Planning the Perfect Honeymoon for Your Second Marriage

If you’ve already been through one marriage (not to mention a divorce), you likely are a bit wary about your second marriage. Even if your first wedding and honeymoon were events that you loved every minute of, you may be tempted to top them while planning your second marriage. A wedding is something you share with friends and family, whereas a honeymoon is just for you and your spouse.

Because of the fact that a honeymoon can set the tone for you and your spouse’s future together, a secluded honeymoon is a perfect chance to go over the top and really set your marriage up for success. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning a honeymoon for your second marriage.

Consider getting a gift that complements her wedding ring

If you’ve already purchased a beautiful wedding ring set for your wife, you may be thinking that another gift of jewelry is redundant. However, the right gift given during your honeymoon can give your wife something to remember the trip that set the space for your life together for years and years to come. What better way to deliver that message than with a diamond, one of the most enduring items in the world?

If you want an ethical and affordable option for a diamond necklace or a matching pair of earrings, a lab-grown diamond may be a better choice than a natural diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are graded similarly to earth-mined diamonds by the Gemological Institute of America and are virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye.

Agape Diamonds is a leading purveyor of these sorts of pieces of jewelry, with countless happy customers. You can read more about the benefits of shopping for lab-grown diamonds from the authors of any of the many Agape Diamonds reviews online.

Prep for the bedroom

If you’re on your second marriage, you may be a little less virile than you were during your first honeymoon. Many men face issues with erectile dysfunction as they age, which is nothing to be embarrassed by. That being said, if you don’t want to make a very big deal about it, stocking up on some all-natural enhancement supplements may be a good idea before you travel. You can slip yourself one when the mood’s right by just excusing yourself to the bathroom briefly during or before foreplay.

When you return, you’ll be ready to go, finding pleasure in your new wife’s company in more ways than one. VigRX is one of the most popular and trusted names in erectile dysfunction drugs. A VigRX clinical study illustrated impressively increases in men with moderate and mild erectile dysfunction in the areas of erection sustainability, quality of orgasm, and overall sex drive and desire.

All of these results showcase just how helpful finding the right solution can be if you want your first few nights together as a couple to go off without a hitch.

Plan activities that will bring you closer together

As you think about things to do on your honeymoon outside of the bedroom, it’s important to prioritize both of your interests. If one of you loves food and wine, maybe a special tour of a winery and vineyard could be special. For history nuts, there are countless museums to head to, no matter where you’re vacationing.

One final consideration is that many couples find that new experiences bring them closer to each other. If neither of you has ever skydived, ziplined, or even ridden horses, looking for these sorts of activities can be a thrilling way to bond. Whether you’re trekking through the jungles of Costa Rica, spending your time in Spain, or taking a trip up the coast of California, you’re sure to be able to find some new experience to have together.

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