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Dog “was aggressing him too much.”

FILER, ID – A resident of Filer, Idaho called the police on Monday to complain that neighbor Rick Clubb’s dogs were outside without a leash. The caller may have gotten more than he bargained for.

Hooch the black labrador.

Hooch the black labrador.

When Officer Tarek Hassani arrived at Rick Clubb’s home, he immediately encountered two barking canines. One of the dogs – a black labrador named Hooch – repeatedly moved in front of Hassani, blocking the officer’s path as he tried to approached the home.

The fifth time that Hooch obstructed Hassani, the officer took aim and shot the dog at point-blank range. The dashboard-mounted camera on Hassani’s cruiser captured the graphic killing on video.

Clubb, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, said the dog was his trained service animal. “He didn’t have to pull out his .45 and shoot my dog,” said Clubb. “It was right outside my son’s bedroom.” Clubb’s son is nine.

The ASPCA says that police departments generally “set a very low threshold for justifying the killing of dogs. In virtually all cases we have examined, internal reviews of dog shootings have ruled them to be justifiable.”

The society also says that “Many of these incidents involve multiple shots fired and many do not result in the dog’s swift, humane death.” The footage of the event shows that Clubb’s labrador suffered for some time before dying.

Filer Police Chief Tim Reeves says that, though the dog did not bite Hassani, “it was aggressing him too much.”

Clubb says he intends to sue Hassani. ““Maybe I deserve a ticket, but I don’t deserve a dead dog.”

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  • Derek Eklund

    I do agree that for the most part these cops are putting extremely low thresholds on putting these animals down, but why the hell were these two dogs roaming the street unsupervised?

    This is one of the cases that I do not 100% sympathize with the owner as they seem extremely irresponsible.

    • TunaSheep

      The owner should have been fined. Killing his dog is not the punishment for breaking leash laws.

      • Derek Eklund

        I feel it is a grey area because none of us know the dog’s temperament. From the video evidence I do think the cop jumped the gun, but in my personal experience I have seen dogs go from 0-10 in a instant, so I am not completely condemning the police officer in this case.

        The owner has to take his responsibility on this as well IMO, since they were just roaming about.

        • Lush Rimbaugh

          The point is not whether the owner was punished or if he was irresponsible. The point is that the cop took a life when he just didn’t need to. The dog owner is not responsible for the cops actions. Period.

          • Derek Eklund

            The owner is DEFINITELY responsible for his dogs actions, however. This wasn’t a one sided encounter and his responsibility should definitely be questioned.

            I also do not necessarily agree that it is the cop’s duty to walk around the neighborhood finding the owner or neighbors to determine if the animals are aggressive or not. The owners should have his property under control, since they didn’t the public is forced to deal with the situation.

        • milehisnk

          Dogs escape. Some are better about it than others. But kicking a dog after a complaint that the dogs were loose, just so you get an excuse to shoot it, the temperment of the dog is irrelevant at that point. You kick any dog enough and it will become aggressive.

          • Derek Eklund

            I agree that they can escape, but it is the owner’s responsibility for not protecting his dogs properly. After that it becomes a public problem, and his neighbors reacted by calling the police. The cop is not psychic and is only mandated to protect himself and others.

            I am not convinced that was the officer’s intention to walk around aggravating dogs until he had a reason to shoot them. I think he was on a call and legitimately scared of the dog and what it could do, hence the kick, and a preemptive shooting when it snarled and lunged.

    • derpleton

      You don’t have to sympathize with the owner at all considering how far out of line that response is. Even if you feel the owner was at fault this punishment is beyond acceptable.

      • Derek Eklund

        Eh, I feel this was definitely grey area.

      • Derek Eklund

        I definitely feel this is a grey area incident.

    • Spiro

      Calling animal control would be the option to take, not killing it.

      • Derek Eklund

        I can agree with that.

      • Randy

        Not every place has an animal control. Who do you call when there is no animal control for these situations?

        • milehisnk

          State Highway patrol.

    • Mark Stuber

      Dogs get out. It happens. A dog getting out is less dangerous than you going 15 m.p.h over the speed limit. Should your dog be shot everytime you go over 15 mph over the speed limit? Get a sense of proportionality.

      • Derek Eklund

        Except both dogs were stopping him from doing his job and he has no idea of their temperament.

        That is a bit of a strawman example.

        In any case you still have to accept the responsibility of your actions.

        • Mark Stuber

          Straw man example? How? The dogs didn’t stop him from getting out of the car. He was out of the car when he shot the dog!

          What do you mean he “he has no idea of their temperament.” Then how could he claim self defense? If he was scared of bodily injury then he had an idea.

          • Derek Eklund

            Your driving example was a strawman.

            He has no idea of what the dogs are capable of, but they were clearly confronting him, which was aggressive. He did what he needed to ensure his personal safety.

          • Mark Stuber

            How was the driving example a straw man? There’s a punishment for driving over the speed limit and there is a punishment for your dog being loose. I

          • Derek Eklund

            The crux of your argument was resting on shooting dogs if we go speeding in our cars, and then comparing the consequences with the problem at hand.

            It has nothing to do with the possible danger of a person’s dog attacking a police officer, and the said officer acting in defense.

          • Mark Stuber

            No. THe crux of my argument was that the cop was in no real danger.

            My speeding analogy was a respondr to Derek Eklund justifying the shooting in terms of the dogs being loose.

          • Derek Eklund

            >Should your dog be shot everytime you go over 15 mph over the speed limit? Get a sense of proportionality.

            That is what a strawman is. You set up an obviously ridiculous/ weak scenario, seemingly in parallel to the actual argument, and easily attack it. This was your first argument.

          • Mark Stuber

            Nope. This guy suggested the dog was shot because it was roaming. Both are minor violations. Was not a straw man at all. It was merely and illistration.

          • Derek Eklund

            That is exactly what it was.

            A cop shooting a dog in self defense isn’t comparable to the police arbitrarily executing your dog for speeding as punishment. There is no logical parallel between the scenarios.

          • Mark Stuber

            Those were not the two scenarios I was comparing. I was responding to some very specific comments that did not mention self defense in words or content.

          • milehisnk

            No, it actually wasn’t a strawman, but it was a red herring.

          • Mark Stuber

            I was exposing a Red Herring by analogy. I wasn’t making one.

          • Derek Eklund

            That is exactly what I meant. Thank you for the correction.

    • Matthew Fix

      I think that this officer acted cowardly. The dogs were barking at him, which any dog would do, but were not being OVERLY aggressive as he claims. Most officers carry pepper spray on their bat-belts. He could have pulled out the spray rather than his firearm, and sprayed the dog, which would have been a true deterrent and would not have resulted in the death of the dog.

  • Disvox

    I hope this “officer of the law” isn’t still sucking down tax money.

  • Douglas Boldt

    If it’s a civilian dog, it’s no big deal. If it’s a police dog, you’re a murderer.

    • Marshall Dearman

      Police dogs don’t go around attacking people.

      • brantc

        Off leash, yes they do…

        • Marshall Dearman

          brantc, can’t you tell these dogs were not on A leash??

      • Libertarian

        Your ignorance is on display.

        • Rod Roberts

          And so is your ignorant reply!

          • SNS77


          • Libertarian

            GTFO lol Police dogs are SPECIFICALLY trained to attack. You obviously haven’t seen the plethora of video’s were police dogs (sometimes 2 or 3 at a time) are biting the sh1t out of a suspect and all the suspect is doing is writhing in pain and the cops are yelling “stop resisting stop resisting,” while the suspect is begging to just be cuffed. They make the suspect lie still while the dogs bite them until they feel satisfied. It’s sick behavior.

            This isn’t a defense of criminal behavior just a statement of facts.

          • holly

            I’ve been mugged and my home broke into and if they were ever caught I hope the dog tears their butt up! When you violate someone else you deserve what ever happens! I carry now and will use it if someone hurts me again!

      • Mark Stuber

        Police dogs attack more often than this dog ever did.

        • holly

          Police dogs only attack when asked by a handler. If your being chewed on by a police dog you are most likely a criminal. Don’t hold police dogs responsible for what this chicken shit cop did. K9s have to do jobs when the  cops are too chicken to do it. This cop needs to meet up with KARMA in a dark alley real soon!

          • SNS77

            Wrong. Google is your friend, and has plenty of examples of police dogs going off script.

          • holly

            Police dogs are better than cops. Are you as bad as this creepy cop looking for excuses to attack or kill a police K9? The criminals whom injure or kill K9 officers are as bad as this cowardly cop.

          • Mark Stuber

            Holly, try reading a little more carefully. Neither I nor SNS77 are defending the cop.

          • holly

            But you are saying it should be ok to kill police dogs for doing thier job! They do more than run down criminals, they find lost children, adults along with drugs being smuggled. It is NEVER ok for a Perp kill a police dog! That is as bad as killing this poor dog.

          • Mark Stuber

            Re: “But you are saying it should be ok to kill police dogs for doing their job” Nope. When did I ever say that? I never said that nor did I come close to implying that. If you looked at my statement in context, you would have seen that, I was responding to Marshal Dearman’s absurd claim, “Police dogs don’t go around attacking people.”

            You were putting words in my mouth. Therefore, you are either stupid or dishonest.

          • Libertarian

            I personally don’t hold the dogs responsible but it doesn’t change the fact that they are doing the biting.

        • Marshall Dearman

          You don’t have no idea, you only read what I read.

          • Mark Stuber

            In your long winded way, you’re first sentence is correct. I have ideas. You’re second sentence is absurd. I don’t choose my reading material based upon what you have read. I am certain that I have read books and articles that you have not.

