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lunchMANITOBA, CANADA – The Manitoba Child Care Association fined mother Kristen Bartkiw $10 after she failed to include Ritz crackers in her kids’ school lunches. If a child’s lunch is deemed “unbalanced” by the Association, parents are fined. Lunches are required to conform to Canada’s Food Guide.

The mother reportedly sent her children to daycare with lunches that contained leftover roast beef and potatoes, an orange, carrots and milk, but failed to supply “grains”. The school provided the child with supplemental Ritz Crackers and sent home the $10 fine.

Kristen wrote that: ‘had she sent along lunches consisting of, “microwave Kraft Dinner and a hot dog, a package of fruit twists, a Cheestring, and a juice box” those lunches would have sailed right through the MCCA idiocy. But her whole food, homemade lunches? They lacked Ritz Crackers.’

  • Yourownfault

    To clarify, this is a government policy to enforce certain meal requirements. So child care is supposed to enforce this to the parents because its their job.

    So the government is requiring children to have “healthy meals” Not sure how effective or smart this is. I’d rather leave the responsibility to the parents. (At least they are feeding their kid unlike the other story)

    • Papi

      How long before they come to the house to look in the cupboards? Heavy sigh.

      • Greg

        They can do that now, under Obamacare. Anyone who actually signs up deserves what they get.

        • Papi

          How can they do that?

          • Tina Thomas

            Start reading it from page 220 onward. It will blow your mind.

          • Papi

            But I don’t have much left. I don’t wanna waste it 🙁

        • Amber Koprla

          Uhm this is Canada Dummy We dont have Obama Care

          This is ridiculous and Over exaggerated… Next they will be changing parents for Obesity Lol

        • Ali

          You know CPS has been able to do that well before Obama took office.Just sayin’. 😉

    • Last I checked, Ritz crackers used refined wheat (white flour), and wouldn’t classify as a “grain” with any health nut. Sure, a Triscuit would be better, but this is the problem with *any* government requirement of this sort.

      • Kazina

        triscuits are not legit either, just sayin… any mainstream brand is most likely compromised. I digress the whole thing is ridiculous!

  • Brad Kirby

    This is what you Liberal Idiots voted for.

    • klakefog

      “This is what you Liberal Idiots voted for” is exactly what an idiot who didn’t read a story, (to notice this was in Canada), would say.

      • Brad Kirby

        What you said is what an idiot that doesn’t see things like this are happening here would say. Obamacare, Common-Core, police-state, etc.

        So, I’m guessing the Liberal Idiots in Canada don’t vote?

  • King Rat

    Refuse to comply!

  • leftbehind

    Where are these Idiots all coming from ? Especially in the School’s ???

    • ronp12

      The socialist government wants to take over parental rights so that they can control the children. The same thing is happening in America – but only in the parts of America where the People allow themselves to be so easily manipulated. Pull your kids out of school if you have to and home school them. Don’t allow the schools to oppress you.

  • Greg

    I used to say … “if you don’t like it, move”, but you can no longer find many places to escape this sort of leftist Hell. We all deserve it though, because not a single person raises a finger to stop it. And no, leaving angry voicemail messages or sending angry emails does not count as “doing something to stop it.”

    Will this woman pay the $10 fine, or will she grow a spine and refuse?

  • ronp12

    Lesson learned from Canada. Overreaching government creates increasing oppression which creates totalitarianism which demands compliance. Lesson of America: The People stand up, dig in deep and tell government where they can shove it.

    • Jim Schreiber

      Oh, give it a rest, you blinkered dithering buffoon. Aren’t all of you libertarians just so precious about your “freedom”, as if you had a single solitary brain cell that could comprehend what it actually means. ALL governments are somewhat oppressive to some degree to some people at some times. To say that any Western democracy is overreaching in any way, shape or form means you need to go back to fucking civics class, grow a fucking brain and start using it.

  • hammr25

    How much did Nabisco pay for this story?

  • Glenn Peirce

    This story is almost certainly faked.

    Every “source” is simply reprinting the same story in the past week, even though the event it is reporting on
    happened on December 10, 2012 — nearly a year ago, with NO mention of any of this content over a week ago.

    The parent in this story, Kristen Bartkiw, is a science teacher in
    Manitoba, an avid Pinterest user, and a Twitter user, and none of this
    appears in her content. Further, a teacher spreading this kind of story
    would likely be fired, and Kristen is still gainfully employed in the

    Give this another 24-48 hours of news cycle and I suspect Snopes will be de-bunking it.

    • Kazina

      I don’t know the validity of this story, but considering that Snopes needs to “snopes” itself I have to question your intelligence

      • Jim Schreiber

        Yeah, and when you’re a libertarian dunce, you’ll believe anything you read apparently, and you’ll pass on idiotic crap like this without sourcing it. We KNOW we don’t need to question your intelligence since you’re on this website. You possess none.

        • Kazina

          let’s see… I told you that snopes needs to snopes itself, which means I’m suggesting that a lot of stuff they say is bullshit, which indicates that I do not likely believe anything I read apparently as you say. I also don’t ascribe to political labels and nonsense like libertarian. I found this via facebook like most people. I also don’t attempt to insult people by labeling them which is another rookie mistake. *yawn*

    • The truth

      Just another typical story for the libertarian republic, posting something with only a partial grain of truth and not researching much on the topic.

  • Richard Kreitenstein

    If they voted for these idiots, they are getting only what they deserve.

  • Gregory Jordan

    Fine those insane Canadians for being idiots! Government goofball, morons at work.

  • Tonya Swanson

    Have ANY of you idiots blaming Obama and “Leftists” even paid attention to the fact that THIS IS IN CANADA?!?!
    You are the weakest link … GOOD BYE (idiots)

    • Mikster

      Um,. I did- I actually was clued in by the province name: MANITOBA.

  • Iodized_Pepper

    This happened a year ago, and is just getting press? Sounds…fake.

  • The truth

    Oh good, another article missing some basic facts.

    Whats left out is sources say that the mother confronted the daycare, potatoes count as a starch which do fall in the grain category.

    The fine was originally posted online to point out how ridiculous it was that they were expected to stick exactly to the Canada food guide every single meal.

    In the end it is said she did NOT have to pay the fine. Might have been useful to include that in the article.

    • Guest

      No, the useful thing in this article is that they can fine you in the first place…I don’t really care if she was allowed to keep her $10 or not. I’m more interested in the fact that they could fine her for something like this to begin with…

  • nanarina


  • Patrick

    I’d put a baggie of raw grains in with every packed lunch, that way it satisfies the requirement.