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Rick Wiles announced on his Christian talk show program that, “Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography, and abortion.”

Wiles, host of the “Trunews” show seemed enthusiastic about the outbreak and the potential for it to kill the groups of people he despises. “It may be the great attitude adjustment that I believe is coming,” he said.

Wiles is also on the record for claiming that President Obama may intentionally spread the disease so that he can have the power to declare martial law. He believes that this is the opportunity the president has been looking for in order to throw people into FEMA camps.

“If Ebola becomes a global plague, you better make sure the blood of Jesus is upon you, you better make sure you have been marked by the angels so that you are protected by God,” Wiles ranted. “If not, you may be a candidate to meet the Grim Reaper.”


  • And Christians wonder why mainstream America has moved on

    • echelon

      In part I agree with you, but I would also point out that Christianity isn’t monolithic and not everyone who identifies as a Christian would count this guy in their camp…

      Unfortunately it’s people like this that are making the most noise and attracting the most attention.

      • wilder125

        Oh.. he’s in the camp. He’s the one at summer camp nobody wants to hang out with because of his hateful personality.

  • Krimsen King

    Jesus would smack that guy in the face, tell him to turn the other cheek so he could smack that one, too… good GOD where have these people’s humanity gone????

  • Christina Mowatt

    This guy is most likely a paid troll (paid by the Rockefellers) to make Christians look evil. I notice he didn’t say anything about pedophiles because he looks like one! It would be worth looking into who funds this guy.

    • wilder125

      Now there’s a stereotype. Most pedophiles don’t look like one until they’re caught. Then people start saying they always knew there was something fishy about that guy/gal, and they always thought he/she looked like a possible pedophile

  • Layla Godey

    Uh-huh. And what of all the innocent children that die from it…including Christian children??? That isn’t more noble than ISIS and its beheadings. Kook.

  • Jon Milson

    its all so easy to pick on the groups that we find the least desirable but 1 mutation it gets airborne , the discrimination factor is out of the window and everyone’s at risk, including the holier than thou
    (p)rick wiles..

  • K.S. Thomas

    The God that loves me and whom I pray to – doesn’t subscribe to this sort of hateful thought or ‘dogma.’ Mr. Wiles needs to close his clap trap, Christians of authenticity don’t message or act with this sort of hate.

  • I don’t remember the Bible calling for genocide like this. What an idiot. Sad when I’m forced to agree with the left on something they’re always pouting about.

    • Cranky Crab

      Uh, which version are you reading? The OT is rife with the commands of a demented, angry and bloodthirsty god.

      • wilder125

        Ok.. point out a bearded guy with a staff that changes to a snake for me. I want to know when we have to start marking doors to keep the plague from hitting.

      • In the bible, after the flood, God said he would never do another mass extinction like it.

      • NT applies now and it doesn’t go all wrath on everybody who sins.

  • Craig Hobson

    He’s reaching Pat Robertson level crazy.

  • lukeweyland

    This nutter is to Christianity as the IS is to Islam.

    • jodeo

      Nutjob, yes. He isn’t beheading kids or forcing non-Christians to convert or die. But he has no idea what he’s preaching — at least, it’s not from the Christian scriptures.

      • Evilbeagle

        He would if he thought he could get a way with it.

      • He’s not doing it himself, but he’s hoping, begging, and praying for death and destruction of his enemies.

  • dozr

    these fuckers are crazy

    • wilder125

      Just him

      • dozr

        im sure there are plenty of people that agree with him… they are crazy fucks too.

      • clarknt67

        And his entire congregation.

  • Breaking News: Conservative Statist Bible Thumper says something moronic, Film at 11

  • Jeanne Agusto-Paul

    i’m a born again christian and the god that loves me loves all he does not hate like christians today honestly i am about ashamed to call myself a christian in fear people look at me like this nut tool

    • Ron Johnson

      The road to hell is broad, the road to heaven is narrow. Keep your true faith and know that there is good evidence/reason supporting the Bible and the resurrection of Christ. There will come a time where people will think they’re doing God a favor by killing us. Stay strong and no matter what, do not deny Him before men.

