Things You Should Know Before Buying An Airsoft Gun

Buying the perfect airsoft gun is probably the most important factor that you should consider for becoming one of the best players in the sport. The problem is, choosing the perfect airsoft gun is not that easy. It becomes even more difficult for the people who are just starting their journey in this sport.

To help them all out, Gear up Airsoft Canada have decided to help you understand the factors that you should consider while choosing the gun. Check it out.

Place To Buy the Airsoft Gun

Even though there is no dearth of both airsoft walk-in stores and the virtual ones in the market, going to the walk-in store of the Gearup airsoft store is the best way to buy your airsoft gun. There, you will be able to check out the guns and get a feel of it. As you can take the gun in your hand and manipulate it a bit, you will be able to find out whether that gun suits you.

This is not possible if you buy the airsoft guns from the virtual stores. Another benefit of visiting us is that we have all the major brands of airsoft guns available in our stores. That means by coming to our store you can compare the guns of each of the brands, and choose the one that suits you perfectly.

Even if you decide to purchase the gun on a later date, you will gain the experience of handling the gun, which will help you to make the right decision.

If there is no walk-in the Gearup Airsoft Canada store available in your vicinity, you can always visit us online. Along with the trending guns and the traditional ones of different brands, our virtual store also showcases consumables, combat gears, and accessories of major brands.

Unlike other virtual stores, the professionals of our company are always available online or on the phone. We have a trusted client base and are always try to offer the best deals that the clients can get in Canada.

Saying that, there is no harm in doing some research on your own. The more you research about the place from which you should buy the gun, the easier it would become for you to make decisions at the time of purchasing it.

The Type of airsoft gun You Should Buy

To buy the best airsoft guns, you should know more about the Canadian guns available in the market. Here are a couple of Canadian airsoft guns that the professionals of Gearup airsoft love the most. There’s a wide range of BB guns for sale online for sure.

Electric Airsoft Guns (AEGs): These are one of the most popular types of guns in Canada. As the name suggests the gun is powered by a rechargeable battery. You should always buy the one that comes with a metal gearbox. Even though the guns that come with the plastic gearbox are lighter, they are not as sturdy as the metal ones.

  • Gas Airsoft Guns: The gas-powered guns have some of the more realistic firings and handling characteristics. However, if you want to have real-life experience, you should always choose a gas blowback airsoft gun. Buy the ones that come with CO2 to get the maximum punch in your shots.
  • Spring airsoft Guns: These cans have a simple cock and shoot mechanism that comes in handy during the battles. The lower price range of this gun has made it popular among the players. Also, these guns do not need any gun powered batteries to create some great punch. The only drawback of this gun is that it cannot compete with the rate of fire of the gas and electric airsoft guns.

Qualities You Should Consider

Being the experts of the field, the professionals of Gear up Airsoft Canada have seen far too many people making huge mistakes while buying the airsoft guns. However, if people consider some important aspects, the chances of making mistakes become minuscule. Here are the factors that we feel you need to consider before making the final decision.


You should always consider the price before making a final decision. Buying a highly-priced gun puts you in a real tight spot. Just think what you would do if you don’t like the gun you just bought for $3000?

That is one of the reasons why we always suggest people buy a nice and reliable gun that ranges between $200-$300. However, if money is not that big an issue for you, then there are many high-quality guns available in the market that you should check.


While buying an airsoft gun, don’t go for the look and feel only. Always check on the F.P.S. This simple factor will help you to pick the gun that gives decent results in the battlefield.

Always remember that accuracy, power, and operation are the three biggest factors when it comes to buying the best airsoft gun. Bear the above consideration in mind and get the help of the professionals of Gear up Airsoft Canada to pick the best gun for yourself.


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