      • Mark Stuber

        Attacking people is part of the police dog’s job, you idiot.

      • NunyaBusiness

        They do attack people. When commanded to of course.

        • milehisnk

          And sometimes not.

        • SNS77

          Google is full of examples of them attacking at random. In the future, it would be wise to make an effort to read some news before you type.

      • Chiguy31

        Google “Police dog attacks”.

      • Poor_Richard

        Watch the video closely. The dog was barking and protecting his property but was not aggressively attempting to attack the Gestapo even after he tried to kick the dog. This Rambo is trigger happy and should be removed from his job.

        • milehisnk

          And prohibited from owning firearms.

        • KG

          I agree w/ you Poor_Richard… needs removed. I called yesterday and told them this person needs to be fired. My post to FB with phone number to call: OMG…. you’ve got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!! I’m soooooo pissed right now. Family dog shot by a cop that was afraid of dog!!! John Binyon, Molly Neff pass it on phone number there is 208.326.5000 – it was a service dog to beat all!!! Email to send complaints to is [email protected]. Fire this dumba$$!!!!

        • Crowes1

          The Cop showed more aggression than the Dog with his yelling and kicking of the dog. I would say that he was intentionally provoking the dog by kicking it. Would anyone in this forum who was afraid of a barking dog actually kick it? I doubt it. This guy was pissed for whatever reason and premeditated the death of this dog! It was a set-up and murder!!

      • EJA

        Are you [email protected]#$ing kidding me? The police are out of control and need to be taken down a few notches. The cop in this video is a cowardly P.O.S.

      • Amy Plassman

        He was protecting his owner as any dog would do.

      • SNS77

        Apparently you can’t be bothered to use google before talking about shit you know nothing about.

        • Rod Roberts

          Give the ego crap a break moron.

      • Invisible

        First of all the dog wasn’t attacking him. Second, the only reason police dogs don’t go around attacking people is because they are trained by professionals. We as civilians can’t afford to pay a professional to train our dogs.

        • Marshall Dearman

          So you are saying, if A person can’t have his dog trained then the dog is allowed to bight anyone. Hmmmm.

    • milehisnk

      More. You’re a cop killer.

  • NunyaBusiness

    Justified execution of a vicious animal.

    • Keith Cameron

      The only one in this video who needs to be put down is the fucking rabid Cop!

  • Cal Murphy

    This cop is an ashhole in more ways than I care to point out. If you’re AT your home and some ashhole cop who doesn’t like dogs shoots your dog, DO NOT SHOW THE ASHHOLE ID! Instead, go inside the house, call 9-1-1 and file a complaint!

    This cop needs to be fired!

    • Rick Sander

      Everyone misses the point that the dogs were running loose. The cop sounds like a nice guy. I post a lot of videos and articles about police casually shooting dogs, some happily wagging their tails and doing nothing. This one is iffy.

      • Cal Murphy

        I have dogs, have had dogs for 20 years, will likely always have a dog. If you think that was aggressive behavior, you don’t know dogs. Those dogs were doing what dogs do, protecting their territory. The thing this POS “cop” did was he acted scared, if this POS had reached down with palm up and reached for the dog’s chin, they’d be best of friends. But he walks up acting suspicious and he got out of the car with gun in hand. The dogs don’t know “gun” but they do know people can hit with something in hand. I stand unaltered in my opinion; the cop was entirely in the wrong, the dog died because this POS who is clearly afraid of dogs, should NOT have been sent to this call in the first place.

        This POS should be fired.

        • Rick Sander

          Unfortunately, the cop was following department procedures which is to shoot something or someone every time they make a call to a residence. I totally agree with you about not knowing dogs. When people are afraid of the dog because they think, barking = danger, they act exactly the way that arouses more suspicion in the dog. The UPS guy visits our office and walks right in and not a reaction from the dogs. USPS and the cleaning crew knock faintly, have a discussion about what to do, (although we tell them to walk right in) and then sort of creep in suspiciously looking around and … the dogs get excited. Then I get a letter from the PO talking about my dangerous threatening monsters. The problem is the dogs were running loose. I tend to get horrified when dogs are shot standing with their owners because they hopped out of the car during a traffic stop.

          • Cal Murphy

            I understand your point, you’re missing my point. Perhaps if I explained a bit.

            We use to have a wonderful dog, Duke. He was a shepherd mix, neutered and delightful. We let Duke out into our fenced back yard most days, weather dependent, and he loved to be out there. Our electric meter is also in our back yard. One day SCE’s meter reader came and Duke barked at the boy, then ran over and jumped up on the boy and licked his face. Wow, so aggressive that Duke! A real person who has dogs would do what I did, go out, apologize for Duke’s overly friendly lick and offer the boy some baby wipes to clean his face; and a normal person working for the electric company would leave it all there, in our back yard.

            But this boy didn’t like dogs and this boy reported the story to SCE differently than it actually happened. Just like this LYING POS “cop” does, he embellished the story with the word, “vicious”. So the electric company notified us by letter that we had a, “vicious dog” and they wanted to install a radio meter so they wouldn’t have to enter our yard to read the meter. We didn’t care, we let them come and replace the meter, of course we also agreed that Duke would be kept inside the house during the process. (We let him watch through the metal security back door next to the meter, he never growled, he never barked, he just watched, tail wagging the whole time).

            Time passed and Duke died, he was 16, he’s been gone almost 5 years now and SCE still lists our house as having a vicious dog. What we do have is a Blue Pointer mix and a Chihuahua mix, neither is vicious, both wag their tails all day long.

            Now, go back, watch the video. The cop gets out, gun in hand, and the dogs are barking with their tails wagging, an aggressive dog does not wag his/her tail. Then the “cop” kicks at the dog…the real aggression begins with that kick. Then the “cop” walks like he’s terrified and the dog blocks his path, so the “cop” shoots the dog. Then he goes and knocks on the door claiming the dog was “aggressing (SIC)”…then he uses the same aggressive behavior on the HUMAN as he did on the dog. The dog owner acts in the same way as his dogs did, he defends his turf, but this POS “cop” can’t shoot a human for that same behavior.

            Fire this POS “cop”.

          • Rick Sander

            Thanks for your thoughful reply. I agree that the kicking is where it started and clearly they dont train the cops in handling dogs AT ALL apparently.

        • Ron Edman

          Also if you notice the officer tries several times to kick the dog this makes the dog more aggressive. Still there were better ways to handle this I feel he over reacted I myself have a lab does she get hyped up when she see someone she doesn’t recognize yes but in turn the next she does is try to lick this person.

          • Chuck Bump

            The idiot probably never had a dog of his own. He has no business having a badge or a gun.

          • milehisnk

            Or freedom.

        • Lori A. Curless

          Amen Cal…

        • DAeglan

          I completely agree with you. He was approaching their home and entering their territory. what did he expect? Call animal control. Call the family. No need to shoot the dog. We need to start sueing officers directly when they make bad decisions. They need to be responsible for their actions. So they stop and think.

      • TunaSheep

        The proper punishment was a fine or ticket of the owner. Its the owners fault not the dog’s.

        • Mark Stuber

          woops, posted to wrong comment,

      • Lush Rimbaugh

        I remember a time not that many years ago when an officer of the law came into contact with a questionable dog that they would get back into their cruiser and call the K9 unit. Or they would call Animal Control. OR they would radio dispatch who would call the house.
        There was no fire here. There were no lives at stake. This was entirely unnecessary. With judgement skills so poor he should be dismissed.

        • Joseph Massi Jr.

          At the very least they used to carry HALT spray to subdue an “aggressive” animal.

        • HairyPauls

          Have you seen the FACTS that cities nowadays will not hire cops if their IQs are too high? This is a shining example of the results of such policy.

          • Daniel Morgan III

            OOPS; I just virtually copied your comment without realizing it.

        • Daniel Morgan III

          People with poor judgement skill are now INTENTIONALLY hired as police. We’ve seen several stories about candidates NOT being hired because their IQs were TOO high. What is required by the new Gestapo is not judgement, but blind obedience.

          • Rod Roberts

            Has nothing to do with IQ. Police officers now have to have at least a 2-4 year criminal justice degree. What the FACTS show is they look for DIVERSITY candidates. THAT is what this cop is.

          • milehisnk

            No, officers do not have to have a criminal justice degree in most areas. Barely passing your GED and not being a viable candidate for any other job and a willingness to ignore your duty and “just follow orders” is all that’s asked of today’s police.

          • Rod Roberts

            Look, I HATE cops too, but you are wrong. ALL cops, including sheriff deputies, must attend criminal justice classes and get a degree.

          • Mitz Manuel

            What they should be looking for is a cop with common sense and a soul!

          • Rod Roberts

            They hire diversity candidates. THAT is why the High IQ people don’t get hired. Now lets see how long this post stays put.

        • milehisnk

          What happened to calling animal control? Cops are here to investigate crimes and track down suspects, not to murder pets and service animals. This is why we have animal control to begin with!

