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TLR Exclusive: Interviews w/ Trump Supporters Reveal Unsettling Realities

By: Jenna Ranger

Talking with the Donald Trump supporters before his rally at Open Doors Christian Academy in Maine this afternoon went probably how you’d expect. Almost all said they liked that he “speaks his mind,” and “doesn’t just say what he’s told to say.” One voter who stated that she was a registered Democrat but would be voting for Trump, described him as a “maverick.”

An extremely ignorant 22-year-old voter, dressed head to toe in the American flag, said he would be voting for Trump because of his controversial “grab her by the pussy” statement made in 2005, went on to say he liked his “locker room talk,” and that he supported the First and Second Amendments. None of the supporters I spoke with had any knowledge of President Obama’s immigration policy, or the fact that he has deported more immigrants than any other U.S. President, but they all claimed he was allowing hundreds of thousands “illegal immigrants” into the country, and this is why we must “build a wall.”

Other residents attending who were not in support of Trump, included local pastor Brian Ingalls, stated he did not support the Republican nominee but came to hear him speak about abortion (which he did not) and that he was also there in hopes Trump would repent for his misogyny.

After being ushered through metal detectors, having our things searched, waiting there for two hours, Trump being an additional 2 hours late, a woman stealing a Trump shirt from a baby, and a few people being removed for quietly amongst themselves disagreeing with one of the speakers, the candidate finally arrived to thunderous applause. He of course opened with remarks on the FBI “reopening” Hillary Clinton’s investigation, followed by stating that when he is elected “we will have honest government again.” Trump went on to promise lower taxes, increased incomes, renegotiated trade deals, the repeal of Obamacare, and to “bring our jobs back home.”

Then the fear-mongering ensued, with Trump mentioning ISIS more times than I could count, claiming there are more than 1,000 open ISIS investigations in the U.S. He then reassured the crowd he would in fact still be building a wall if elected, to “stop drugs coming in and poisoning our children,” and that Mexico would be footing the bill. Trump insisted ISIS was coming in with refugees, and then proceeded to list off people killed by “illegal immigrants.”

It was essentially a 40 minute speech on why you should fear Hillary Clinton, ISIS, WW3, common core, immigrants, and how he is the only person who can stop this madness. But what more would you expect from Trump?

View the full livestream below:

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