The War on Drugs

“Nuns” Who Grow Weed for Medicine Facing the Wrath of Government

Meet Sister Kate and her apprentice, Sister Darcy.

They are not affiliated with any religious organization, but they do feel they serve a higher calling: to bring cannabis-based medicine to the sick in order to propagate relief and healing.

The sisters grow CBD-rich cannabis plants in Merced, California, then use the plants to make cannabis oil and sell it on the Internet to those who are in need. I know, how awful, right? Healing the sick? The gall — the nerve!

But like many other jurisdictions in California, the city of Merced recently prohibited the sale and cultivation of all marijuana, despite the fact that medical cannabis has been legal in the state since the passage of Prop 215 in 1996. So even though marijuana the sisters grow is high in CBD (which does not get you high) and very low in THC (which does get you high), they live with the prospect of law enforcement shutting them down and arresting them every single day  — just for making medicine.

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The war on drugs is a microcosm of the futility of government; rules piled on top of regulations for the supposed purpose of the “greater good.” But it rarely turns out that way, and in the process, good people are made to suffer.

Could common sense prevail and these women left alone to continue their work? Maybe — but we are talking about the government, a place where common sense is in short supply.

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