REVIEW: Dave Rubin’s New Book Sparks the Flame of Free Thinking

One of the most recognizable faces of Youtube has written one of the most masterful pieces of critique of the left we have seen in some time. Dave Rubin, former progressive and host of the ever-popular “The Rubin Report”, details his experience of what he calls the “regressive” left in his new book “Don’t Burn This Book.”

In recent years, Rubin has become one of many controversial figures in American media. His association with what has now been deemed the “Intellectual Dark Web” with other figures such as Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Dr. Jordan Peterson, and others, has spotlighted his career in ways that a majority of Youtubers have not seen before. Rubin has the most popular political talk show on the internet right now and has for some time. So, he is getting some well-deserved attention for his latest work.

Having just read it, I believe it is a must-get for anyone who is even somewhat tired of the political atmosphere the left has helped create.

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Rubin goes through his departure from the Democratic Party step by step, telling the audience stories of his own embrace of small government philosophy, and policy opinions. He even relates how he would love to go back in time and “slap his 2013 self” for believing in the left and their promises for individual liberty at the time.

It takes guts for someone in politics (or media – and he is in both) to admit they were wrong. Rubin does that tenfold. Not only does he admit he was wrong about his former party and philosophy, but throughout the book, he says they have contributed to the downfall of political culture. Rubin recalls experiences from both his time with the far left Youtube program, The Young Turks, and their dismantling of political discourse, his fear of showing his true political colors around his communities of Los Angeles and New York City, and his rise to prominence after his political awakening all being the inspiration behind writing this book.

Rubin’s goal with “Don’t Burn This Book” seems to be to bring people out of their shells in the current culture of unreason. There are many conservatives, libertarians, and free-thinking independents who are afraid to show their true colors on college campuses, big cities, and even their own friends and families. Since political identification has such an influential role in society now, many are having to come to terms and be truthful about what their belief system may be. Rubin’s advice seems to encourage those who are soon coming to a political awakening to be truthful with themselves. Do not let others pressure you into how you believe government and society should work. Do not give in.

If there is anyone who has contributed to bipartisan conversation and distaste for the destruction of political discourse, it is Dave Rubin. I disagree with him some, but we also agree on a majority of issues in today’s political climate.

If you want a book about what is popular in today’s environment, do not get this book. But if you want an honest critique of how to overcome toxic political polarization and one man’s experience of how he left the regressive left, this is a must-read.

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