Road Raging Cop Reportedly Shoots Woman In Face For Honking At Him

HOUSTON, TX – An off duty police officer pulled his gun and allegedly shot a woman in the face after a road rage incident. Kenneth Caplan was arrested and charged with shooting at a woman and grazing her face with a bullet after she honked at him for cutting her off on Houston’s 610 South Loop.

Caplan’s poor marksmanship saved the woman’s life, as she was just grazed by the bullet that Caplan fired at her from his vehicle. Caplan reportedly pulled up to her car after catching up with her, rolled down his window and fired before running away.

“I keep thinking someone is going to come up and shoot me,” she said to KHOU.

“I feel like I got a taste of death, honestly” she added.

The Harris County Constable’s office said it “neither condones nor tolerates the actions taken by Caplan.”

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