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Virginia Democrat Mike Dickinson is offering a huge reward for anyone who can send him nude photographs of Kendall Jones, the hunter/cheerleader from Texas who is causing so much fuss over her exotic big game hunts.

“I have 100k to anyone who has nude photos or videos of #kendalljones at Texas tech (sic),”  Dickinson tweeted. “She deserves to be a target.


Dickinson is the declared candidate for the seat to replace Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th district, although at the moment he is not on the ballot. Someone tweeted that they hoped he would be arrested, to which Dickinson replied:



Here are some of the other highlights from this model of morality: “If #KendallJones is old enough to be in college&kill elephants/giraffes/rhinos she’s old enough to be a target (sic),” he’s said. “100k to anyone w nude photos (sic).”

“I’m sure she’s sent a nude selfie to some random guy out there who’s just waiting to expose her,” he’s also said. “She kills animals on tape for kicks, we expose her for kicks.”


This is the same guy who says that Fox News lies was caught lying while…. appearing on Fox News.

The Libertarian Republic hosted a podcast about the controversial Texas teen here:

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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

  • AgentDenny

    What a sicko

    • Pierre

      Nothing sick about it at all. As long as she’s at least 18, I see no problem with it ethically or morally.

      • Jake Kerby

        So it is ethical to put a bounty out in order to humiliate smear and possibly destroy someone’s reputation ? You do realize he is calling for her nude photo to be leaked against her will ? We are not talking about her posing for playboy or willfully consenting to do porn, we are talking about bullying.

        • Pierre

          There’s a difference between merely asking for the photo and threatening to plaster it all over the web. The former is harmless, but with respect to the latter, I would agree that it’s bullying.

  • ColonelWarden

    Wonder if he argues for revenge porn laws.

    • AJ_Olding

      Don’t we all?

  • David Meek

    If I was her I’d send him the pic – take his hundred thou and go hunting with

    • Mike

      Hell ya!! That’s what I would do. Then she would make millions from playboy. He’s just going to make her rich. Some ploy, typical liberal logic.

      • Patriot_Dave

        He gives new meaning to ‘ultra left wing nut job’…..

    • SquakDogg

      Something tells me she doesn’t need to worry about money…

      • Kelsey

        Good point. If she (her parents) has the money for her to go to all of these “exotic” places to hunt “exotic” animals, then she probably doesn’t need to do playboy for the purpose of making money.

      • Tyler

        I think it’s more of a principle thing.

    • MR_22

      Good idea! But, some people have this thing called morals. This bonehead candidate wouldn’t know anything about that.

      • Daniel Hicks

        What is so bad about the human figure that makes a nude shot have anything to do with morals?

        • MR_22

          There’s a big difference between pornography and art. This offer to purchase a photograph doesn’t much sound to me like an offer for art. Does it to you?

  • Zakk Osborne

    I wonder if Dickinson is his real last name or just what he’s called around his town. Get it?

    • Paul Kersey

      Dick-In-Son, more of a description than a name, judging from his lack of character.

    • Christopher Michael

      You sound like an even bigger idiot when you ask “Get it?” after your completely lame preschool joke.

  • AJ_Olding

    What a hateful creeper.

  • Chris Mason

    “You become a public figure you lose your privacy.”

    Okay then, let’s get a sex tape of him and his wife released to the internet and see how he likes it. By his logic, he no longer has any privacy since he’s running for Congress. Freak.

    • Sourcecode-v11

      Better yet, I’ll offer 200k to any hacker who releases all the details on his personal, work computers and cell phone.

    • Anthony D Lombardi

      Or naked pics of him or any other legal member of his family will do…

      • Melinda Callahan

        Why attack his family members? That doesn’t make any sense.

  • JR Dowd

    WOW and he wants to lead our country! There are many young kids that hunt. If she is under 18 and he says this, he could be arrested for trying to see child porn. ALSO this makes her a victim for rape, something most Democrats are trying to use to promote their abortion movement (if this was a republican he would be absolutely dragged through the mud for this statement). This is despicable in ANY sense what he is doing, and leading to the harm of a young woman. He should be removed from ever running for office, especially if she is hurt. It’s people like this that make this country horrible and it’s these kinds of people that want us to let the government run our lives… yet they’ll do and say something like this…. should send flags to not let that happen.

