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By Rob Shimshock

Student leaders at Western Kentucky University passed a resolution to grant black students free tuition as a form of reparations.

WKU’s Student Government Association passed the resolution with a vote of 19-10-1 this week, according to the College Heights Herald.

“This is something that I think is more importantly about sending a clear message than it is about actually trying to strive for the institution to actually give out free tuition to everybody,” said student senator Brian Anderson, one of the bill’s authors.

Another student senator, Andrea Ambam, the bill’s co-author, claimed that universities like to say they are diverse, but do not address the adverse impacts of slavery and segregation with regard to black students.

“If you really care about diversity, if you really care about inclusion, if you really care about making this campus safe and accessible to everybody, having the student government’s support of reparation for black students would be amazing,” noted Ambam.

The two senators referenced “a debt that will never be paid,” presumably to black students, and also insisted that “standardized tests perpetuate and uphold white supremacy,” according to the resolution obtained by College Heights Herald.

“We demand reparations for the systematic denial of access to high quality educational opportunities in the form of full and free access for all black people (including undocumented, currently and formerly incarcerated people) to Western Kentucky University,” wrote Anderson and Ambam, as reported by New York Post Friday.

Not all of the senators agreed with the resolution, though.

“It will disadvantage other people from getting the same education,” explained student senator William Hurst. “I am not discounting that there is an obvious disadvantage to African-American students, but this resolution would discriminate against other populations.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to WKU regarding the resolution, but received no comment in time for publication.

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  • mikec711

    Just out of curiosity, did they express how to fund it in the bill?

  • critter

    So, this is going to be an ALL Black college now? There won’t be any room for anyone else, when it’s flooded by the people stepping on the slaves backs. Maybe they should just build a monument or something.