Reasons Why You Need an Injury Lawyer


Personal injury accidents do not only have the potential to cause bodily injury, but they can cripple you financially. The medical costs, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and other expenses are a cost burden. To ensure that you get fully compensated for your injuries, consult with an injury lawyer. Consider a personal injury lawyer for the following reasons.

Statute Of Limitations

Many legitimate personal injury claims are dismissed because they are filed after the limitations period has elapsed. Laws of limitations dictate the time frame in which a case should be bought before a court. Additionally, the claim must be filed with the appropriate courts. If this time lapses, then you may lose your chance to recover damages and even sue. An injury lawyer is well versed with these limitations and knows the appropriate courts. Having a lawyer by your side ensures that you are not affected by these cut-off dates.

Knowledge Of Insurance Law

Laypersons may not be familiar with insurance laws. These laws have a significant impact on your case. There are terms such as limitations, coverage, and exclusions that are subject to different interpretations based on the location. If your claim has an insurance coverage implication. Then it is best to get experienced legal professionals such as the award-winning California injury attorney Arash Khorsandi. Such a lawyer has worked extensively with insurance adjusters and will not be intimated by their tactics or knowledge.

The Type and Amount of Compensation

Often, victims of accidents are not sure about the amount of compensation they are entitled to. Again, this compensation may change throughout the treatment. While you may have only needed general medical expenses, over time, you may need rehabilitation or even trauma counseling. The type of compensation you receive also depends on the records and documents you can provide.  To get the full benefit, you need a medical bill, proof of wage loss, payroll records, and other relevant documents such as a letter from your employer. On your own, you may shortchange yourself concerning the compensation you need. If you have suffered emotional trauma or stress, you also need compensation.

Negotiation and Settlement Expertise

While most injury cases are settled out of court, this does not negate the need for expert negotiation skills. It only reinforces this need. An injury attorney can put pressure on an insurance carrier. This works to the advantage of the victim because it means better compensation for you. The insurance carrier also knows that the attorney can file a suit against the carrier. Without a lawyer in your corner, the insurance adjuster may offer to pay less than you deserve. When you hire a lawyer, it sends a strong message that you are prepared to take all the measures necessary to get fully compensated.


Personal injury claims are complicated by nature. If you add insurance adjusters, then this further compounds the situation. When so much is at stake, ensure that you get a knowledgeable, experienced, and tactical lawyer such as the award-winning California injury attorney Arash Khorsandi.




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