Polish “Catholics” Protest Abortion Ban


Earlier this week in Poland, dozens of pro-choice women protested the Catholic Church’s stance on abortion by doing exactly what any person remaining in the church who refuses to become pro-life should do — they got up and left.  This currently marks the most honest pro-choice protest in recent history.

As can be seen in the video, the public display was choreographed such that the protestors left the building as soon as the Priest began the anti-abortion homily he was expected to give that day.  A pro-life Catholic priest?  How scandalous!  Next thing you know we’re going to be dealing with atheists who don’t believe in God and vegetarians who don’t eat meat.  The truth is, if you’re in a church and you find yourself shocked to hear the man in front making statements in opposition to abortion, you’re probably in the wrong building.  

I understand, I do.  It’s 2016, there are many self-identified Catholics who consider themselves to be pro-choice.  And they tend to have concrete arguments for their position, such as “God said like, not to judge and stuff, man.”  And to be fair, yes he did.  But lets try a little thought experiment to see how far that logic gets you: someone has a gun pointed at an infant’s head.  You can prevent them from pulling the trigger.  Do you?  Something tells me your response isn’t  “Nah, man, like, that would be, like, super judgmental.  I personally would *never* put a gun to an infant’s head, but who am I to force my religious beliefs on to others?”

However, I wouldn’t be shocked if you were to say something equally absurd: “You, sir, have created a false equivalency because abortion is nothing like killing a baby.  An unborn child is nothing more than a cluster of cells, you sexist, misogynistic, anti-feminist woman hater.” And to you I would respond, not only are you rejecting modern science, you are explicitly rejecting Catholic teaching.  Which means you either a.) don’t believe church doctrine is the infallible word of God, in which case you have admitted you aren’t Catholic, or b.) you believe church doctrine is the infallible word of God but you don’t care what God has to say, in which case you can’t be reasoned with and will continue to vote Democrat until the day you die.  (Or even after, if you live in Chicago).

And another question- how many of the people seen exiting the building in this video actually consider themselves to be Catholic, and how many are self-identified non-Catholics who were simply pretending to be parishioners in order to make a stink?  I cant tell you for sure, but I did notice one interesting detail — not one of them can be seen genuflecting while leaving the church.

“Seamus… I thought you were one of the good ones… you’re supposed to be against government intervention… how can you support an abortion ban?”  It is no secret that I tend not to be a fan of government.  However, for as long as I’m stuck with one, I would like to see it prevent the needless slaughter of unborn children.  And I will note this should be done not only in the form of abortion bans, but some very serious reformation of our current regulations surrounding the adoption process.

I do not mean to sound as though I am not upset by apostasy or that I am happy to see these women turn their back to the altar and march out of church. As a Catholic, it pains me to see anyone leave what I view as the one true faith, but the truth is, if they believe in abortion, they left the church long before this staged moment of melodramatic, phony outrage.


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