Should You Follow the Expert Tipsters?

Both professional and amateur punters alike will take a look at what the expert tipsters are predicting for various horse races taking place around Australia. It can be a good habit to get into, so long as the tips are definitely provided by people in the know, and not factored on amateur opinion.

If you check out the tips for any given race from say half a dozen tipsters, if you see a definite overlapping pattern or a general consensus that a certain horse is likely to win, then you’ll want to give that horse (or horses) serious consideration when deciding on your bets for that race.

Is Following Tipsters a Sound Betting Plan?

All punters who genuinely want to make a consistent profit from horse race punting need some form of betting systems and strategies. If you want to try the strategy of following certain tipsters to see if it gives you profitable results, then you’ll want to first test it out like you would any other new strategy. It’s just wise to do so before putting any serious money down.

First, choose one of two tipsters you want to try following and start placing some phantoms bets going by their advice. By phantom bets, I mean pretend you are placing a certain bet going by their tips and see how that bet turns out. Do this for at least several weeks and see if there is any consistency. Also, take notes about how much you’re betting and what the payouts would have been if you had have put real money down.

If all looks good and you would have made a profit, then try putting just a little money down and see what happens.

This ploy can prove trickier with major races like the Melbourne Cup because everyone and every one offer an opinion on the great race. Plus, the Cup has always been tougher to predict because of so many punters and so many variables. Not to mention the supreme quality of the racehorse field, jockeys and trainers.

Melbourne Cup tips are still worth taking note of, but you might want to gather a larger cross-section of information from a variety of tipsters and see what the common ground is. Try to ignore the odds, as these results are easily skewed with so many once a year punters putting money on the race.

Do the Experts Always Get It Right?

Of course not. No matter how educated and seasoned they are, expert tipsters, don’t have a crystal ball, and most horse races are never a given.

You’ll want to do your research on the tipsters you think you might like to follow. See if you can glean more information on them, their background and experience, and see if there are any stats available telling you what their winning percentage is when it comes to the tips they offer the general betting public.

You may or may not be able to unearth this kind of information, but it’s worth looking into nonetheless.

Another option might be to only follow the tipsters that you can dig up some data on. That way you at least know for sure that they are the racing expert they claim to be.

Try to avoid celebrity tipsters, those who don’t heavily follow the thoroughbred racing industry and are sometimes asked to offer their tips on a big race. Their tips might be valid or they may not. It’s not worth the gamble with your money.

Become An Expert Tipster Yourself

This should be your ultimate goal. As a serious punter, what you are practising to become is an expert tipster. You may never share your tips openly, but you need to become an expert so your wagering is profitable.

Unless you’re a genuinely gifted psychic (and I don’t know too many of those), this is a skill that will take some time – and a lot of regular, constant research – to develop. But it will develop with practice and education.

Professional punters in the horse racing world do exist, so it’s not a fantasy. There are people who make a healthy living from it, and there’s no reason why you can’t be one of them.


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