Step up Your IT Security Career with CompTIA Security+ Certification Exams

Establishing a career in the IT realm is no easy task. There are different paths to take and plenty of certifications to complete. And if you’re one of the many IT security professionals on the hunt for ways to polish your security career, it’s time to be a CompTIA Security+ certified.

Whilst there are lots of IT security certifications around the world, CompTIA Security+ Exam Questions is no doubt a top-notch choice. This highly acclaimed credential has helped to build or boost the career in IT to thousands of entry-level individuals as well as expert professionals. Offered by CompTIA – a famous IT giant in terms of accrediting IT professionals- this certification holds one of the most valuable security foundations.

Before listing down the reasons why Security+ is such a dream credential for newbies, let’s discuss its corresponding certification exam, which is SY0-501. To be completed within 90 minutes, this exam features 90 questions, covering network threats, technologies, risk and access management, cryptography, public key infrastructure, and other related topics. You need to get at least 750 out of the 900 to pass the exam.

Offers foundational security knowledge

Presenting the groundwork of network security, CompTIA Security+ is tagged as the most important entry-level certification for IT security people. In terms of network security, having a foundational knowledge is the best way to establish your career. That is why CompTIA offers a start-up qualification among IT professionals to help them carve their own name. Through Security+, applicants are given the chance to know the ins and outs of network security, including system threats and vulnerabilities and associated security issues.

Substantiates your work experience

If you already have a practical background, the best way to substantiate your work experience is by getting a renowned credential like CompTIA Security+. Ideally, this one is for those who have at least two years’ experience in the IT industry. This kind of credential assists security professionals to apply what they have learned from their work. As an IT proficient, getting a certification is often used to verify your skills and further expand your academic background.

Provides global recognition

But even if you don’t have work experience, you can make use of this certification tolaunch your security career. It is because CompTIA Security+ is internationally-recognized and its corresponding certificate provider is a renowned non-profit IT association in the world. Consequently, recruiters believe that Security+ certified people are part of the cream of the crop, hence give them priority over other candidates.

Harnesses your technical skills

Security professionals deal with different issues every day―from identifying network problems to preventing system attacks and providing extending support to the organization. All these tasks can be overwhelming, especially if you are not completely ready―theoretically and practically. Hence, most security professionals take advantage of the CompTIA A+ certification to help them polish their technical skills, which is needed in their jobs. The importance of getting certified is not just about the recognition but also the positive impact on your profession.

Prepares you to the real world

Being a certified Security+ professional shows how well-informed you are about everything related to your security job. You are more than equipped with knowledge and technical abilities. So when it comes to detecting different threats and troubleshooting security issues, you can handle each issue with ease because the certification exam has prepared you. And since you know how to manage different types of security incidents, then your job will not be that complicated and you can build a good rapport with your colleagues―being an incentive for self-development, you’ll make people grow and update their skills.

Opens up plenty of job opportunities

The fact that CompTIA Security+ is a global security verification, no wonder it’s a popular choice among IT people. Though it mainly tackles the general topics, it also covers different technologies, making it far-fetching in terms of fueling your knowledge. So, whether you’re planning to be a security administrator,a system engineer, a penetration tester, or a security consultant, this certification often leads you to a positive security career. Not only that, if you’ve been dreaming to get a position in the Department of Defence, then getting a Security+ is a closer step to your dream. And conveniently, you can get a job in the United States or abroad.

Rewards you with a higher pay

Without a question, people who have certifications are rewarded with higher compensation. Why? It is because these individuals have allocated time, effort, and money to get this certification to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Hence, it is nothing but fitting for employees to recompense their sacrifices in monetary form. Your work background, plus certifications under your belt, helps you name your price. And even if you are a newbie, you’ll be surprised with the wonders of how getting certified impacts your starting salary.

Cheaper option to become security certified

Unlike other security certifications, CompTIA is among the cheaper options. Costing at $339 USD, this one is suitable for those who want to step up their career but don’t want to break the bank. Take note that the certification is valid up to three years, and a successful passer needs to earn a certain amount of continuing education units to keep the credential.


Polish your career like no other with CompTIA Security+. This certification has been proven and tested by thousands of IT professionals all around the world. And for many years, these people have benefited positively, putting their careers on top and earning whopping salaries. Because of its foundational knowledge that covers the general and some particular technologies, exam passers become leverage in any IT organization.

So, begin polishing your security profession and use CompTIA Security+ as you step up tool to reach your career potential!

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