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Upstate New Yorkers Burn 1,000 Gun Registration Forms (VIDEO)

“It’s an unconstitutional law, done in the middle of the night,” say activists.


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Upstate New York may be tiring of being under the legislative yoke of the Big Apple. On Sunday, Saratoga Springs gun owners tossed nearly a thousand gun registration forms into barbeque grills in an act of civil disobedience.

“We are opposed to registration because the evidence is clear that registration leads to confiscation,” NY2A Grassroots Coalition co-founder Jake Palmateer told poststar.com.

New York’s SAFE Act, hastily enacted in the wake of the Newton massacre last year, requires the registration of all “assault weapons” by April 15th. The sweeping law introduces a litany of bureaucratic hurdles to gun ownership and outright bans a variety of activities and equipment. It allows police to seize firearms without a warrant if they feel they have probable cause to do so.

Upstate New Yorkers have been campaigning for years to split their state into two regional governments.

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