        • Sharon Workman

          Just gonna put this out there…Filer has maybe 10 cops. It was a Saturday so only about 2 of them were actually on duty. There is no animal control open there on a Saturday. That is why a cop got dispatched when the call came through instead of Animal Control. Since it is a small force and Filer a small town this police officer only had one other officer to call in for back up. I saw more than 2 dogs in the video at the beginning. But even if there were only two dogs. One dog would probably just bark, two dogs makes the game play different. Also, the officer should not have kicked the dog, but the owners of the dogs should have been obeying leash laws that have been in effect for eons. As a person with service animals I also know that you don’t just let them out. A service animal is a full time thing they should be with the person they are in service too as much as physically possible because their job is preventative. Something they can’t do if they are outside running around with another dog. Also, we are held to a higher standard. To maintain the training a service dog receives (which starts somewhere around 2,000$ and can be upwards of 10,000$ depending on the service) you are supposed to keep them doing what they are trained to do at all times. Otherwise, just like any other animal (dogs in this instance) they will pick up bad habits, stop performing their training, and if that happens they are no longer classifiable as a service animal. They could still be a companion or therapy animal but not a service animal. So it is possible that despite the dogs “training” he was now in the habit of behaving badly. The nervous tail wagging but aggressive stance lead me to believe this dog was in the process of deciding whether or not to attack. The fact that the cop states that he had recently been bitten and wasn’t going to be bitten again only adds to a situation that is tragic. Having been bitten twice before by untrained, unsupervised animal (both unprovoked, one a known aggressive dog who should have been in his kennel) I understand how traumatic it can be. I train dogs, and have for 22 years now, and I was never bitten by a dog I trained. Only dogs other people neglected to train.
          Anyways, in my opinion, it’s tragic and they are both at fault. The man for letting his dog out in the first place, and the cop for not getting back in his car and trying another method of getting the owners attention. As for the scene that ensued after the dog was shot. You can clearly hear the officer’s voice break as he called it in. I think when he started yelling at the owner he was trying to find a way to rationalize what had happened and upset at the owner for not having his dog leashed, or fenced but hypocritically calling on the neighbors for not doing the same thing. Should he have yelled. No. But it doesn’t make him a monster it makes him a human being that, in his perspective, just had to shoot an animal, and wishing he hadn’t had to.

      • Randy

        He took many more steps to get past the dogs to contact the owner than many of the other officer dog shooting videos posted. You could hear the growling on the audio when he gets out of the car. I don’t believe this was a true service animal they are trained better than this.

        • Mark Stuber

          Any person that would shoot another man’s pet because of a growl should not be a cop. ….

        • HairyPauls

          He shouldn’t have gone passed if he was scared!!!! THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT!!!!!!!!!!

        • milehisnk

          So in other words, your typical telephone service repairman and cable guy has more balls than a cop, because they will go in peoples’ backyards, walk past growling dogs, do their work and leave, and aren’t carrying a gun…I know, I used to do it for years. I was never afraid of a dog growling. I had 2 Huskies run up to me barking their heads off and growling…then they got up to me, sniffed me for a second, then laid down in the sun next to me. If I were this cop, those dogs would be dead. Mind you, I’m in the dogs’ backyard even, and I’m not afraid. So why was this cop afraid? Answer: He just wanted to shoot the dog.

      • Markrod420

        That was not aggressive behavior. And that cop is a piece of shit.

      • judy Potter

        Dogs get out in real life. I don’t think anyone thinks the dogs should have been out, but which dog owner has NEVER had a dog accidentally get outside? In less than optimum situations, we all still have choices on how to best deal with the situation. That decision can be a matter of life and death.

      • Rick Sander

        I think the reason we’re all drawn to these stories is that clearly the cops are increasingly using deadly force instead of judgement – or any of the non lethal choices they carry including mace and tasers – which almost all departments issue. The reason it’s interesting is because we’re looking to clues about how they view people or if the shooting of animals is training to us not to resist and it’s done on purpose. We can talk about barking dogs and police training about animal behavior but non of that is important if its being done on purpose for reasons of oppression and conditioning.

      • Mark Stuber

        “Everyone misses the point that the dogs were running loose” I don’t think anyone missed that point. I suppose that most people don’t mention it because people suppose everyone who is reading their post has read the article.

        It does not matter if the dogs were outside or indside an enclosed fenced in area. The shooting was not justified. A cop does not get to shoot your dog just because you violated some city ordinance. It was not nessesary for the cop to shoot the dog for self defense. If the cop shot the dog to punish the owner, he is way out of line,

      • Dannielle Romeo

        dog seems to be in its own yard.
        and doing what it is supposed to do.

        so many better ways this could have been handled.

      • Chuck Bump

        A nice guy? Maybe he can date your daughter, then. Why do you say he’s a nice guy. Don’t they realize how much dogs mean to their owners? They just want us the live in ter4ror for fear for our lives. This isn’t what police are for, or at least it wasn’t!

        • Proud2bfromtheUSA

          Nice guys don’t use the F word during the performance of their profession.

          This guy is an aggressive as*wipe and that is why we have dogs to keep these types of people from invading our home.

      • Adam

        Nothing “iffy” about it. The officer could have called the homeowner who had 2 vehicles out front of his home and was obviously inside. He could have called animal control. He could have tazered or sprayed the dog. He could have remained in the car and honked or hit his siren to have the owner come out and subdue the animal. I have trained dogs and have 3 police officers in my family and one on my in law side. THIS cop is a pussy who has been bitten already and is now too frightened to be a good officer in this situation. He gets out and gets aggressive and confrontational with the animal. He then shows himself to be a threat by kicking at the animal. AND THEN he thinks the dog is going to let him by to have a shot at his owner who the dog by nature is supposed to protect?!? Bullshit. B A D C O P

      • Crowes1

        How is this story iffy? If this Cop really thought that the dog was aggressive then why did he kick it? By kicking the dog he (the Cop) now becomes the aggressor. Now, the dog has a good reason to fear him and protect his turf. In my mind, the Cops actions in this case lead to the dog’s demise.

        As I see it, the Cop Sealed this dog’s fate when he kicked it. Everyone knows that you don’t kick a dog.

        If this guy worked for me he would be looking for a new job. Yet, he works as a Union thug who will probably be rewarded for his actions with a lot of time off with some counseling, disability pay and benefits.

        Don’t let these guys fool you. Eighty percent of Union stooges like this are always looking for ways to get out of work and get paid for a no show job.

        This (Bad) Cop will file for some sort of disability due to the fact that this is his second run in with a dog and will develop some physios that will make him unable to perform his job. So, he’ll be going out on disability. Then, miraculously three years before his retirement he be cured. He will at that time come back to work (with the same seniority as when he left) take another Cops position and retire at a higher pay grade enhancing his pension payments be at least another 30K a year.

  • Noah Mcguire


  • Keith Cameron

    I would have shot that Mutherfucker in the head for killing my Dog!

  • Keith Cameron

    Fucking Liar the Dog did not try to bite him!

  • Shooter3081965

    Fucking PIG!!!!

  • Mark Feemster

    The cop is a muslim, they hate dogs. this cop should be taken out and fed to pigs.

  • Scagsdale

    I have a dog. I don’t let it run around off leash outside of my house and yard. Nobody has the right to let their dog off leash in a residential area. Period. This shooting was the fault of the owner.

    • TunaSheep

      Im sorry but I thought the punishment for disobeying leash laws was a fine or ticket. Not the death of your dog .

    • EBounding

      Well said, Slave.

      • Scagsdale

        Oh, stuff it. I’m sure you are a joy to live next door to. You probably let your dog chase small kids at will, while they are crapping all over the neighbor’s lawn.

  • Keith Cameron

    Cops is a Liar! Dogs were not growling.

    • Randy

      WTH, You could hear the growling in the video as he gets out of the car.

      • Keith Cameron

        They weren’t once he was out, they were both wagging their tails.

  • Mike Golden

    Someone going to have to call the shooting of out of control police officers justifiable, if they keep doing this, because someone is going to start killing them over these kinds of things.

  • Tommy Shelton

    What the hell he kicked at the dog first what does he think the dog will do

  • Eric Hollenbach

    Why don’t the cops just pepper spray or mace them? It works on bears and won’t kill the dog.

    • derek jones

      Easier to kill them. And they get to claim ‘psychological distress from having to use their firearm in the line of duty’.

      • Hush Hillstreet

        what kind of perks to they get claiming “psychological distress from having to use their firearm in the line of duty” ?

    • Because they’re power-hungry bullies that think they’re above the law. Of course I’m not referring to all police officers. But many of them have a god-complex.

      • jharry3

        I used to include “not referring to all police officers” in my comments but I stopped. The other “good” police officers who “remain silent” allowing the crimes while they remain silent to protect brother officers. If they are truly good they would arrest the bad cops on the spot. Of course they would then be fired. So their choice is be a coward and remain silent or be brave and lose their job that pays more than any other job their education and brains would allow them to get. Bought and paid for is the usual decision.

        • Guest

          As a former employee of a dog rescue, when a dog is still wagging its tail even though it is barking the dog is non aggressive so their is no excuse for this officers actions.

          • Charles

            david burton and guest are both full of crap. the tail wagging is not an indicator of aggressiveness (or lack thereof as you state). the video clearly shows that the dogs wagging tail is very stiff and rigid…a clear sign of a nervous behavior. I don’t believe that the dog acted aggressively enough to warrant being shot, but you both are clearly biased against police.

        • David Burton

          As a former employee of a dog shelter and having dealt with many aggressive and non aggressive dogs, if a dog is barking yet still wagging its tail that dog is non aggressive. This was his own fault, as the dog he kicks at and intimidates and shows aggressive action towards.If this dog were to then show aggressive action he is liable under penalty of law to reimburse these people. He should be charged with animal cruelty and the wrongful and willful death of the dog by the ASPCA.

          • Pantara MacLovin

            Woah.. That is NOT true.. Dogs have been known to wag their tails before attacking! Wow.. Where are you getting your info from?

      • Mitz Manuel

        Dude if this happened in my neighborhood the owner would have the right to shoot the police officer.

