How To Get College Scholarships in 2020

Nowadays, a college degree is of the utmost importance due to the high demand of our current society, in which many challenges of a scientific, technological, social, and cultural nature arise.

There is no doubt that college studies not only open a world of job opportunities but also restructure our minds and prepare us to face new life challenges. Likewise, they provide us with the necessary tools to achieve professional success and allow us to form the character and criteria to develop as professionals.

Besides, it is true that the requirements to obtain student scholarships change as time goes by. That is why, in this post, we explain how to get a college scholarship in 2020 so that you can continue advancing in your career, saving a lot of money.

How to Get a College Scholarship in 2020?

Each of the scholarships asks for certain requirements, such as age or family income. Generally, in the grants of the Education Ministry, you have to prove your personal and family data, education level, family income information, and bank details. You must keep in mind that if you do not meet the requirements that are requested, it will surely be very difficult for you to receive the requested scholarship.

If what you want is to apply for a scholarship to do higher education, the first thing is to fill out an online application. Once you have completed it, you will receive at the e-mail address that you have provided a document with all the necessary information that you will have to print and present later to the university.

Required Scholarship Documentations

To apply for a scholarship, you generally have to collect a pile of original documents. Once you have them, make the relevant photocopies as well as legalize them. However, depending on the type of scholarship you are requesting, the documents requested may vary. What they surely ask are:

  • Scholarship application form
  • ID copy
  • Diploma copy
  • Motivation letter or purpose/essay
  • Recommendation letter
  • CV
  • Test scores
  • Family financial information
  • Health report

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Scholarship Resolution

Once you have delivered the application documents for a specific scholarship, you have to wait for the body in charge of reviewing the documentation. If this institution finds a problem with your documentation, you’ll be notified and given extra time to solve the existing problem. Be patient because the resolution usually takes a few months, and the resolution dates are usually public in many cases at the time you submit the documents to apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship Money

Generally, different scholarships are approved based on family income. The reason why there are cases may not be granted the full amount of the course but give you a part of the scholarship for transportation, food, or books, but definitely, this depends on the student’s situation.

On the other hand, the renewal of university scholarships is conditioned by family income and by the percentage of subjects taken, being the most favorable to pass 100% of the different subjects to have a point in favor of being a possible candidate for a future scholarship.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that the economic contribution can come from state institutions (such as the Ministries of Education or prestigious universities), non-governmental organizations (through foundations or non-profit associations) or private companies (banks).


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