    • FreedomRocks76

      He is a typical modern Democrat. A sick, demented pervert who should be in a facility.

    • Stormchaser Onne

      JR everyone knows Kendall Jones goes to Texas Tech which is college and is 19 years old. What is up with Republicans and Child Porn. You must love Michael Jackson.

      • Travis Badjib

        still offering 100k to someone to take candid pics of someone who may or may not be willing to have said pics taken is just wrong. The man should be thrown in jail for sexual misconduct, and be barred from ever posting anything on the internet ever again. He’s a straight up idiot, just like the O-man Liberals love so much.

        • the republicrat

          So let me get this straight, in your opinion, and obviously many other right wingers, it is ok for kids to kill endangered animals like elephants and rhinos, but not ok for a man to ask for pics of an adult woman, if they exist. REALLY, I mean, REALLY. I’m not even a liberal and can’t see your logic! Can’t all you dumba…s see, that’s why the republican party has fallen behind. We have to learn to get along as a nation, not as a party!

          • Joe Gerber

            The hunts she does of any endangered animals are tranq hunts where the hunter uses a tranquilizer gun and does not kill the animal. She also donates the meat from any non-endangered animals she has harvested to local communities. So, yes, a man asking someone to get nude photos of this young woman solely for reasons of exploitation and humiliation because he doesn’t agree with her completely LEGAL activities is demented and the fact that you see nothing morally wrong with what he is doing makes me question your principles. Maybe you should know what you’re talking about before commenting and exposing your ignorance.

          • Travis Badjib

            So you think that she is killing the endangered animals, then taking photographic evidence of it, that the U.S. would gladly use to levy criminal charges against her and I’m the one who isn’t making sense? Okay sure, whatever you say, out of curiousity, how much kool-aid did you drink as a child?

            I mean even a 5 minute search shows that all the endangered animals she has pictures with were tranq hunts, where she along with the proper authorities tranq’d the animals to clip horns and such to make the animals less likely to be poached.

            On the other hand, you say it is perfectly fine for someone to offer a reward for candid pics of someone who didn’t agree to have said pictures taken(which is a sex offense if they are taken from a private residence which is the only place I see this girl having candid pics taken). In other words the guy is paying someone 100k to get themselves arrested.

            And he wants the pics to humiliate her, which could be considered a form of slander, considering he is stating that he believes she has taken nude photo’s, which if it turns out to be untrue but people believe to be true could hurt her reputation, ergo he should be in jail, period.

            There is 1 hunt with a lion, not sure if it was a tranq hunt or not, but she was holding a bow and I was thinking “congrats, you killed the laziest animal in the world, he probably just laid there and watched you shoot him”. So while I don’t necessarily agree with what she is doing, it is her right to do it, and if she is in fact donating the meat to local communities then that is actually a fairly wonderful thing.

          • Jake Kerby

            First off the girls has not killed any endangered animals. Second he is not merely asking for her to send him pics, he as a candidate is asking for her to be publicly humiliated and smeared for participating in something that is perfectly legal, heavily regulated, and backed by science based management. His reasoning for this ? because what she does hurts his feelings supposedly. By the way I am a libertarian and I am calling your logic bull shit.

          • Carolyn Ann Olsen Drenth

            First of all, before you judge what she hunts do some research. A majority of the hunts the animal is sedated and tagged for research not actually killed. The hunts where they are killed the animals have been tagged by conservationists as problem animals to either humans or males that are sterile and are killed off the younger non sterile males etc. The African government regulates these hunts very carefully and doesn’t just let people go in and hunt what they want. Education goes a long ways. Also nobody should degrade a women like that to ask for nude photos and offer money for them, just because he supports strip clubs and some women taking off their clothes doesn’t give him the right to treat all women like they are willing to take off their clothes for money.

        • Stormchaser Onne

          So every porn producer and Hugh Hefner should be in jail for offering money to adults to pose naked for their magazines. My you are dumber than Obama. Are you related to Obama??? You are a dumb Liberal Freak!!!