  • Mark Stuber

    Some people just don’t understand dog body language and have an irrational fear of dogs. They should not be cops. I also think teaching animal behavior should be tought in H.S and Elementry school biology classes.

    • Cal Murphy

      Mark, you are so right. These two lovely animals were barking, yes, but their tails were wagging. Hardly “aggressing (SIC)”! The aggression started when the POS “cop” KICKED at the dog.

    • Chris

      Come on Mark….Recognize dog body language…recognize every single mental disability in the first 20 seconds you approach someone, and know what /how each responds to different stimuli..(re: the post the other day on the manchild in the school bus)…check… what else are the Police supposed to be able to do/ experts in? Horse whispering? quantum physics?
      You people have all kinds of great ideas, but you don’t think about how they are to be implemented…and they ALL come after you have an hour or more to think about it..
      You’d have them be experts in every field imaginable before they hit the streets…they’d be 80 years old by the time they got thru the academy…
      Ask a Mailman….they’re ALWAYS bitten by the dog that NEVER bites…

      • Steven K

        I’m sure cops encounter situations with dogs much more frequently than situations involving quantum physics. It wouldvonly be reasonable to expect them to know how to handle dogs since they freaking work with them.

      • Mark Stuber

        Conflating canine behavior to obscure mental disabilities and quantum mechanics is absurd. Dogs are very common. The level of understanding of canine behavior and body
        language necessary to have handled the situation correctly is easier to teach than the basics of Probable Cause.

        Also, it is inevitable in a cop’s career that he is going to come across a roaming dog let alone a dog in someone’s home which is even more

        Training cops to deal with dogs is not training them for an unlikely scenario. It’s training them for an inevitable scenario. Even without training in how to deal with this exact situation, this cop is wrapped too tight to be a cop.

        Another big difference between this and the bus scenario where the teenager’s arm was broken is that the teenager was not shot and killed!

      • Mark Stuber

        re: “…and they ALL come after you have an hour or more to think about it..” I have come across similar situations (being confronted with a strange dog barking at me) hundreds of times in my life and dealt with the situation appropriately without “having hours to think about. it.”

  • Spiro

    How about calling animal control?

    • Randy

      Not every city/county has animal control many places are too small to be able to fund an animal control, and wildlife officers don’t respond to domestic animal complaints. If they do it’s because the domestic is harming wildlife. Who do you call when there is no animal control?

      • HairyPauls

        you call the station. Let them know you’re too scared to go passed a barking dog. Then they contact the owner via phone. This is private property. The dog is a member of the family. There’s no excuse, given the number of Americans with dogs, for cops and departments not to train cops regarding dogs. Being a cop isn’t easy, and it’s not supposed to be. The number one job is to protect and SERVE. This cop was not doing his job when he showed up at someones property, got scared, and killed a family member.

        • Randy

          But most people have cellphones that are unlisted and numbers are changed easily and quickly so how does anyone contact someone on an unlisted number that if found may be old? And what about the neighbors who called this in don’t they deserve to be protected from this man’s dogs and deserve service from this agency. Doesn’t he have a duty to protect and serve BOTH sides of this complaint. He has received at least one if not more complaints of these dogs but this story does not cover the entire complaint made by the neighbors, it is one little section used to aggravate everyone on one side. They are obviously not service dogs seeing and hearing their actions on this video. I would not condemn ANY person for shooting these dogs by the way they were acting, be it a neighbor, some passing pedestrian or this officer. Many places don’t have animal control to call out with a trained person to come out to read every little body language of these dogs to determine whether they were going to bite or not, and they don’t have to wait to get bit to see if they will bite. Any more than you would have to wait to get shot or stabbed by someone acting aggressive towards you before you defend yourself. Studying wolves they will wag their tails when they kill something because they are happy to do it, and I have witnessed domestic dogs do the same. The lack or presence of a tail wag or not does not mean they aggressive or not aggressive, will bit or not bit, but are they happy doing it. I have been bit and seen others get bit by dogs who never made a sound or indicated they were about to bite. Many condemn him for not taking another course of action, no part of this little article shows that he didn’t try, this may be the last course of action he had. Many places do not have animal control to call, many agencies no longer carry sprays, due to budget concerns and trying to keep taxes low. I’ve worked budgets, everyone wants services but no taxes to fund them so it becomes a balancing act of what can be given as services without raising taxes to pay for it. And before everyone jumps on the get grants band wagon, most grants to municipalities with law enforcement are paid with tax money they are not free money that just materializes. Some few grants do come from business or special interest groups to fund what they think is important, but again they are not free they expect something back, which goes into gifts to governmental agencies and bribary (which I know we all love so much). From all this calling for the death of the officer and down, how many of you with such vast knowledge of animal behavior have put together a program to train officers on how to deal with these situations or will pay for the dog sprays and the training to use them? Or have worked to change the laws so the officer is not required to answer the calls of those on this street who called for service by contacting the suspect’s who allows these dogs to roam free?

      • milehisnk

        Then you call the state. No matter what, you don’t let ANYONE handle animals that isn’t trained to deal with them, this is the result.

    • Brian Bülow

      Than the pig woud not be able to brag of killing…………….

    • Frank Szabo

      … for the cop …

  • EBounding

    For anyone defending the cop, what if a plainclothes citizen had shot the dog instead? You think he would be able walk on his merry way? No! He would be arrested for animal cruelty and reckless endangerment.

    • Mark Stuber

      But the cop was in uniform. The dog should have known better.

      • redAvenger

        UR right, the dog should have known better, stupid dog. :-/

    • Anti Troll Troller

      In my state, shooting a dog is a felony.

    • Daniel Morgan III

      Great point.

    • milehisnk

      And felony firearm brandishing, and discharging a firearm in city limits…

  • Randy

    That dog doesn’t act like a service animal. I’ve never seen any service animal act that aggressive. True service animals are trained to interact with others without that level of aggression. If it was my family that dog was going after in a public street it would be shot too. I’ve seen and interacted with lots of true service animals never have I seen one act like this. Not just barking, he was growing and snarling. That’s not just alerting the owner someone is there, that is aggression. I also don’t see were the officer was all that casual about it, he was telling it to back of, he tries many times to get it to move away so he could try and contact the owner. If I was a neighbor to this guy and his dogs acted like that on my property I would take the bite from one and sue him for all he is worth for having a vicious dog.

    • HairyPauls

      If he can’t get passed the dog, guess what? GOOD DOG! That’s what they’re supposed to do! Defend their property! He should have gone back to his car, called animal control, called the police department and have someone contact the owner via phone. Not rocket science.

      We are a free society. A cop does NOT have the right to just walk onto your property and shoot your dog because someone called in a complaint.

  • Chris

    Did you watch the whole video? Did you listen to the Officer?
    He’s apologetic to the owner, and give a very thorough explanation why he shot the dog.
    Why is it you people are on the Police all the time?
    He was CALLED to this address…he’s not kicking in random doors, going thru filing cabinets…looking for contraband…
    What do you think this world would be like without them?
    I’m not saying that there are bad ones out there…but the ones you’ve recently put on here haven’t been in my opinion…
    They are protecting themselves from impending harm…
    You act like they have to be physically hurt prior to doing anything in their own defense….
    Who is going to do that?

    • Puff the dead dragon

      your a fool and the cop is a nutcase

      • Chris

        *Your a wordsmith *they’re changed my mind with that eloquent response..bravo!

        • Steven K


    • EBounding

      So if a random neighbor was walking by and shot this dog, would he be completely justified?

      • Chris

        I’d say probably not, unless they were biting someone…kinda’ ‘wild west’ don’t you think?
        Hatfields and McCoys… neighbors just hating neighbors possibility? Kill their dog, and say it was attacking them… He said/she said…
        Step back and think about it for a minute..
        That is why you call the Police in these matters…they are not so apt to be prejudiced one way or the other..
        The dogs were clearly off leash..I heard hearing isn’t selective, as some have posted…
        I’ve never seen a lab act like that….bark, yes..but mostly they are friendly..
        I love dogs too, and you can tell it hurt that Officer to shoot the dog..He wants to go home to his family at the end of his shift…

        • EBounding

          “He wants to go home to his family at the end of his shift…”

          Yes…it’s amazing that letter carriers, delivery men and utility workers all make it out alive with all their encounters with dogs, huh?

          You’re one of those people who believes police have extra rights because of their badge and gun. But there’s going to come a day when that gun is pointed at you. But you’ll lick the boot happily as they proceed to blow away you and your family.

    • Guest

      Why is it you people are on the Police all the time?
      Because so many cops act like they own us, like they can just walk onto our property without a warrant and shoot our animals.

      He was CALLED to this address…he’s not kicking in random doors, going thru filing cabinets…looking for contraband…

    • HairyPauls

      Why is it you people are on the Police all the time?
      Because so many of them think they own us. They don’t. They don’t have the right to enter your property without a warrant.

      You act like they have to be physically hurt prior to doing anything in their own defense….

      No they don’t, but they cannot use lethal force to protect themselves against something non-lethal. A dog bite is almost NEVER lethal. Before they inflict deadly force to someone else (including dogs) they should have to be in real danger. Not just the possibility of getting bit. A dog bite does NOT equal death.

      Here’s the bottom line. Cops serve us. If this guy was doing his job of protecting and serving, he would have walked up to the property. If he was too scared of getting bit, he could go back to his car, call it in, and have someone form the police contact the homeowner via phone. YES YOU GO TO THOSE LENGTHS.

      How many Americans own dogs? MILLIONS! How many Americans consider dogs as family? MILLIONS. Cops should be trained as to how to deal with dogs, and part of that training should be not to go into a yard where there’s a dog, unless you have a warrant and there is suspicion of a major crime going on. It’s that simple.

