Software programs for personal injury 

The world of personal injury claims is changing rapidly. More and more software packages and computer programs are coming into the market. We are waiting for the next step, a personal injury app! 

What exactly is a personal injury? 

We speak of personal injury when someone has suffered an accident in which he or she is injured. This could be a traffic accident, an occupational accident, assault, or a medical error. If someone suffers damage as a result of the injury, we speak of personal injury. Personal injury consists of 2 parts. First, there is material damage. This includes medical costs and travel costs because you are being treated by a doctor or physiotherapist due to an accident. In addition, there is grief money, which is compensation for pain, anxiety, anger, frustration, and psychological complaints.

The Grief money Guide 

Grief money is calculated on the basis of the grief money guide, a collection of judgments by judges in which an amount of grief money has also been awarded. Until a few years ago, these statements were included in a guide (the name says it all). It was a thick guide in which you had to search carefully to find a suitable verdict. The digital Smart Money Guide has been available for several years. This software program uses input fields. In this way, a relevant statement is quickly found. Suppose, for example, that a personal injury victim was hit as a cyclist (in Dutch: fietser aangereden). The personal injury lawyer fills in the search fields and all relevant statements about “cyclist hit” are displayed. With this program, the correct verdict is quickly found, which saves a lot of time!


Basenet is a software program for the legal profession. It is a popular program among lawyers, including personal injury lawyers. With Basenet, users can enter client data, such as names, address details, and other personal data. Letters can also be made to personal injury victims and insurers and invoices can even be made within this computer program. Basenet works completely in the cloud, so no servers are needed to get started with this program. E-mails can also be sent with Basenet. Every user has his or her own e-mail address through which messages can be sent and received. For example, via Basenet you can also correspond with personal injury victims, personal injury insurance companies, and other parties involved in a personal injury file.

Kluwer navigator

In Kluwer navigator, law books, jurisprudence, reference works, legal journals, and study books are brought together online. With a few search terms, the correct information about the desired topic is found. An example: Suppose a personal injury lawyer assists a victim of a multiple-vehicle collision. He wants to know who can be held liable for the personal injury of the personal injury victim. In the computer program, you can enter ‘multi-vehicle collision’ (in Dutch: kettingbotsing). Now all relevant information and legislation is shown in seconds. Otherwise, the lawyer will spend hours on this.

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