Top 8 Most Awesome Libertarian Minarchists

Anarchists are fuming at our most recent viral hit “5 Reasons I’m Not An Anarchist.” They’re even going so far as to make Youtube videos to rebut our arguments for a nightwatchman state. Oh no! What to do? I guess the only thing for a rebuttal is a rebuttal to a rebuttal.

We compiled a list of the most awesome minarchist libertarians in history. We know that anarcho-capitalists like to claim these libertarian heroes as their own, but it seems that these people don’t self-identify as such. We put together this list to show that it’s pretty awesome to be a libertarian minarchist because it forms a cohesive philosophy and legal theory.

Let these 8 awesome libertarians explain why the nightwatchman state is preferable to a dystopian “Mad Max-style” anarchist state.

#1. Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul gave birth to a modern liberty movement full of vibrant ideas, energy, and young people dedicated to advancing constitutional, limited-government principles. The former congressman from Texas bold positions on constitutionalism and free markets made him a hero to millions across the country, and helped bring about the Tea Party movement which saw his son rise to power as a U.S. Senator and now a presidential candidate.

When asked directly by Tom Woods if Dr. Paul was an anarchist, Paul said “I haven’t accepted the idea that tomorrow we can scratch it and have no government.” Paul poo-poo’d the idea of privatized police forces, arguing that “it’s a problem because the world isn’t made up of perfect people.” He went on to say that he believes that “I haven’t gotten to the point where all problems can be solved without any government whatsoever, I think that competing police forces could become a problem.”

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