When The Price Of Oil Begins To Rise, Will Americans Demand We Go Back To Iraq? (PODCAST)

Jack Hunter rejoins the Freedom Report podcast to discuss whether the United States should be expending any more blood and treasure in Iraq. (Hint: He doesn’t). And Associate Editor Ian Huyett opines on just exactly what’s at stake on the domestic front, with Senator Lindsey Graham now claiming that we should be working with Iran to stop the ISIS forces from taking over the country. Just what exactly should be the U.S. role in Iraq, especially considering the al Maliki government told us in no uncertain terms to leave years ago.

The Freedom Report podcast breaks down the news that you need to know about what’s happening on the ground. As ISIS militants take over oil fields, will the rising price of oil have Americans clamoring for the government to intervene? And what does Jack Hunter think about Senator Rand Paul‘s comments that he might be open to airstrikes? Where’s Ron Paul when you need him?

All that and more on today’s episode of the Freedom Report podcast!

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