*VIDEO* How do you stop a massacre?

*VIDEO* How do you stop a massacre?

Grandpa’s got a gun. 

How do you stop a massacre? A video taken from surveillance cameras in July shows an armed robbery taking place at an Internet cafe in Florida. Samuel Williams, a senior citizen responded to the attack by opening fire on the burglars with his legally concealed weapon. Williams was at the cafe with his wife who he stated he was trying to protect in shooting at the thugs who threatened a crowd of over a dozen people. The 71 year old man bravely defended his wife and the lives of the people in the cafe. Williams was not charged with a crime. More on the story here. The average police response rate is 6 minutes. The average response rate from an armed citizen?

5 seconds.

How do we stop more massacres?

Arm more senior citizens. 

h/t: Kevin Moore



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