Prince Harry’s New Job Title (Japanese For Penis) Trends In Japan

Prince Harry’s new job title caused a wave of hilarity to ensue with Japanese Twitter users. The title at his company BetterUp, a health and wellness company, has been designated as the Chief Impact Officer. Or CHIMPO for short.

CHIMPO is the Japanese word for penis.

An article from Page Six wrote:

“Prince Harry is drawing some chuckles for his new gig at a California startup, where he is known by the cockeyed acronym “CHIMPO” – which means “penis” in Japan.

The Duke of Sussex has been named chief impact officer of BetterUp Inc., an online coaching and mental health firm, where he told the Wall Street Journal that he plans ‘to help create impact in people’s lives.'”

The CHIMPO of BetterUP is quite the title. 

Check out other tweets below from Japanese Twitter users:


“CIO in English speaking countries is apparently CHIMPO. Poor Prince Harry.”

I just learned about Prince Harry. Help me to not laugh at Royal CHIMPO.”


Translation: “I think it’s OK if we have the job title of CHIMPO.”



“Really. The CHIMPO who is not the Chief is IMPO (impotent). What a mess.”


“It’s been about a year since someone sent “OH! CHIMPO!” in a Zoom Private Chat.”

“The CHIMPO of Sussex is probably a coward.”

“Chief Impact Officer. Short name: CHIMPO. Prince Henry leveled up.”

“So Harry’s title is CHIMPO. That really has an impact.”

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