      A cop does NOT have the right (whether answering a call about noise or not) to just walk onto someone’s property, or give the intention of doing so so a dog defends their property, and shoot someones dog, someones family member.

  • JoJo58

    The way cops are these days, it’s a good thing the neighbor didn’t complain about Clubb’s nine year old son.

  • Frank E Bishop

    Should not have shot dog. He should have called animal control……there was no clear and present danger……the cop was afraid of the dog.

  • Rationalthinker

    That was C O L D , man…..really COLD.
    Problem is …the audio may make the animals appear aggressive but the video will clearly show that he lied.

  • Steven K

    The idiot thought kicking at it would get it to calm down? He even admitted to kicking it. What a moron. Who actually thinks showing aggression would get the dog to calm down? The cop handled this the worst way he possibly could have.

  • Chuck Tyrrell

    I hope this man winds up owning this so called police dept!!

  • David Rairigh

    That cop seems aggressive to me. He should probably be shot for our safety.

  • Tracy Miller

    The pig was thinking that he was out of the view of the camera when he shot the dog. I Guarantee it.

  • jFM

    Litigation is needed against this low life “cop” ! Get a great out-of-state LAWYER !

  • jim

    Clearly this officer is upset for having to shoot someone’s dog.

    • judy Potter

      The question is, “Did he have to shoot?” I think it was bad judgment.

  • judy Potter

    The policeman could have stepped back with gun in hand, taken a breath, talked soothingly; called for the owner to get the dog, waited for animal control; a lot of choices other than shooting the dog. Real life is not perfect; dogs get out. This dog wasn’t running at large terrorizing people in general; it was in front of its house feeling protective of the owner! It didn’t come at the officer to attack him. It barked a warning to the officer to stay away from its house and stayed between the stranger and the owners. THE DOG DIDN’T KNOW THE MAN WAS A POLICE OFFICER! This officer lost perspective or maybe has power issues. He needs training to know what to do in this situation. Of course, he should shoot if his or another person’s life is in danger. Barking does not put one’s life in danger.

    • BTheo138

      The dogs ran up to the car the second the officer pulled up. Also, growling can be heard as he approached. Is it a shitty situation with a sad outcome? Yes, but as a dog owner you need to make sure your dogs are either enclosed in a fenced area or leashed at all times to avoid things like this. What if the dog had bitten a child who ran up to it? Or got hit by a car in the street? No good can come of letting your animals run loose.

      • Keith Cameron

        No good can come of letting LE execute animals either.

  • infamouscrimes

    This cop is pure evil. Never ever call these scumbag Nazis.

  • Firstname Lastname

    This was a service dog. Sue the cops for every penny. Have no mercy on their lack of judgement.

    • NunyaBusiness

      That was no trained service dog. Trained service dogs do not act that aggressively. As soon as the cop steps out of his vehicle you can hear the dogs growling and snarling. The dog that was shot was the more aggressive of the two and unless you are deaf and blind you could see and hear it acting VERY aggressive.

  • Barry Hill

    Murder my dog?? catch a bullet back. Unfortunately this moron is following the police state indoctrination program of incrementalism. All officers in this nation are being trained to commit this atrocity 1st, then when they are ordered to murder civilians…it’s less of a moral leap. sadly these morons fail to realize they are being indoctrinated for tyrannical rule. Also, CAVEMEN figured out how to train dogs….these morons are then, lower in intelligence that Cro-Magnon man.

  • Chuck Robey

    The F-ing Cop should be shot for this, he committed a crime by shooting this animal. What a F-ing coward….All he had to do was use his PA system to have the owner come out and put his dogs away…

  • E.J. Burger

    what a piece of work that officer was. Try not to breath too heavy walking to a house.

    • Chris

      He just shot a dog EJ…I’d be worried if his adrenaline wasn’t pumping…
      Most officers go their whole career w/out firing a shot at ANYTHING….and he explained he was attacked by a dog before…
      I’m sure you are just a perfect cool customer though…why don’t you sign up to be an Officer?

  • Ron Ritter

    Stun gun not 45 a$$hole !!!!!

  • sleepwithfishes

    Did not the police deny the right of personal property?

  • Paul Louis Hinz

    What a POS! A badge and a GUN allow them to act any way they want too. Sorry bastards!

  • Xzen667

    While I think there were other and better ways to handle that dog (like calling animal control or pepper spray), I can’t really get mad at the cop in this situation. The dog was running around lose and it’s owner is an irresponsible douche bag for putting his animal in that situation.

  • Troubleshooter

    If the pig is afraid, he shouldn’t have a gun and a badge.

    • Chris

      Your post makes absolutely zero sense…

  • Marshall Dearman

    The dogs were agressive. Should have been on A leash. I love dogs but, would not stand and let one chew on me. DEAD DOG.

  • Rex Davis

    Owners are responsible period.

    • Steven K

      Not really. The cop made a terrible judgement and should learn the proper way to quell a dog’s anger

      • Rex Davis

        OK let’s add another skill set to training police officers, a 40 hour block of instructions with 2 week refresher per year on how to properly quell a dog’s anger! Look Sir, as a Dog trainer and handler (Law Enforcement) your looking at a very small percentage of professionals who master these skills you demand for our police. Pet owners have more disrespect for their pets in general than this officer exhibited in shooting this dog. Why was the dog outside roaming the streets. I’ve been responsible for my pet running wild and I was absolutely totally wrong and irresponsible as a pet owner. The Dog was my responsibility and any harm that came to her was my fault as was the liability for damage or injury to others. I think this Police Officer should sue the owner for damages. People, if you choose to own a pet, take responsibility and care for the animal.

        • <HerrFührer

          You’re not very professional as a dog trainer/handler if you allow your own pet to run wild.

          • Rex Davis

            Nope, Very professional dog handler/trainer but I suck as a pet owner! That’s why we no longer have pets! Ever notice Professional Mechanics have the worst running cars in the neighborhood?

        • ProperModulation

          Don’t like the job. Then no doughnut for you!!

    • Mark Stuber

      Who aimed the gun and pulled the trigger?

  • ElGuapo Gefalgafar

    fucking coward

  • Lori A. Curless

    That dog was jumping around and barking, thats what dogs do,if that poor excuse fort a cop felt threatened he should of got his fat butt back in the car and called animal control, he tried to kick that dog in the face , hes the only aggressive one i see in this video, thats why i fear cops they can say you did anything and get by with it, what a senseless way for that dog to die., at the hands of a fat, lazy, cruel cop…i hope that cop gets his butt sued and in trouble.

  • ManofReason

    Obviously there are a lot of dog lovers on here (so am I) but I think everybody should check the emotional reactions and look at facts. 2.5 million people every year get bitten by dogs. They are well equipped to do major damage. Some attacks are fatal or debilitating, and can happen in a few seconds with large dogs such as the ones in this video. You also cannot always predict what a dog is going to do. I have been bitten by dogs that I thought would not bite once I had “made friends.” If you think you can predict this 100% you are a fool. You also don’t know backstory or the nature of the call except it was for free-roaming dogs. The caller may have reported that they were vicious or had attempted to attack them. Their may have been a preconception going in. The cop was obviously met at his cruiser by the dogs growling and snarling. If you can’t hear that, turn up the sound on your computer. Personally, I think he could have exercised other options first, like pepper spray, or calling on his cruiser PA for the owners to come outside and restrain their animals. Once he was out and trying to approach the house, he had the right to use whatever force he deemed necessary to protect himself. It’s a tragedy that this animal had to die, but ultimately it was his owner’s fault. If a large, obviously defensive dog had not been unlawfully present in the neighborhood to cause the call, a large defensive dog would not be dead on the lawn.

    • EBounding

      Yes. So very true. Thousands of letter carriers are killed in the line of duty when they encounter dogs on a daily basis.

  • locsphere

    There are two things that that can alleviate these situations. First your dogs can’t just roam, take some responsibility there as a dog owner. I know my dog around new people is weary of them. She is a Catahoula it is in her nature. We have her in dog training and she even received her good citizen. But if you’re new she is growly and barky. Because of this, I keep a very close eye on her and socialize her as often as I can. One with other dogs, and with people especially my neighbors.

    That being said there are people who are equipped to handle dogs like in the video. Its called a dog officer. If you’re a police officer I know you’re within your right to defend yourself against a dog. You are capable of shooting the dog if it poses a threat to you. The dog doesn’t have to be taken away, or put down just contained until the owner can get a hold of them and get them where they feel safe.

    I recommend a police officer carrying a bag of lamb treats we call it puppy crack. I know you feel you don’t have to or you feel you should have to carry treats. But there are two things that you’re doing. First you are not creating a situation that the department has to defend, it also represents the department and a positive view of police officers if you do shoot the dog it creates a public outcry! The public loves to hate police officers and they love crapping on them whenever they can. Second the dog who doesn’t know you either see’s that you come bearing gifts food and it is likely to warm up to you fairly quickly. Most will still be weary but curious. This will also calm the neighbor who called who may be watching and this will also calm to owner coming to the door. After he has brought the dogs indoor separate him from the dogs. THEN you can lay into him if you need to.

  • Brayden Roberts

    I want to kill that pig fucker. 🙂 maybe slowly, make him think about who he really is.

  • EBounding

    How many aggressive dogs did Cesar Millan blow away in the Dog Whisperer?

