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Puppies & Kittens & Censorship! Oh my! 

The Institute for Justice is at it again, taking a bite out of big government with a new video about how a professional vet is being curbed by the state of Texas. In Texas, it’s a law that you can’t give medical advice for pets unless you’ve had your paws on them in person at least once. Unfortunately for lovers of big government, the first amendment protects free speech and the scrappy vet isn’t planning on rolling over any time soon. Dr. Ron Hines is retired, but still loves helping furry, four-legged friends all over the world with the power of the Internet. His many fans he’s helped think he’s purrfect, but Texas thinks he should go to the pound. What do you think?

From the Institute for Justice: 

Can the government silence and shut down licensed professionals for giving advice online? 

This Institute for Justice lawsuit involves free speech and Internet freedom while centering on one of the most important unresolved issues in First Amendment law: When does occupational licensing trump the First Amendment?  The outcome will have widespread implications for medicine, law, psychology, investment advice, and many other occupations that often involve nothing but speech in the form of advice. The facts make it an ideal lawsuit for eventual consideration by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Dr. Ron Hines is a highly regarded licensed veterinarian who’s never had any complaints against him. Being a disabled and retired senior citizen, the Internet allows him to remain productive in his golden years. Yet he’s been fined and shut down for giving advice on the Internet, often for free, to people around the planet who have no other access to veterinary care for their animals. 

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