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CPAC Attendees Duped Into Waving Trump Emblazoned Russian Flags


Trump Emblazoned on Russian Flags Wa CPAC

By Sean McCaffrey

Fantastic prank or subversive innuendo? Many at CPAC have found Russian flags with TRUMP, printed in gold across them.

With the Trump administration still battling their accusations of ties to Russia, the optics of CPAC attendees waving a Russian flag with “Trump” scrawled on during his speech confused many.

Before staffers confiscated them, many could be seen waving the novelties around. Organizers of CPAC said that anyone else displaying the “Trussian” flag would be booted out.

TheWrap.com is reporting that it is unclear at this time if the flags were meant to be pro-Trump or distributed as a form of protest.

Could this show of humor coming from the attendees of CPAC backfire against them? Considering the already questionable ties Trump and his administration have to Russia, it’s probably going to cause some grief. If this was a insidious attempt by liberal saboteurs, it’s brilliant. If it’s an overly confident exhibition of humor, it’s distasteful at best. Either way, if you’re a skeptic of both parties, it’s something to smile at.


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