          • imjustagirl

            Wow. You are the dumb ass. Porn producers pay women who want to pose naked for magazines. There is a big difference moron! He’s offering money to anyone who will EXPOSE any pictures she may have taken nude. You are the ignorant fool.

          • Travis Badjib

            Well I was going to reem you for your idiocy, but it seems imjustagirl beat me to it. But lets make it simpler since you clearly need simple.

            Playboy(and all other porn producers as well) pay(s) MODELS to pose for them….

            This guy is offering a reward for what could potentially lead to a photographer who is desperate for cash sexually assaulting this girl and taking pics of it for the 100k.

          • Jake Kerby

            Those are willing consenting adults numb nuts. not a college kid who is being attacked by a bully with a political smear agenda.

      • Robert Boyer

        It’s not a republican trying to see her naked, dumbass…

  • Michael Lingard

    This man is sick and needs to be executed. He is a politican, what young people and kids look up to. He is nothing more then trash, no matter what political party. Send him to an electric chair, people this sick should not be allowed to exist in our society.

    • Kelsey

      Who are you to judge who should exist? Just sayin’…

      • Logan Scott

        Well, I appreciate that this treads into dangerous territory, but consider this in light of Edmund Burke’s famous quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Men of power are often beyond punishment. Sure,a relative hand slap now and then but they keep coming back. Judging from his tweets, we are clearly dealing with a psychopath here. This is found to be common among politicians, so Dickinson not unique,and its that very psychopathy and rewarding this behaviour that has caused so much social damage, so since we cannot really stop them, isn’t permanently removing them a viable means of not only stopping this particular psychopath, but also a means serving notice to the others that they are not safe from judgement?.

    • Pierre

      Nothing sick about it at all. As long as she’s at least 18, I see no problem with it morally or ethically.

      Why do you endorse the death penalty?

      • Shannon

        You see no problem with someone soliciting nude photos of a woman without her consent for the purpose of humiliation? Let me put it to you this way: if your mother or sister decide to do something that a political figure doesn’t like, does it give that political figure the right to solicit nude photos of your mother or sister for the purpose of humiliating them? If you would not be outraged at that, you as much a scumbag as this “man.”

        • Pierre

          It’s not the photos which are nude, it’s the person who is photographed in the photos who is nude. She has a right to produce the photos and sell them to him for the money he’s offering. And if I can convince her to pose for $80,000 and sign a model release form, then I could make a $20,000 profit. While the spirit of what he’s doing might seem wrong, there’s technically nothing wrong with what he’s doing.

  • Harassing someone who did not break any laws. This is who we elect to lead us?

  • Yale Cohn

    Yeah, she’s “legal,” but in nonetheless strikes me as the kind of thing that would be a far bigger story if 1) The target was a more sympathetic character; and, 2) The person offering the bounty had a different letter next to their name. If, for instance, some knucklehead like Rush Limbaugh was offering 100K for nude pics of, say, Chelsea Clinton, the outrage over that would account for 40% of all global Internet traffic for at least a week.

    In either case, in order to make it more interesting, I’m offering five bucks, a pack of Marlboros and half a bag of Doritos for anybody that will send me nude pics of Mike Dickinson.

  • Tov Henderson

    This “politician” used to manage strip clubs, so it kinda makes sense. Then again, leftist tactics, like he’s using, is par for the course. It’s only mean when they’re not the ones doing it.

    • Stormchaser Onne

      He has no affiliation with the Democrat Party. He is not registered with the Democrats to run for Congress. He has no association with the VA Democrat Party.

  • I´ll pay 10 bucks for pics of that low wanker´s tiny dick.

  • Alan Clifton

    I think he’s just wanting an image to look at while he pleasures himself.

  • Paul Furrell

    Dickinson you are a piece of shit. I will do everything in my power to make sure you are not elected. Figures you are a Democrat.

    • Christopher Michael

      Oh no! He’s scared now!

  • GA

    What a piece of garbage.

  • Cat Todd

    Only reason he wants nude pics is cause he’s not getting any and needs something to wack off to each night cause he’s a pathetic perv with nothing better to do. He prob sits in his office and jerks off to pics of underage girls and boys.

