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Soda Ban to Hit Entire State of New York?

Soda Fountain in Baxter SpringsPizza and soda — they go together like peanut butter and jelly. But, if you’re living in New York City like I do, then imbibing soda is right up there with committing a sin of sacrilege. If you don’t live near the Big Apple, then you may not know that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been pushing a ban on large, sugary drinks which is slated to go in effect on March 12. While that soon-to-be-law is rooted in good intentions, it’s also worth noting that it’s got some unintended consequences — one of those being that you won’t be able to order a 2-liter soda with your next pizza order.

Another victim of this ban? Pitchers of soda. That means for kids, big and small, no soda pitchers at your upcoming birthday bash. But if it means that much to you, you could always look for a venue that’s BYOS since large sodas are still available for purchase in grocery stores. Or you could have your birthday outside of New York City, right? Maybe not. Bloomberg is urging that the entire state of New York adopt his approach to outlawing large sodas. Why? Because the state regulates grocery stores and Bloomberg wants all facilities (restaurants and stores) to have the inability to sell oversized sugary drinks.

What’s ironic about the ban, though, is that alcohol and diet drinks aren’t included. Not that I’m calling for more regulation, but haven’t there been studies that show diet drinks and alcohol can have negative health affects, too?

Bloomberg told the New York Post that the soda ban’s purpose is to “save the lives of these kids.” But isn’t that a parent’s job? Why should the state become the paternal role in a child’s nutritional choices? Forgive the nostalgia for a moment, but what if I want my kid to have the same, fond memories I did of having a birthday at a skating rink or a bowling alley with yummy slice and some soda? Shouldn’t that be my choice?

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