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(VIDEO) Father arrested for protesting common core curriculum! “Don’t stand for this. You are sitting here like cattle. Is this America?”

“You’re not preparing them for Harvard!”

Robert Small was arrested for not following an official format to ask questions at a public forum in Towson, Maryland yesterday. He faces charges of second-degree assault of a police officer when he was arrested for protesting the common core curriculum that will dumb down our education system and increase costs to the states. Some estimates show that the State of Washington will pay an extra $300 million, while California will be forced to pay $759 million to implement the nationalized standards.

“I’m a parent! I have a right to speak!”

During the forum, Small interrupted the Baltimore County Superintendent Dallas Dance during the Q&A, telling the audience that the standards are preparing students for community colleges, “You are not preparing them for Harvard,” he said. Questions were only allowed if written on a piece of paper, with Dance reading the questions out loud and a panel answering them. Small kept talking to the crowd, explaining why he opposed the standards to anyone that would listen when security was finally called to take him away

The officer came to take him away, pulling him towards the aisle. Small says “Don’t stand for this. You are sitting here like cattle. Is this America?” He was handcuffed, taken to prison and charged with second-degree assault of an officer. He could spend up to 10 years in prison and pay thousands in fines.

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