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Socialists Shut Down Public Event Rather Than Allow Right-Wing Blogger To Film (VIDEO)

From the same college that brought you “Anarchist Meeting Devolves Into Chaos,” Portland State University held a similar anti-capitalist meeting last week that ended almost as unceremoniously.

Last Thursday, a meeting about how capitalism affects the built environment shut itself down rather than allow a known right-wing blogger to video record the event. In a video released by a Youtube account known as “Daylight Disenfectant,” left wingers are seen calling the police on a man who is doing nothing but harmlessly recording the meeting.

Although the police officer claimed the man could stay because the event was sponsored by the University, the lefties in attendance began hurling insults at the student, pushing his camera away and finally ending the meeting rather than let him video record.

Ironically they are chanting “free speech,” while calling for others to be silenced.