*VIDEO* Mother shoots home intruder, saves her children.

A Georgia woman saved the life of her children when an intruder broke into her house Friday. The mother of two was hiding in the crawl space when the thief discovered them. She fired five rounds from her .38 revolver into Paul Slater – a multiple arrest convict, received five gunshot wounds puncturing his liver, lungs & stomach. Slater survived but was captured after attempting to flee.

Since the events in Newton, Connecticut legislators and the President have begun calling for restrictions on gun ownership for private citizens. Although there have already been several incidents since then where armed citizens have defended their lives against violent attackers, the media has not given much notice to those events preferring instead to sensationalize a tragedy in order to score political points for their anti-gun agenda.

If we outlaw guns, will only outlaws have guns? What would you do if the government required you to register or surrender your self defense tool?

Fox has the story below.

Edit: Bonus! Someone is compiling lists of events where firearms are used in legitimate self defense! Article below.



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