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Nerds Blackmail Disney, Threaten Massive “Spoil Jihad” for New Star Wars Movie

A group of angry Star Wars nerds is threatening to ruin the most anticipated movie of the year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Their beef? They are upset that when Disney acquired Lucas Studios (including all things Star Wars) they set about planning new Star Wars installments. In doing so, Disney excised what is known as the Extended Universe (EU) from the official cannon. The EU is comprised of mostly fan-written novels that continued the stories of the heroes from the Star Wars franchise. Of course Disney, wanting to do something new, would not want to be tied down by EU material, so they decided to junk it.

Die hard EU fans have reacted like a loved one was force choked in front of them. Now they’re threatening to spoil the newest Star Wars movie for as many people as possible if Disney does not readmit the EU to cannon. reports:

The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe is a Star Wars private Facebook group that organises petitions against Disney and Lucasfilm asking them to continue creating stories based in Star WarsLegends, the brand formerly known as the Expanded Universe.

That’s the name for all the books, comics and other media based on the Star Wars films that occur outside the movies, and have been published for decades, all aligning to their own codependent continuity. Which was all rendered moot last year, the Expanded Universe closed down and rebranded Star Wars Legends, to make way for new continuity based on the new movies.

  1. The group’s goals are to convince Disney and Lucasfilm to continue the stories of Star Wars Legends with new Legends books, comics, and games, even if those stories are an alternate universe and to raise awareness of the line.

And in order to do that, it is encouraging its 3,694 members to spoil Star Wars: The Force Awakens in as many forms of social media as they can, unless Disney and Lucasfilm give into their demands.

It has been dubbed “spoil-jihadi”. While the Facebook group is closed, commentary from members has been posted elsewhere…




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