Tips on How to Enjoy Your Trip to India

The beauty of taking a trip to anywhere, even to a neighboring town, for leisure or tourism would be to enjoy the trip with comfort and no worries at all. You should not be deprived of this beauty, much more when you plan to make colourful trips to India −the Asian country of amazing historical civilization. To make your journey to India an entirely beautiful one, there are things to put in place. Here are 6 wonderful tips that you should include to your preparation list.

1.  Use a travel guide

If you are a newcomer, you should get yourself a travel guide. You can get some impressive ones online or at the airport. But since this is about enjoying your trip, you need to get one before your arrival in India. This will help you to see interesting places with history, culture, and architectural edifices and you can decide which places to go and plan your budget accordingly. In fact, if you have enough money to spare, you can get yourself a human guide or tour companion to tell you about interesting places and to take you to the beautiful places you have marked out, to communicate with natives, should in case there is a language barrier, and most importantly, to tell you stuff about things and things about stuff in your tours.

2.  Explore with Luxury trains

When you eventually make that trip to India, you should tour the country’s cities with one of those luxury trains! Apart from the beautiful fact that the trains are comfortable and not overcrowded, there, you get to meet the natives, hear them talk, and you can share interesting conversations. Moreover, you also get to see the amazing streets, architectural designs, landscape, the impressive traditional agricultural patterns and the joy sprawled on children’s faces as they wave at you from the window. To enjoy this sensation of sight, feeling, and smell, that means you need to reserve a window seat for yourself, for an unrivaled enjoyment.

3.  Lodge at the city central

To really enjoy your stay in India, make sure you are getting an accommodation in a central city, or part of a city. It will make your journeys easy, to any part of the city that you might want to see. Central cities are also characterized by cool spots where you can shop for groceries and toiletries, get a decent local or intercontinental meal, and interesting nightlife. Furthermore, they have comprehensive and direct transportation networks that reach almost every part of the city or country. Another thing is that they have hotels of different stars, according to what you can afford or choose from.

4.  Get yourself plenty of pictures

Beautiful moments not trapped with a net of pictures are bound to slowly fade like sand grains through the fingers. Don’t forget to take your personal camera and extra batteries. That way, you can snap pictures in historic places, with your new friends, and the memories of the moment will come fresh to you, with smiles beaming on your lips, whenever you see the photographs.

5.  Don’t forget to take things you can’t do without

Everyone is sensitive to something. Hence, while planning your Indian trip, include the things you consider important to you; that is, what you can’t do without if you are leaving your home. E.g., it could be mosquito repellent, your personal towels or medicated toothpaste. You don’t want to run back home without enjoying your tour out of discomfort.

6.  Travel with a budget

The ideal thing to do is to work out a budget to travel on. It helps you not to overspend. However, India is not very expensive and there is a huge tendency to underspend! So, to maximize your enjoyment, you should just mark out an amount you would like to spend with plus and minus. Also, make a few price checks of things you have intended to do India. Check the sum total of your plans and cross check with your budget. Now you know what to balance up and how to spice up things with the rest of your budget.

Jai Indie! India awaits your arrival!