Types of Electronic Cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to satisfy any user. There are different types of electronic cigarettes. Yes, they are classified according to the operating system, as well as the time of use and their capabilities. They are minis cigarettes, medium cigarettes, and Mod’s.

Mini or Cig-a-likes

Mini cigarettes were the first one to enter the market, although nowadays they do not usually see much, their similarity to the shape of a traditional cigarette made them popular. You can find both disposable and reusable. Minis are easy to try out. Battery range of minis is up to 250-300mAh.


1- Offers smokers a more natural transition.
2- They are small and light – like traditional cigarettes.
3- They are discreet.


1-Battery is short, and you need to charge it regularly (if it is a rechargeable model).
2- It may not fully satisfy heavy smokers or who enjoy a strong and consistent flavor.
3- They have limited possibilities for improvement.

Medium Cigarette (EGO, AIO, and Vape Pen)

For intermediate users, medium-sized models are the most popular option, since they are still relatively small (they are about the size of a cigar) but have greater capacity and produce more steam. Among the most popular models are the eGo, the AIO, and the Vape Pens. They are all cheap vaping devices, but having quality and with enough capacity and power. Contrary to minis, which are available in automatic or manual format, most medium-sized models operate manually by pressing a button to vape. They give the user more control and have a much higher performance.


The eGo cigarettes are the most used in the world of electronic cigarettes. The acronym “eGo” refers to the thread they have to separate the atomizer from the electronic mod. Although they are not as small as mini, they are popular for their two presentations: individual and in the kit. The kits vary as much in the clearomizers as in the batteries they use. Also, some brands are made with specific accessories and great and elegant designs.


In contrast, AIO cigarettes are another level. They do not have a thread, so it’s the same system. It is an electronic cigarette quite advanced at present by integrated sensors when vaping.


1- Its performance is twice as good as that of the minis.
2- Its price is reasonable.
3- It satisfies the majority of smokers.
4- They are not too big – they are about the size of a cigar.


1- They are somewhat larger than traditional cigarettes.
2- Its performance cannot be modified completely.

Vape Pen

Vape pens are the most selling e-cigarette device in the market now. Main components of a vape pen are the battery, the power button, an atomizer, the tank (or container) and a nozzle.  A vape pen is a very stylized wearable device that is currently in trend, although it requires constant recharging. Good quality batteries are good for vape pen life also. If you want to smoke harder and longer than you should keep vape pen’s battery charged, especially when you are outside. In case if your vape pen battery doesn’t support well and you are in search of vape pen batteries that last long then you can check out more on vape pen battery from Yocan to prevent this situation.


1-The use of a vaporizer is very discreet.
2- Easy to Dose
3- No more smoke or smelly Ashtrays
4- Long-Lasting Batteries
5- Save more money
6- Much Healthier


1-Vaping with nicotine can cause severe dangers to health


Personal vaporizers or MODs provide users with the best experience.  These are the most used electronic cigarettes by those who have been in the vaping world for a long time. They are characterized by high capacities and powers of batteries and adaptable voltages. A MOD usually looks like a thick tube that looks like a flashlight (a tube mod) or a box the size of a pack of cigarettes (a BoxMod). Unlike minis or medium e-cigarettes, which use an internal battery, MODs typically use 18650 replaceable lithium batteries of 3.7 volts and incorporate features you will not find in other devices. For example, they have powers of more than 230W, atomizers of different styles, digital readings, variable voltage, complete electronic control, and many other features.

The main advantages of MOD are the performance provided by its large batteries and the advanced functions that allow users to fully control all aspects of this device and therefore control the way of vaping.  They are usually the most requested and preferred for vapers.


1- Performance is excellent! It produces triple the steam of a mini!
2- Battery lasts much longer.
3- Its advanced functions allow you to fully customize the vaping.
4- Its performance can meet the needs of any smoker.


1- They can be expensive.
2- The care of the battery is more complicated because of the use of Lithium-Ion cells.
3- It must be operated manually.

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