  • Lynard Gitt

    Ok, so someone called the police dept. to the scene of a dog off a leash. So tell me………..isn’t that as inadequate as calling animal control to the scene of a domestic abuse case or a burglary or robbery? Police are not animal control officers and are not trained or carry the necessary equipment to perform animal control. Why didn’t this brave nice officer call the animal control before he even got out of his car if he’s so scared of dogs? Because he’s been bitten in the past and now wants to get even. This nice officer appears to have a “God Complex”.
    Let’s not forget this nice officer was reprimanded recently for shooting a kid in the back of the head. There are many other brutal infractions on his record. This P.D. is out of control.

    • NunyaBusiness

      Many areas do not have animal control officers. The nearest animal control officer to my address is 18 miles away in another county. They only work Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. and do not respond to calls outside their county. The nearest animal control officer in my county is 37 miles away, there are a total of two of them in the entire county, and they too only work M-F 8:30-4:30.
      The officer should have tried pepper spay first, then if that did not stop the dogs aggression he would have been better justified shooting the dog.

  • HairyPauls

    Here’s the bottom line. Cops serve us. If this guy was doing his job of protecting and serving, he would have walked up to the property. If he was too scared of getting bit, he could go back to his car, call it in, and have someone form the police contact the homeowner via phone. YES YOU GO TO THOSE LENGTHS.

    How many Americans own dogs? MILLIONS! How many Americans consider dogs as family? MILLIONS. Cops should be trained as to how to deal with dogs, and part of that training should be not to go into a yard where there’s a dog, unless you have a warrant and there is suspicion of a major crime going on. It’s that simple.

    A cop does NOT have the right (whether answering a call about noise or not) to just walk onto someone’s property, or give the intention of doing so so a dog defends their property, and shoot someones dog, someones family member.

    • NunyaBusiness

      While many people love their pets everyone needs to remember one thing. They are animals, not people. Their lives are not more important than a human beings life, well being, or health.

      • <HerrFührer

        I disagree. There are animals worth far more than some sorry human beings.

  • Daniel Francis

    This cop is a pig. The dog did not try to bite him. He was coming on someone’s property. Listen to him babbling. Oh, and he kicked it so yeah, it will be happy to let him through. What an ignorant, lazy idiot who took the simple route of just shooting the dog.

  • YehudaPa

    That was terribly cruel. And the person should not have to show his ID but only give his name. How terribly cruel and insensitive on the cop’s part.

  • YehudaPa

    And then he yells as if he is the one who is offened.

  • Frank Szabo

    Shoot the cop.

  • mahasw

    I think the few seconds at the beginning, where the dogs and officer are off camera, are crucial. Obviously we can hear some growling and barking, but were the dogs “aggressing” the officer, or did the officer cause the dogs to react? I can’t really tell.

  • jhicks

    Yes the dog did growl at the start of the video, but before you hear the growling you hear the officer throw open the door yelling “get” and more than likely already kicking at the dogs. Sorry, but if someone comes out of a car kicking and hollering at me I’m going to show some signs of aggression as well. You also don’t know how many times he kicked at the dogs before coming onto the camera 16 SECONDS in with his gun already drawn and pointed.

    Should the dogs have been running freely? No.

    Should this dog have been shot? No.

    Should this officer continue to get to wear a badge? No.

  • Charles Breece

    Growling does not correlate to aggression.
    Dogs growl. Dogs bark. Dogs approach strangers and sniff. Dogs guard their “pack”.
    But nowhere in that video did I once witness an aggressive act or action from those two dogs.

    I saw normal behavior. I saw two dogs suspicious and on guard from a complete stranger approaching their territory. And the fact the cop could not deduce the situation as such, or at the very least go back into his car if he feared for his safety, tells me toquestion whatever the hell they’re teaching them at the academy.

    As for the owners? Well that’s subjective. It can be irresponsible. But that only counts because we don’t know the owner or dogs or their training. I say this because I know plenty of owners, as well the capabilities of dogs, that can be trained to stay put on property without leaving. They call these dogs “guard dogs” or simply obedient and this video doesn’t prove or disprove such training exists.

    All I can say for 100% sure is those dogs were NOT aggressive. And anyone who wishes to argue against that should go back to their Wikipedia page and do a little more research so they can at least do a better job at pretending to be an expert.

    If I was in his position, and if I truly did fear for my safety (I wouldn’t because it’s pretty obvious the dogs were more curious and communicative than threatening but I’ll just say what ifs to entertain) I would of gotten back in my car and called for animal control so that professionals could of handled the situation with the owners consent and monitoring.

    This cop was nothing more than trigger happy. It’s really disgusting.

  • JaySands1234

    What a piece of shit that so called man is.

  • corbett french

    He should have tried pepper spray first. That having been said, I kinda don’t blame him (the cop). If the owner was a decent human being, and a responsible man that took care of his house hold, no one would have complained.

  • Brian Bayley

    C’mon those dogs were being aggressive. If a dog acts like that around my kids say goodnight to the mongrel. The article is disingenuous about what really happened. Watch the video.

    • NunyaBusiness

      I had a neighbors dog be that aggressive once towards my son while he was playing in our back yard. I did not have my gun on me at the time, but I did have pepper spray. So I pepper sprayed the dog then went to the owners house. I told them if the dog so much as growled at my child again I would kill it immediately. That dog suddenly became an indoor dog for some reason.

      • John Ash

        The dog is within its rights to be aggressive as it wants in its back yard. Build yourself a better fence.

      • lora120

        I would have called the cops on you.

  • Brad Kirby

    Uhh, the asshole was standing on the man’s property when he shot the dog. It would be one thing if he shot the dog when it charged him in the street, but it is entirely different when he shoots it on its’ own property. He had other options, mace, tazer, wait for animal control but he is apparently a psycho that just wanted to kill something. It won’t be long before we hear about him killing an unarmed person.

  • Randell Tober

    Sadly, I feel in this particular case the officer was justified in shooting
    the dog. It’s very clear why the dog was a neighborhood problem- its owner.

    Unfortunately police officers aren’t trained to deal with dogs/aggressive acting dogs. I think that’s very unfortunate. Just a couple hours training and a Come-A-Long and incidents such as these wouldn’t occur as often.

    • Randell Tober

      I want to add one thought… I feel departments spend way
      too much money on annually upgrading-adding the latest and greatest hi-tech equipment. And I understand that most communities can’t afford animal control officers, but they should be able to afford a couple hours of training from an ACO Officer and be supplied with Come-A-Long.

    • John Ash

      That’s reasonable except……”this is patrol 45, please send an animal control officer to…..” Or…. using mace. Or…..using non aggressive body language. Or….simply waiting or getting the phone number of the address which is easily done.

    • Valno

      He was justified, people here just won’t give him reason because the article seems to insinuate the cop did something wrong.

      The dirt bag in the house let the dog out on purpose because he wanted to, knowing full well that his neighbors may object.

      His response was to point at his neighbor and point out that he did what he did because his neighbor did what he did.

      The homeowner is a was in the wrong, and the cop is not as much in the wrong, He could have done something different but he did not do anything wrong.

  • James Hale

    I’d be in jail. The cop would be having .357 rounds removed IF he survived.

  • Chris

    If I had a gun I could shot him, hope he goes to hell Damn him!!

  • LoneMassConservative

    I’m sure the cop will be on disability with pay for the trauma he suffered caused by this dog….who never bit him. What a coward. This is why we cannot depend on these civil servant , union leeches to protect us from anything really dangerous. They are cowards.

  • home2013

    Good old liberal American way. Blame everyone except the pet owner who is responsible for the dog and its actions.

    • John Ash

      The owner is responsible for a barking dog. The cop is responsible for a dead dog.

  • Forrest Bedford

    What a scumb*g!!!

  • Mardorang

    With all the commotion going on outside why didn’t the owner go and pull his dogs back in? Maybe the officer shouldn’t have shot the dog, but the owner probably could have at some point come out to call them back in. He can complain about the punishment for having loose dogs wasn’t fair – he’d be right – but reality is going to trump fair every time. Let’s say the officer gets a stiff punishment. Does that bring back this guy’s dog?

    If you walk across the street without checking for traffic because the walk light turned on you’d be in your rights to do so, but if you get killed by a red light runner being right is of little consolation. Fair just went out the window.

    • John Ash

      Might save someone else’s dog, or child, or life. This guy is a nut case if he’s that scared. Who the hell is scared of a black lab? Further, he obviously has NO IDEA how to deal with animals in any way, so imagine how dangerous he must be towards people.

  • sickntired

    WTF!!!!! What about a stun gun or Mace!!! This cop YELLED at him as soon as he opened the door and continued to yell at the man who didn’t know what the hell was going on. He should be removed from him job. Idiot!!!

    • John Ash

      “Ooops, like I TOTALLY forgot about non violent methods! That happens a lot to me”

  • Jonathan Orton

    cause cops nowadays are pussies!!! they bring 200 men to get one guy lmfao…

  • mark

    As an officer you follow protocol,this one followed none.Get back in the cruiser and dispatch animal control,no harm,no foul

  • dentabill

    “I just shot your dog because it tried to bite me!” But, it didn’t.

  • Phillip Burdine

    Their was no reason that cop had to go to the door at that moment. He could have called the house first and would have avoided killing the dog. It is the officer’s responsibility to deescalate the situation if at all possible.

  • Holly Fetzner

    Why do cops answer an animal call without animal control – animal control are trained to handle these types of situations without shooting and killing them!

  • Gary

    What a piece of shit. It kicked the dog to provoke it. they need to take his badge and lock his fat ass up.

  • holly

    He probably shot a lot of dogs before he ate them. What a dirtbag!

  • Gary

    This guy is a lyer and he should go to jail, Where is the outrage over this tragidy. I would sue them all the mayor included. This guy did everything wrong and needs to be FIRED!!!

