Top 10 Politically Correct Versions of Classic Christmas Movies

Top 10 Politically Correct Versions of Classic Christmas Movies

By Kitty Testa

It’s time once again to curl up on the couch and binge-watch Christmas movies. There’s nothing like getting out the Snuggie (the blanket—with sleeves!) and staring at 54 inches of HDTV with my peripheral vision bathed in the color phasing LED lights on my artificial Christmas tree. In the background is the crackle of the fire as I sip warm glogg spiked with brandy and toke on my e-cig. Memories are exhumed and the Christmas spirit swells within me to the point where if it weren’t so damn cold outside I’d seek out every Salvation Army kettle in town and drop a dollar in it.

From a cultural perspective, Christmas serves as a once-a-year reminder to be kind, to be generous, to be thankful, and to have faith, if not in God, then Santa Claus at least. It’s the time of year when we take notice of how much we love our families, and how much we miss those who are no longer with us. Christmas movies are filled with these warm and tender notions, and they help to facilitate this annual exercise in re-focusing ourselves on the merriment of love.

But the Christmas classics are haunted by the values of Christmas past, and although the classics do not change, each year they appear less and less politically correct. It’s funny how often I say to myself (or whoever may or may not be in the room), “You could never get away with putting that in a movie these days!”

So which are the worst offenders?


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