Obama Shamelessly Promotes Bypassing Congress in New White House Video

“I am constrained by a system that our founders put in place.” -Obama, 2007

If you have given the Constitution even a cursory glance, then Obama’s State of the Union address on January 28th most likely gave you cause for concern. In a new YouTube video released by the White House, which has garnered an unimpressive 21,000 views, Obama continues to promote his agenda to bypass the people’s representatives in Congress with a “Year of Action.”

The White House’s own description of the video says: “President Obama is not waiting for Congress and is taking steps to use his executive authority to expand opportunity and level the playing field for middle-class Americans.”

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Comments on the video range from support to outrage as people watch footage of a decisive Obama exerting his authority over triumphant music. At the end of the video, Obama promises another executive order in less than a week.

Obama has bypassed Congress at least six times in the past eleven days, and he shows no signs of stopping his power grab. Under the guise of helping Americans who “can’t wait for Congress”, he has expanded executive authority to a degree that clearly defies the Constitution.

Congress isn’t taking this lightly. Tom Rice, a South Carolina Congressman, stated on his Facebook page, “”Our Forefathers carefully crafted our Constitution. No American is above it, and certainly no elected official is above it.”

He is currently trying to pass the STOP (Stop this Overreaching Presidency) Act, and has 74 GOP co-sponsors.

Sadly, like Ted Cruz’s “filibuster”, this will likely not lead to anything substantial. It’s past time for Congress to take measures to impeach Obama for clearly violating his oath of office.

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