Banning Plastic Straws, Fossil Fuels: Here Are Seven Standout Moments From CNN’s Climate Town Hall

Chris White

– CNN’s seven-hour climate town hall allowed ten of the top Democratic presidential candidates to flesh out their positions on climate change, with two of the front-runners expressing support for the Green New Deal.

– Mayor Peter Buttigieg suggested the Democrat’s fight against climate change could be more challenging than even World War II.

– Sen. Bernie Sanders offered a one-word reply when CNN asked him if he would reinstate bans on certain kinds of light bulbs. 

The Democratic Party’s top presidential candidates took turns at CNN’s climate town hall Wednesday hashing out their positions on everything from banning plastic straws to eliminating fossil fuel production.

Businessman Andrew Yang, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont all plan to plow trillions of dollars into climate change mitigation. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts meanwhile has staked much of her campaign on holding oil companies responsible for man-made global warming.

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