Surprise! Guess Which Party Truly is the Party of Big Money?

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By Stephen Rowe

Money in politics has been a contentious issue, but do Democrats or Republicans receive more campaign contributions?

Let’s look at the list of the total contribution from the top 3 political donors:

1) Service Employees International Union (SEIU): $224,273,550

2) ActBlue: $194,439,211

3) American Federation of State/County/Municipal Employees: $94,708,977

All three donate exclusively to Democrats in elections. Okay so far the Democrats have a strong lead in big money with the top three, but what about the top 6?

4) National Education Association: $93,656,468

5) Fahr LLC: $80,409,603

6) American Federation of Teachers: $70,769,128

These three companies also donate exclusively to Democratic candidates! Democrats constantly yell about too much money in politics, but it seems like they are the kings of it. The top 6 all time political donors all donate Democrat. Okay but surely the top 10 will reflect a more even landscape.

7) Las Vegas Sands: $70,417,242

8) Carpenters & Joiners Union: $70,069,398

9) National Association of Realtors: $69,556,807

10) Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: $66,273,173

Only in the bottom 10 of the all time top political donors do you get one group that donates exclusively to Republicans, Las Vegas Sands. And the National Association of Realtors split their donations with 52% going to Republicans and the other 48% going to Democrats.

What about the “evil” Koch brothers and their money? 

They don’t even reach the top 15, 20, 30 or even 40. In fact, the “evil” Koch brothers and Koch industries is number 49 on the list at $29,519,116.

So the next time any of your Liberal friends say they want money out of politics, politely reply that it begins with them.

Source: OpenSecrets


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