      • wilder125

        The topic at hand however is “Radio Show Host thinks ebola is a holy cleanse”

        • Ron Johnson

          Sorry, more of a personal response to Jeanne. Kind of obvious actually. How many comments in this thread are dealing specifically with the headline? 50%?

          • wilder125

            probably worse than that lol

      • occams_beard_trimmer

        Both roads are fiction.

        /I deny ‘him’.

    • Spacetrucker

      Love cures ALL. You’re doing fine kiddo.

      • occams_beard_trimmer

        Love wont cure Ebola.

        /But feel free to try it.

  • Timetravel

    I fell sorry for his followers and listeners. What a bigot

  • Joe Fish

    You have got to be kidding me. You are either so brainwashed by your “bible” or you are mind numbingly retarded, or you are trolling the right wing for cash and / or attention. Either way, that has to be beyond a doubt, most insane load of horseshit i have ever heard in my 47 years of life. You sir, take the cake. If there was a prize for the most idiotic and moronic thing ever uttered, you would win, hands down. Were your mother and father brother and sister? One has to wonder if that actually happened. Stop speaking, the collective IQ of everyone just went down 40 points from your moronic and trolltastic ranting.

  • ammochief2

    Ah yes, another totally farking idiot. If his theory holds any water then during the Black Plague, of the Middle Ages, and the Influenza Epidemic, of the early 1900s, Christians were immune and only non-Christians died. Hmmm, Nope that didn’t happen, did it??

  • Adeno Sine

    Even Ebola itself knows that everyone is fair game and it happily infects everyone within contact.

  • DutchS

    Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

  • Steve Newton, CSC

    I don’t care what he calls himself–this man is not a Christian. Actually, I guess I do care what he calls himself, and he should stop!

  • Well Rick, reality is cleansing the country of Christianity. Finally.

  • Wastrel Way

    If Obama was really the person Wiles says he is, Obama would have him taken out and shot. Wiles is a liar or he’s insane.

  • NextChapter

    The Obama Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in this one!

  • tridus

    As an Atheist, I read this stuff and just feel bad for Christians. I know lots of them, good folks. Not sure what they did to deserve a moron like this making them look bad.

    • clarknt67

      Stayed silent.

  • Spacetrucker

    Christ healed lepers, todays right wing fringers would show their love by killing them.
    So many good Christians out there and sadly many evil ones that have no concept of what Christ was about.

  • Altitude5280

    >>>“If Ebola becomes a global plague, you better make sure the blood of Jesus is upon you…<<<

    Just get some Tide Stain Eraser. Will get it right out.

  • Rocky Bixby

    These are the same people that call other religions nuts?

  • this is the type of christian i’m gonna feed to my pet lions when i’m elected president in 2020

    he forgets that JESUS LOVED EVERYONE!!

  • Convergence87


    • wilder125

      No just him

  • Cabinet-guy

    If there is a god, she would use this disease to rid the world of stupid radio talk-show hosts.

  • Senior Harris

    Fred Phelps dies and now we have this guy. Awesome.

    • wilder125

      No, Phelps would wait until after it hit and then protest the funerals

  • htomc42

    Yeah, because the ‘blood of jesus’ is so incredibly good at prevent other types of diseases, right….?

  • Phil Cole

    To all the people asking what harm comes from religion this guy is your clear answer. If that “blood of christ” is from an ebola victim you are looking at 40% or worse to survive.

  • Ianmacfarlane

    More proof that religion makes you weird.

    • your pic proves that people who think religion makes you weird makes your weird. that sentence is equally useless.

  • Stephanie C. Bois

    Who listens to this garbage? Why is this person on air? Holy shit.

  • RCD

    In all seriousness, how is one “marked by the angels” so that diseases like Ebola will pass by you? Christians only, please, no atheists or skeptics needed for this one.

  • Terry Doyle

    I’m down with sharing blood and other bodily fluids with Jesus. Just hope he wasn’t off ministering to the poor people of West Africa recently.