  • rae_ekaf

    this cop will probably get a medal for bravery.

  • Guy Brohski

    I hope someone shoots that cop right in the face point blank. I would repost the video of that to all my friends on facebook and we could all have a good laugh. Power to the people, end police injustice. This cop sounds like such a wuss, pathetic.

  • John Ash

    So….why can’t we shoot cops when they are aggressive towards us? Because this guy is an aggressive SOB and didn’t even make one positive move towards the dogs. Further, if a K9 dog attacks you at the command of a cop, and you try to defend yourself, they will arrest you for assault.

    • Guy Brohski

      Maybe if more cops get shot for being overly aggresive and intimidating, the remaining police on the force might think twice before they lash out violently towards law-abiding citizens who might potentially be armed and unwilling to accept abuse from a “civil servant”.

      • John Ash

        Nothing at all aggressive about a 3am surprise drug or gun raid. Because, you know, the best way to handle a person who is paranoid about the police busting in their door at 3am is to bust in their door at 3am. Just like the best way to handle a barking dog is to kick it.

  • John Ash

    The guy obviously also has personal issues and no longer can be trusted to be a cop. He got bit by a dog, so he will kill every dog that he thinks might harm him because he’s scared of dogs. So, imagine how many people this guy will shoot if someone takes a shot at him someday.

  • Guy Brohski

    Cops are complete pussies anymore. Fat lazy POS’s that can’t handle a golden retriever barking at them. How sad that these a-holes patrol our streets and commit violent acts such as murder against our animals and citizens with zero accountability. This is why I laugh at youtube videos that show cops being shot and killed. Every now and then karma catches up to them and thank god I can watch it over and over again and hear the piggies scream!

  • John Ash

    It’s interesting that dogs instinctively don’t like police. They just know they are a clear and present danger to their owners. But, no reason for the cops to prove the dog wrong, I always say…..

  • jharry3

    “all procedures were followed” – That is the problem in a lot of police brutality cases. The police write their own procedures with no oversight except for a successful lawsuit. These are case by case challenges, not a mandate to re-write the procedures. If a cop gets charged the union gets him a good attorney and a bench trial with a handpicked judge who then finds the cop “not guilty”.

  • Mike H1776

    what a piece of shit HE should be shot

  • Michael Brown

    What I see here is the same thing I see all over, a lack of respect for life and property, and hate. The nieghbor, who would rather call the cops than talk to the man next door to him. A cop who is poorly trained and a society that is complacent about it.

  • Mike Santino

    kill my dog i kill you

  • Chuck Bump

    Great a middle east cop gets to kill a dog and get away with it, Allah ackbar. Where’s the follow up. Was he suspended or even reprimande3d? No wonder more and more people hate cops. I don’t yet but I’m getting there!

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    I would have to exact revenge on the neighbor who called the law instead of calling me. Also the officers aggression with someone grieving the loss of their dog and the use of the f word was inappropriate. He kicked at the dog so of course the dog was aggressive to him.

    This officer needs to have some basic animal behavior education.

  • Richard Tennyson

    This guy is piece of crap! He is a coward and should be fired without pay. He is a liar and all he had to do was stay in his car and hit the siren or loud speaker to have home owners come out.

  • gordon_wagner

    How many times have you read a story just like this one over the past five years? This is a freaking epidemic!

  • Michael Bowler

    Too bad he wasn’t shot, himself. That’d happen at my house…but then, my dogs wouldn’t be out front, unrestrained and I wouldn’t let a cop into my house.

    Sounds to me like both the owner and the officer are at fault. Not the dog.

  • Rod Roberts

    “Tarek Hassani ” -Diversity candidate cop. No wonder this happened. They will be executing people soon in public the same way. In fact, it has already begun. Have you read how many cops have killed people lately?

  • lauryn

    You people are unexperienced idiots. I worked at a shelter for over 2 years and had to deal with dogs like this one. That dog was displaying all the signs of aggression and was becoming more intense the closer the cop got to they’re house. That dog would have bitten him. A dog will wag its tail for multiple reasons, it DOES NOT mean its happy. He was lunging at the officer! Read any behaviorist website and inform yourself.
    He sounded remorseful when he was talking with the owner. No sane person would want to kill an animal. The owner is to blame, why didnt he call the dog off? You people are sheep and want to blame cops for everything, yet they’re the first people you call when shit hits the fan. Uninformed Hypocrites are my biggest pet peeves.

    • Karl Staaf

      The dog was defensive not aggressive.

      Unexperienced idiots like you and that so called “officer” cause this kind of situations and act wrongly.
      The cop obviously has a fear of dogs and should get a job he can handle.

      • Valno

        What are you a dog whisperer?

      • lauryn

        Do you know anything about dog behavior? Chances are no, I have worked with dogs for over 15 years and have experienced WAY more aggressive dogs then this.have you ever had to deal with an aggressive dog? You have no idea how you would react as a cop, and bullshit on his fear of dogs, he said in the video he likes dogs, did you even watch it? You just hate cops for whatever reason and cant comprehend that they too need to defend themselves. Until you learn dog behavior and have experienced a similar situation, your opinion is simply uneducated and based on pure emotion. A liberal trait.

        • Karl Staaf

          Wow, worked with dogs for over 15 years. I am impressed and my experience growing up with dogs, living with them most of my grown life and having to deal with dogs at work looks so pale in comparison.
          To be honest I think you lie about your experience and that is a liberal trademark, destroying others property and trying to justify it are also a liberal trademark.

          The “officer” also said he once got bitten by a dog and would never have that happen again so he shot a dog who barked but kept the distance. He showed all signs of being unreasonable scared and should get another job.
          And just because he tried to justify his wrong doing by saying he likes dogs don’t change it.

    • Sophie Sassafras

      I’ve studies animal behavior as well. Law enforcement should have an animal behavior 101 course. It was not right of the cop to shoot the dog.

    • justlisa

      Um. Over 30 years experience here. You are talking out your A$$.

      • Valno

        You are just an A$$ so whatever.

        • justlisa


      • Charles

        See above justlisa ^^^. You clearly haven’t the faintest idea when it comes to reading dog behavior. Whether or not the officer was justified, the dog was becoming increasingly aggressive. And if you took the time to actually read the article you would’ve known that the reason the officer responded was because the dogs were loose and acting aggressively in the neighborhood.

    • Charles

      I would give you 5 thumbs up if I could. All of these “experienced dog handlers” need to get a refund for their dog training classes. The tail wagging this dog displayed was clearly not of a playful nature. It was rigid and rapid…both signs of a nervous and potentially unpredictable dog.

  • Keith A. Bryant

    Hassani. Isn’t that a dog-hating Muslim name?

  • Don Wayne

    sorry, but yes, if I was on duty I would have shot the dog too. you can hear from the cops voice he is upset that he had to shoot the dog.

    • Sophie Sassafras

      He’s justifying it. The cop KNEW he was wrong right after hi did it.

      • Valno

        The cop was called to the event, he did not just roll up. The Cop was sent to investigate a dog at large complaint.

    • justlisa

      That would make you as big an idiot as he…

      There was, absolutely, no threat here.


      • Valno

        You are the bigger idiot. Next time you get you kids faced ripped off by a mutt maybe you will figure out that dogs need to be behind a fence or on a leash not just running around.

        • justlisa

          My child, miraculously, survived into adulthood with his face intact. Imagine that.

          Dogs get out of yards…houses. It happens to the most vigilant of dog owners.

          Oh and children, also, get out of yards…houses. And, some of them have challenges (autism?). They dont deserve to be shot, either.

          The behavior exhibited by BOTH DOGS was NOT aggression. If you can not see that, you are clueless. (Hope you aren’t in law enforcement)

    • Glenn

      You can hear from the cop’s voice that he is unstable and has no business handling a firearm … I don’t even want to imagine what he’d have done to an unruly kid.

  • Inconsistencies

    I sincerely hope the same cruel fate awaits that cowardly cop.

  • MetFan

    I never knew pigs could kill dogs

  • Tracy Vuorinen

    Sue that asshole..prob won’t win because they stick sorry for your loss..

  • Sophie Sassafras

    Holy shit this officer should be shot.

  • Heleyna

    I want to know what is going to happen as a consequence for this police officer.

  • atthewall

    Anybody hear him initially “agress” the dog as he got out of the car. Sounds like it got kicked to me. Man is an idiot. Stay in the car and honk till someone comes and gets the dogs. Dog NEVER lunged at him. He is no dog lover, just a typical cop escalating a situation beyond where it EVER had to go.

  • Valno

    That Dog had it coming. What the hell is it doing out front?

  • Valno

    The home owner is an idiot, He said “I let him out”. You let out a damn dog to roam around the neighborhood. He is a damn idiot. What if there was a kid mauled by a dog like happens all the time.

    Good Job Cop, you did the right thing.

    • Glenn

      Are you some kind of troll …or do you really think like this?

  • stephi

    what a putz of a cop and a liar. then he still gives the guy a ticket. jerk.

  • CPL in SoCal

    What a bastard; shooting a family dog. And a Lab at that. I hope that this a-hole experiences the same pain that he caused this family.

  • Will Dyche


  • Common sense.

    I would have done same. Praise to the cop. Not a troll either.

  • Moggy

    Judging from the body language of the dog, he wasn’t being aggressive! Rogue Cop!

  • Owen Peters

    So I guess it was ok to allow these unleashed maniac dogs out and about? So if the cop was a child, how was that child suppose to defend itself? That is why the call went out to police, because neighbors were complaining they were being aggressive and unleashed. What if the dog bit him, and the dog had rabies? This cop had no idea who’s dog this was, or what the dog was about. He was right in his actions.

