Mom Arrested After Giving Her Daughters Rat Poison Smoothies

Maria Alvarado-Gomez was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder after she poured a box of rat poison into her daughter’s smoothies. Gomez claimed that she did so in order to ensure that the father of the girls did not get custody.

Police reported that Gomez said she was afraid the father was going to take the children to Mexico and that’s why she wanted to kill them. The girls reportedly complained about the taste of the smoothies but Gomez told them that she put “vitamins” in the mix. Gomez also drank a poison smoothie and began throwing up, intending to die along with her girls.

Luckily the two girls were taken to the hospital and survived, as well as Gomez. The father, Martin Gonzalez was given the children and has no plans to take them to Mexico saying, “The girls are fine. They’re playing right now. I just want people to withhold their judgement [of Gomez], because she is mentally ill.”


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