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Top 5 Ways Ron Paul Predicted the Future in 2002

by Jacob Nestle

Ron Paul is known for his frequent and extensive predictions. While he’s been wrong before, he’s usually right. Without a doubt his prophetic side should be paid close attention to. His predictive speech made to Congress on April 24, 2002 is the most dramatic example of this. Here are the five most dramatic areas he was right well over a decade ago:

5. Rebuilding the Middle East, the Rise of Jihadism and the Arab Spring:

In his 2002 speech Paul said that “I predict US taxpayers will pay to rebuild Palestine, both the West Bank and the Gaza, as well as Afghanistan. US taxpayers pay to bomb these areas, so we will be expected to rebuild them.” Boy, was he right. American taxpayers have been paying millions of dollars to tear down and then build up the Middle East.

Paul claimed that “Current Israeli-United States policies will solidify Arab-Muslim nations in their effort to avenge the humiliation of the Palestinians…” Further, he said “Some of our moderate Arab allies will be overthrown by Islamic fundamentalists.” He was wholly correct. According to Ruthven, of the eleven countries where action was taken and many more where protests took place, only Tunisia has had any success in establishing legitimate government. Fundamentalists took over the rest.

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