idea to give their employees access to the tracking data. Today, we’re here to explain why you should.

Maintaining a Transparent Relationship

Your employees will become suspicious enough when you introduce the tracker. Most of them will think you’ll be using it as some sort of a spy, micromanaging tool… Unless you show them otherwise. One of the ways to do it is to give them access to their data.

Maintaining transparency, especially when it comes to tracking employees’ computers, is essential in the workplace. When employees know what you know, they won’t feel so stressed and they won’t have to keep worrying that you’re spying on them, or just using the software as a grounds to firing slackers left and right.


While you and your HR are probably in charge of tracking employees’ performance and working out improvement strategies based on trackindata, this doesn’t mean that your employees can’t improve on their own. With data access, they can always see where their time went, and cut down on unproductive activities on their own.

Over time, they’ll see how their productivity is improving, which will motivate them to push further and develop their skills even more.


One way to make your employees love your brand new time tracker for work is by gamifying it. How? Well, the most basic idea is to give some sort of a small reward to those employees who maintain their productivity levels above a certain degree for a week or two.

In this case, you should give them data access so they can track their own progress and see if they’re on the right track for that award. Also, you can go a different route and connect the dashboard to a TV in the middle of your office. This way everyone will see everyone’s progress. It could create some friendly competition.

Just be careful not to go overboard with rewards, at some point your employees will work only to compete for them, without actually doing good work.

Showing Their Best Face

Workers will always want to look their best in front of the supervisors when they know they’re being monitored. No one wants their boss to see them as an unproductive slacker. Instead, they want to be seen as productive, valuable members of the team.

When employees are able to see their tracking data, and they’re not happy with what they’re seeing, they’ll work more to improve. This might not be the best motivator, and it definitely won’t last long. But there’s a high chance it’ll turn into a habit.

Wrap Up

Allowing employees to see their own tracking data is definitely something all firms using time trackers for work should consider. If you still didn’t purchase a tracking software, you should keep in mind that not all of them will have this feature, so if you really want to use it you should be on the lookout.

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