*VIDEO* California man uses UFC moves on carjacker!

Somebody give this guy a black belt!

STOCKTON, CA – A carjacker was stopped cold by UFC fan Abel Simmons who used one of his favorite techniques, “The Guillotine” to choke out the would-be thief.

Simmons was in the car with his wife and kids when the attacker came up and started pounding on the windows. After the carjacker punched him in the face, Simmons tried out some of his moves he had seen at a UFC fight that night with great success. “I just snatched his legs and took him down. I had just put him in an arm bar, he slipped right out of it. So then I got him in a rear naked choke and started rolling and squirming around. He got out of that as well. I had him in a guillotine choke. And he wasn’t getting out of that. I had that lock really tight,” said Simmons. “I just held him in place and said, ‘Well, guess you are going to jail tonight buddy.'”

A neighbor arrived to help, but that wasn’t necessary. The crime-fighting mixed martial artist fan kept the attacker in “The Guillotine” until the police arrived.


Austin Petersen

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