Penetration Testing for Android Applications

The process of application development is highly complicated and includes many important aspects and steps. One of the crucial stages of any app creation is android application penetration testing. It is widely implemented to check the level of data security and find out the existing drawbacks on the stage of initial development.

Penetration Testing in A Few Words

Penetration testing is a set of actions performed in order to identify the weak sides of an application, website, or system. Consequently, Android penetration testing services address the apps designed for the Android operating system. It aims at determining the flaws in data security that can be exploited by hackers. Involving various kinds of tools and a whole team of professionals, the process of testing may seem expensive and unaffordable but it is a long-term investment.

The Cost of Android Penetration Testing

Penetration testing pricing can vary depending on the size of the application and required tools. If your product demands the utilization of special tools or is based on an intricate system, the cost will definitely increase. As a rule, the price ranges from $4,000 to $100,000. As a developer, you have to know that you pay this money for the complete procedure. You will be given support on every stage: 

  • Pre-testing stage. Hacken specialists will provide you with any necessary information and offer an appropriate penetration testing system. 
  • Testing stage. You will be aware of every step and given detailed feedback.
  • Post-testing stage. Experienced experts will analyze the testing procedure, submit a report and make a list of identified flaws and recommendations for their eliminating. 

Summing Up 

Ordering Android penetration testing from Hacken, you will receive an independent view of the product. Certified specialists are skilled enough to determine the potential difficulties and pave the way to their avoidance. Moreover, Hacken does not work with fixed pricing costs to allow every developer to select an affordable testing procedure.

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