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Elderly man urinates on boy in theater, father tackles man, random woman yells “GUN!” Panic ensues, no arrests made.

imagesAlcohol was said to be a contributing factor…

TIGARD, Oregon – A woman caused panic and initiated a lockdown of the mall when she shouted “Gun!” in a crowded theatre. The woman suffers from PTSD and was startled after an incident occurred where a 70-year-old man peed on a 14-year-old boy at the movie. The boy’s father angrily approached the man, sparking a confrontation between them.

The woman panicked and shouted “GUN!”, setting off a panic and causing the moviegoers to flee to the exits!


“She was having an episode because of the movie and the emotion in the theater with the lights out,” Lt. Erick Boothby said. “She seemed very confused and upset over the whole matter.” Boothby said the teen’s father “took the older gentleman to the ground and held him there.” That dust-up involved yelling and screaming, the spokesman said.

The panic caused a lockdown of the mall, but officers quickly calmed the situation down once they realized there was no emergency. Alcohol was said to be a contributing factor to the urination incident.

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