The Trump vs AOC Feud Just Escalated

Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been feuding for quite a while.

Trump has repeatedly attacked her Green New Deal as a plan that will “crush” low-income Americans. And, most famously, he subtweeted her and Bernie Sanders during the State of the Union address, saying that America will “never be a socialist country”.

But things escalated even further when he went on Twitter to tell progressive democratic congresswomen to “go back to their countries”.

Ocasio-Cortez shot back almost immediately, in her usual fashion.


However, this morning, a new series of tweets by the President brought the fight to a new level. First, he criticized the congresswomen for, um… cursing.

Someone was quick to point out that he does this all of the time, and even posted a video of him saying the ‘F word’ on several occasions.

Then, he told anyone who doesn’t like the United States to leave the country. 

That’s when Ocasio-Cortez decided to get personal.

Ouch! She keeps going…

Of course, ordinary Americans had things to say about both of them.

God himself even joined in the fight, giving the democratic congresswoman the advantage.

Moral of the story? The American political system is just as dysfunctional as always. But at least in the age of Twitter it gives us some good drama.


photo credit: Gage Skidmore ,  nrkbeta

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