Today We Fight Back Against The NSA. Are You With Us?


Keith Farrell

A large campaign against mass surveillance is coordinating call-ins and emails to Congress today. The cooperative effort is being undertaken by a group of  leading tech giants, social media companies and civil rights groups. Mozilla, Reddit, the ACLU, Twitter, Amnesty International and Greenpeace are just some of the notable partners.

The campaign “The Day We Fight Back” has, at the time this is being written, already organized nearly 40,000 calls and 90,000 emails to Congress.

Senator Rand Paul uploaded a video to Facebook in support of the effort. “Today is the day we begin to fight back,” Paul said.

Even the notorious peer to peer site Pirate Bay is supporting the effort by directing its traffic to the “The Day We Fight Back” page using an inordinately large banner ad.

Visit the page and support the fight!

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