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Planned Parenthood CEO Attacks Pregnancy Centers on Twitter: Pro-Lifers Take Her Down

Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen attempted to attack Crisis Pregnancy Centers on Twitter, Sunday, by posting an article that claims CPCs do not provide real healthcare.

“‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ falsely depict themselves as health centers when their only purpose is to misinform, shame, and deter anyone seeking safe, legal abortion care”, wrote Wen on Twitter. The post accompanied by an article entitled “5 Telltale Signs of a Crisis Pregnancy Center.”

The article, in summary, claims that Crisis Pregnancy Centers do not provide healthcare for women. Instead, it claims that CPCs prey on women while they are in their most vulnerable state, encouraging women to carry their pregnancy to term instead of having an abortion.

“Also known as CPCs, these centers don’t actually perform abortions. Instead, CPCs offer counseling from an anti-choice (and typically religious) standpoint in an attempt to get people to continue their pregnancies. They often target those who might have the hardest time getting adequate medical care, such as young people, people of color, and those with low incomes,” says

The author continues by listing what she says are five signs a woman has entered a pregnancy center instead of an abortion clinic. The five signs listed are as follows:

1. They run ads asking if you’re pregnant, scared, and need help.

2. They advertise or set up shop where people are most vulnerable.

3. They make abortion sound really dangerous.

4. They won’t clearly say if they do or don’t perform abortions.

5. They use words like choice and hope but still won’t say if they perform abortions.

Twitter users had major issues with Dr. Wenn’s post, seeing it as propaganda meant to misrepresent the work of CPCs as women’s health centers.

Dr. Wenn’s post also drew criticism from big-name professional conservative commentators such as The Blaze Media’s Steven Crowder and Alexandria DeSanctis of National Review.

“1. Crisis pregnancy centers rightly depict themselves as “health” centers, because they are devoted to life and health, not killing like PP abortion clinics. 2. There is no “safe” abortion for the one being aborted”, Crowder wrote after retweeting Wenn.

“Spreading lies about resource centers that undercut your bottom line by reducing the need for abortion is not a great look,” DeSanctis wrote, calling out Wen in the comments.

It should be noted that an organization that claims to be the champion of a woman’s right to choose appears to be limiting that choice by distributing information that would attempt to steer her toward an abortion.

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