  • Teresa

    I’m with you, Clubb, on every account you can verify..

  • Hazem

    This is an unfortunate incident but what was the cop to do, the dogs should have been leashed or contained. The cop was in fear of getting bitten and I believe he had to defend himself, the owner should have investigated why his dogs were barking wildly, he would have found the cop and could have prevented the shooting.

  • Charles

    The Libertarian Republic…feeding America’s flock, one sheep at a time. You post this under “Abuse of Power” yet you abuse your 2nd Amendment Right that this Law Enforcement Officer protects, just to promote your biased propaganda.

  • malcolm66

    Was this cop out of pepper spray or did he just want to discharge his weapon? What an asshole!

  • Paul Macleod

    that son of a bitch.. cops are the single stupidest individuals in America… the dog was wagging his tail.. the cops tried to kick the dog and made no attempt whatsoever to take charge of this situation.. fire the stupid shit.. I’m so mad at this point.. plus the cop is lying like a rug…

  • Russell Todd Crawford
  • Robert Nicholas

    Execute The Chicken Shit Cop

  • Shelby Puckett

    “The last time I got bit, I ended up in the er . . .” He sounds like he’s about to cry. Poor baby. If he shoots a dog because he’s so scared of it growling at him, will he use the same justification if a person yells at him?

  • Brenda Copeland

    The dog isn’t biting and is WAGGING his tail even tho he’s barking, when he was murdered by this heartless

  • SarahKentucky

    Pepper spray would have done the trick. It’s what postal carriers use. Wait, I just read the U.S. Post Office purchased 6 million rounds of ammunition. Gee, everyone gets to be armed but “We the People” in the private sector.

  • Craig Thiebaud

    The craziest part about this is that labs are the friendliest dog breed I think I’ve ever seen, I’ve never seen one act aggressively, only playfully.

  • Peter J

    If that cop had shot my dog like this I would have shot him dead on the spot and not even lost a moments sleep about it.

  • Ann Morales

    This bastard needs to loose his job. The dogs were not trying to bite him. EVIDENT FROM THE VIDEO. I want his job gone, this is a disgrace to humanity. The dog was backing up. He is afraid because he was bit before so he should have not been sent. If HE shot my dog he would be in a lot of hurt from me! COPS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUST SHOOT AN ANIMAL BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID, GIVE UP BEING A COP IF YOU CAN’T DO YOUR JOB CORRECTLY! Police are fucking chicken shits WHEN THEY SHOOT AN ANIMAL LIKE THAT. and I want his job. Loose dogs are accidental and if not fine the man. They can beep their horns, he did not need to get out of the car. OBVIOUSLY THE OWNER HEARD THE SHOT BECAUSE HE CAME TO THE DOOR IMMEDIATELY. AND THE PIECE OF SHIT NEIGHBOR COULD HAVE GONE TO THE MAN’S DOOR FIRST!

  • Roi

    Did you folks even listen to the whole thing? The officer said he’d been bitten before and had to have sutures on the wound. I’ve been bitten too – it messes with your brain for a while. The officer apologizes for shooting the dog, states that he is a dog lover… oh, none of you got that far, did you?
    Am I saying this guy was right? No, I would have used better judgement – he could’ve pepper sprayed or used his Tazer (which he had when he got out of his car). I think it was bad judgement.
    That said, /what in the hell is up with all of the hating on cops on this site?!/ Everyday, I get a link to some cop hating story followed by dozens of cop hating comments.
    What would you do if the cops just… walked away? Do you think society would just turn into this great bastion of Liberty, free of violence and disputes? Some kind of ultra-peaceful utopia where everybody just does whatever they want and never infringe on each others’ rights and Liberties?

    All you haters love to hate – until it’s your turn to need the cops.

  • holly

    This cop needs fired! The dogs owner needs to put up a fence so his other dogs stay safe! Obviously that hick town hires girly men whose only power is in their gun. This guy couldn’t take my grandma into custody and she’s dead!

  • Arnez Bennett Jr.

    I don’t like the fact that had had to shoot the dog, maybe could have maced or stunned the dog. But, after watching the video and seeing one man against two huge dogs, barking and growling from the moment he opened his car door, with the owner home and him yelling at the dogs to get away…WOW At one point in the clip one dog was in front of him, with the other cirlcing behind him. There is no way the owner coukd not have heard the dogs are a gun shut before the officer came to knock on the door. The attitude of the owner towards the police was evidence of how the dogs were re-acting….

  • Layla Godey

    I don’t know, this is a confusing situation. He might have been able to mace it or call an animal control officer to try and snag it. But the dogs would have scared the he!! out of me-they were not in the owner’s yard protecting property, it looks like he was parked in front of another house (not the owner’s house) when they ran up to his car growling and barking before he had even gotten out of the car. They seemed aggressive to me, but whether he could have responded differently, I don’t know. (Why did the owner intentionally let them run loose-they could have been hit by a car, or shot by someone else who felt threatened by them.) We see a lot of abuse by cops that we should rightly call out, but I can’t expect a cop to allow himself to be bitten by a dog in a case of clear danger just because I’m angry with the state of our police force. If it’s a situation where a citizen would have been justified in protecting himself, then a cop can also protect himself in the same situation.

  • Hush Hillstreet

    the evil exhibited by these people in uniform is atrocious yet common and seemingly promoted by their department. He lied on tape: the dog kept a safe distance, didn’t lunge or ‘try to bite’ i hope the officer paid the owner in damages and was justly punished for damages done to the private party. The joy i would felt shooting this ‘pig’ in the face the moment he raised his voice at me and played his little “authority” game

  • limn

    The cop sounds like he’s kind of ‘slow’ and doesn’t need to be trusted with a taser. That may have saved the dogs life if they replaced it with his pistol.

    • Tuaca1107


  • Sharon Workman

    All of you need to google Filer, Idaho. It is small town, it has a limited budget, he probably didn’t have pepper spray due to limited budget. Also, it was a Saturday, Animal control is closed, due to budget constraints. There was maybe one or two other cops on duty, again budget constraints. This is not the first time the owners have had this problem. A “trained” service animal is most definitely A) not supposed to be off leash, unsupervised, running around a neighborhood harassing other people B) is supposed to be serving in the capacity trained at all times to be considered a service animal C) if at any time a service animal is not serving in it’s capacity or is deemed to be harmful in anyway to others, it is not considered a service animal and can be treated as any other domestic animal that is not trained in a service capacity. Since it costs thousands of dollars to train a service animal no person in their right mind would spend that much money only to irresponsibly let it run around outside where it could get attacked by another animal, hit by a car, harassed by thugs or shot by a cop (as was the case in this instance). Since this has happened multiple times I’m going to say that realistically this was not a service animal. If I had to guess they were renting and wanted a reason to keep their dog so they had the doctor sign a waiver for a companion/therapy animal. But not a service animal. If it was trained than shame on this owner for wasting a wonderful resource who could have done another person a world of good, who would not have wasted the training.
    As for the cop. He should not have kicked the dog. That was just dumb. He should not have gotten out of his car with the gun in hand. He should have stayed in his car and radioed that this was a situation that he didn’t feel he could handle on his own. He could have done a million other things. But we also don’t know if he would have gotten back up in a timely manner that would have protected other citizens had these dogs gotten out of control. What if a small child had been out. These dogs could have knocked a child over, even accidentally, and hurt them. They could damage property. Or any of a number of other things. There is no asurity that if this officer had asked dispatch to call the owner that they would have gotten through. Numbers change, people don’t have home phones, numbers are unlisted, etc… He could have honked. But that could have excited the dogs more and caused something worse to happen. So he made a split decision. He then freaked out due to past trauma and he shot the dog. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. One where the owner and the officer were at fault. But if you listen closely to the audio you will hear the cops voice break up as he calls it in. I don’t think he wanted to kill that dog. When he yells at the owner I think he was mad at the owner because he had had to shoot the dog (from his perspective he thought that was the only way). I think that the owner was justified in being mad that his dog was dead, but I also think that he should take some responsibility for putting his dog in a position that let him be vulnerable to so many variables. Seriously if this dog had been hit by a car instead we would be pissed off at the owner for not keeping him safe not the driver of the car that hit him. I know that one was intentional and one a hypothetical accident, but I’m trying to illustrate the point that the owner is every bit at fault for what happened to that poor dog as the cop who felt he had to pull the trigger. I am not going to take a side. I think the cop should be pulled from duty. I think the owner should be in jail for repeated offenses amounting to neglect and animal cruelty. I’m sorry I’m one of those people who get mad at other owners who do not properly supervise the animals in their care. If anything happens to those animals as a result of unsupervised time and behavior, it is the owner who has been neglectful of a responsibility that he volunteered to take when he decided to own an animal.

  • Cordirose

    If these dogs were for service what do you think they are going to do if someone yells at them and kicks at them.

  • Cordirose

    If you are going to shoot the dog, shoot to kill…that dog suffered.

  • Jody Swaney

    I hate a fucking cop. I can’t wait until the revolution when those fuckers die in droves.


    TERRIBLE…. i dont agree with this shooting at all…

  • Andrea Leonard

    So when you are approached by an aggressive cop you are allowed to shoot them? Or does that only work when you wear the magic suit?

  • Chad Lariviere

    This cop is a piece of shit. End of story.
    He approached them with his weapon drawn. He then attempted to kick the animal. And then after shooting it, lied to the owner about it.
    He’s a coward and he’s lucky the homeowner didn’t shoot him.