REMEMBER: Syed Farook Was Not Able to Legally Buy a Gun

How quickly the public seems to forget things — especially things which don’t fit into their personal biases or narratives for events in the news. Liberals and some misinformed right wingers are now demanding that gun control measures be implemented to prevent potential terrorists from getting guns. If only some magical law could prevent bad things from happening!

How quickly we forget that Syed Farook, the San Bernardino shooter, could not legally obtain a firearm. Farook had to have his neighbor straw buy the weapons for him because he knew he would not pass a federal background check.

Be sure you understand this point — existing gun laws were in place that would have prevented Farook from buying weapons. The answer to this was to have someone else buy them. You see criminals are generally unconcerned with the penalties for breaking laws and will break additional laws if need to be along the way. I know this is shocking and hard to fathom.

So what magical law would have prevented Farook from getting a gun? Maybe if NO ONE was allowed to buy firearms, we could have stopped this! Only probably not, as criminals get things that are illegal all the time. Just consider how much illegal heroin and cocaine (two substances that can’t even be produced in the U.S.) are consumed in America every day. Obviously, banning something doesn’t prevent it from existing; it only prevents law abiding individuals from possessing it.

The big push now is to strip due process and make it so anyone on one of these terror watch lists cannot by a weapon. Only problem is Omar Mateen was not on a terror watch list. Despite the inherent problems with due process rights and the risk this type of legislation poses by setting such a precedence, the bottom line is this would have done nothing to prevent the Orlando attack.

We need to stop reacting to tragedies by asking the government to further limit our freedoms.

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