Must Watch Shows and Movies before the Election Season

2020 is the most happening year of all our lives; all things that could go wrong on planet earth are happening. Australian wildfire, the pandemic, protests on BLM, and now the most anticipated US presidential Elections

It may just be the US elections, but the whole world is currently glued to their screen, watching the one-on-one debates, the crucial events, and historical decisions. Even some of the blunders made by the current president. 

The United States is the most influential country globally; whatever the people of America choose for themselves, they decided for the rest of the world and is currently the most powerful position in the world. 

But before we talk about the results, what is all the hype behind the electoral campaigns, and what goes into creating a successful campaign altogether. If you are a noob in that regard, watching US Netflix in Australia, Canada, UK, or any other country may help you out. 

American Netflix currently has numerous shows, and movies are considered the best to watch when the electoral season is at the peak. Documentaries and shows help out the viewer in having a better knowledge of how things work from an American perspective. 

The following shows are some of the accurate depictions and know-how of elections, so gear up and dive into some political satires that the US entertainment industry offers. 


Never mess with an ambitious A-grade student who pours her life and soul into her campaign to become the student body president. An accurate depiction of what real elections look like, Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) is using all means, fair or not, leading her elections onto a successful path. But politics isn’t clean, not even the ones from high-schools. Tracy soon finds herself in competition with a dim-witted athlete planted by her teacher bound to bring Tracy down from winning the elections. Hell breaks loose when Tracy finds out about her teacher’s involvement in sabotaging her election campaign. 

Whose Vote Counts, Explained

A Netflix original series, Whose Vote Counts, Explained is a miniseries based on America’s voting system. The series consists of 3 episodes  “The Right to Vote,” “Can You Buy an Election?” and “Whose Vote Counts.” These episodes are narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, and John Legend, which display the current scenarios of the electoral campaigns and political state of the US elections. It consists of interviews or experts, political beings, and US citizens, skimming through data and news to make sense of it all to buckle up the ordinary man before the voting season begins.

Tanner ‘88

Based on the fictional character of Jack Tanner, who runs in the 1988 White House Elections and amongst its competitors is Joe Biden, who ran for the electorate back in the time as well. Tanner (Michael Murphy) is a Democratic Congressman who is on the rail to campaign with his daughter and a tough manager by his side. HBO aired the 11-episode series, and it was a huge hit and somewhat an actual satirical depiction of campaigns in the media age. 

Patriot Act with Hassan Minhaj

A socio-political comedy show by Hassan Minaj, a Netflix original series that ran 6 successful seasons ending the series altogether earlier this year. The show brings out new and critical topics for discussions with some in-depth research and killer on screen graphics by the team and Hassan himself. He uses comedy with facts to shape his arguments, which keeps the show super interesting while all the useful information is making its way towards the audience. The second last episode of the Patriot Act was “We’re Doing Elections Wrong,” which challenges the two-party elections and presents an alternate solution.

The Ides of March

Directed by the famous George Clooney, is a critically acclaimed fictional depiction of what goes into a campaign and what happens behind closed doors. Starring alongside is Ryan Gosling, who is a junior campaign manager who will put everyone’s lives at stake to get to the top, truly depicting the nature of some politicians who will take whatever they want by hook or by crook. 

How to Win the US Presidency

A documentary made by Cal Seville, who works around to depict an accurate look at how the American Presidency takes place. What goes into winning a presidency and comprehensive information on American politics. 

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