Need a DUI Attorney? Here’s how to choose one…

One of the highest numbers of driving offences apart from speeding is driving under the influence; otherwise known as a DUI. It can be either alcohol or drugs, but the consequences are the same. Every year, people are killed and injured by those under the influence, and the police are actively seeking the highest penalty for those who offend.

If you have found yourself being arrested for a DUI, you will want to find a good DUI defense attorney to assist you and give you the best chance. Here are some tips on choosing the best lawyer you can.


When you think about choosing an attorney, you should always find one that has the experience you want. Some DUI lawyers specialize in defending those with DUI offences against them. They know the procedures and can help you either fight the charge or try to get you a better punishment.

You also want to find one located in your town or state, say if you need a DUI lawyer Phoenix then it’s wise to look for one there that’s local. It is because there may be local state laws or rules that an attorney out of state might not know.

Word of Mouth

If you know of any friends or family that have needed to use a lawyer for this reason, then ask them if they recommend them. It is one of the best ways to find counsel, and it means you will already know something about them. Despite this, you should not entirely rely on the recommendation but add them to your list of potential choices.

Speaking to your potential choices

Once you have made a shortlist of around 3-4 lawyers, you need to talk to them. Arrange an appointment to see them and take all your evidence with you. They will go through all the evidence and look at the details of the case. They can then make a decision on whether or not to take your case.

If there is firm evidence against you, then your attorney may speak to you about what punishment they may offer you instead, whether this is a reduced sentence or fine.

Gathering the evidence

When you have chosen the lawyer you want to represent you, they will gather as much evidence as possible. If there are any witnesses or video evidence, then this will be obtained so that it can be analyzed.

If you have anyone that can give a statement on your behalf, they will need to be contacted so that your lawyer can speak to them.

In general, the tests performed at the roadside are not always entirely accurate. The only test that can be relied upon is a chemical test on blood or breath. If this was performed, then the results should be available to your attorney.

While being prosecuted for a DUI might not seem like a big deal, there are things that it can cause an issue with later in your life; even if you were falsely accused. If you wanted to join the military, then you would not be able to if you were on probation for a DUI. Similarly, some employers might not like seeing the offense on your record, especially if you are applying for a driving job.





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