Should you buy plays on Spotify?

So, you have started a musical career on Spotify. You have selected the name, uploaded a few tracks, and wait for the results. But something is wrong – there are no results. So you are on across road, you don’t know what to do. From the first look, there are only two options – abandon the sinking ship, or power through. Regular uploads, work with social media, more and more hours without sleep – those are the things, that are usually mistaken for working advices. There is only one thing for you to do, to really change the course of the action – to buy plays on Spotify.

And now you have one more problem – how to buy those plays, and why exactly plays? You see, Spotify has many metrics that determine the popularity of a track. Such metrics are: number of plays, followers, likes, saves, monthly listeners, etc. Everything you can see in your statistics and more. And by tweaking all those numbers, you can make every musician the most popular on Spotify. However, spending a fortune on music promotion is not for you right now. You need something cheaper, yet still effective enough to give a substantial boost in popularity. And when you look at all those parameters under this angle, you quickly realize, that there is no better thing to buy than plays.

Plays are easy to understand, easy to attract via promotion, and they stay forever. When you are buying real followers, those people can unfollow you after some time, but they can’t take their play away from you. Plays are an effective and efficient way of promoting your music, whether it is a new release, or an older track that you want to revive. Everything is possible with a fresh stream of organic plays.

How do those promotion companies attract all plays? There are various methods for doing it, but here are some: social media, music magazines, collaborations and partnerships, ads online, e-mail bursts, etc. Such services constantly work on developing new ways to attract users to a track, on understanding how to manipulate a human mind, all sorts of stuff. The best part is that all plays you get are from real people, not some bots. And since those are the real living people, some of them might become your followers, give you a few likes, etc. So, do you see how one payment can result in a big popularity boost?

If you have decided to buy plays, here’s what you should do :open a website of a music promotion company, choose Spotify promotion, choose plays, and select the amount you want to receive. Then just pay for them. And that’s it, no more actions required. Asa musician and a creator, you have done everything you could, so just relax and spectate the fruits of your work.

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