Tinder Suspends Sanders Supporters for Campaigning on App

Bernie Sanders

Sanders Advocates Slammed for Misusing Dating App

by Josh Guckert

As reported by Reuters, at least two different women are in hot water with Tinder after using the popular app to campaign on behalf of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The two women were alerted by Tinder that they had been reported multiple times for messaging matches about the Democratic Socialist’s presidential candidacy.

One of the women, Robyn Gedrich of New Jersey, said she sent messages to sixty people a day for the past two weeks, asking if her matches “feel the bern,” and also requesting that they text the campaign in order to volunteer and receive more information.

Haley Lent of Iowa also engaged in such activity although she is married. She had even purchased a Tinder premium membership in order to contact more members. Both Gedrich and Lent were locked out of the app after Thursday night.

Perhaps more surprisingly, these two are likely not the only ones using Tinder in such a manner, as Reuters uncovered a Facebook group entitled “Bernie Sanders Dank Tinder Convos” which has nearly 800 members.

This use of Tinder by younger voters in many ways encapsulates the romantic notions which some have had toward Sanders’s progressive ideas. While the candidate himself is nearly 75-years-old, it is quite interesting that his ideology has resonated so much with American youths.

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