  • xg4bx

    This is what the dems actually think of you ladies but you keep believing that it’s the right that has a “war on women”.

    • Gabriel Wainio-Théberge

      >the dems
      >one person

      how does this always happen

      • DerpDerpDerp

        What, you can’t Google up some more examples, Gabe? Dem and pervert go hand in hand. Right = closet gay, left = sexual predator. Learn the rules…….

  • mason

    damn, im a republican…but its messed up that they will pay to kill these animals and to take a living thing and turn it into a “trophy”. Her family should be ashamed, she should be too. All for the nude photos lol, her beauty wont last anyways — and from the look of her values…she should enjoy the attention while she can.

    • FreedomRocks76

      And you just demonstrated that you are totally ignorant of the facts surrounding her hunts, the work she helps with as well as the nature of managed wildlife practices in Africa. You may claim to be a Republican but you fit the profile for a stereotypical Democrat “low information voter”.

      • Entropy0321

        Maybe rather than criticize her, you should educate her (and myself) by citing these “facts surrounding her hunts.” As far as I can tell she is hunting some of these animals with a .416 Remington which last I checked shot bullets and not tranquilizers. Also, the nature of her poses with these animals shows no sign of medical experience in her practice (if you don’t believe me, youtube “tranquilized lion surgery” and the first video shows them carrying the lion on a stretcher… not picking it up around the chest and hoisting it up in the air like a toy). All of this content was on her facebook, she even made statements about her big game hunts in Africa. This isn’t some kind of political scam or something… these are things she did, photographed, and posted on facebook. Plain and simple.

  • In all my 31 years I have rarely seen another possessed of such ambitious stupidity. And I work retail.

  • Nathanael Ginn

    Just wow…. I can’t believe democrats market themselves as the “Women’s Party.” Where are the feminists at? Why aren’t they outraged over this?

    • Danny Meeker

      It doesn’t fit their agenda. She’s a hunter, gun-owner, and probably has a family that votes Republican. Head in sand.

    • Gabriel Wainio-Théberge

      Brotip: I found this article via a feminist blog on Tumblr. They are outraged. A lot of them probably won’t vote for this one guy in this one state. His ass will be persona non grata next Democratic primary. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to turn around and vote for a party that wants to restrict their reproductive rights either.

    • james

      Because he’s not a democrat. He hasn’t registered as one; he only claimed to be one so Fox would have him on.

  • FreedomRocks76

    Maybe Dickinson should be a target for being the world’s most repulsive douche bag. Typical Liberal Democrat hypocrite.

  • Msgtdubb

    Well, dick in son, has raised his grotesque face again. What a low life

  • Donald Higdon

    Dickinson for Congress is also illiterate.

  • Talvrae

    She’s a teneger, so underage? isint that illegal to ask pic of underage girls?

    • Aeffesstoo

      If she is underage, then this sounds like solicitation of child pornography to me.

    • Kelsey

      Teenagers can be 18 or 19 too, ya know.

    • Stormchaser Onne

      She is 19 years old and can do porn. You Liberal Freaks are Libertards and are dumber than your Lord Obama.

      • Talvrae

        Was looking for the information thanks, and sorry 1 i’m not american, and 2 i’m sure not democrat, not even republican eighter i’m a libertarian

      • Shannon

        Stop using Libertard as a word. You sound so uneducated. I’m not a member of any political party, I prefer to think for myself. Just because she is 19 now does not mean she was 19 if and when pictures were taken. Those pictures would be considered child pornography. Way to advocate for that. You should be on the sex offender list if you think this is okay!

  • Entropy0321

    Well honestly, I’d rather see her get mauled by a lion and have to endure a life of disfigurement than get free publicity. Please, pretty please… show me some viable evidence (let’s be adults here and use those research standards that we all learned in High School) that hunting endangered animals has led to the preservation and incline of an endangered species. Please, educate me. Until then, I’ll just hope that karma turns it’s ugly sights on her.

    • Tiki Steve

      Where does it say that she hunts “endangered” animals?

      • Entropy0321

        Tiki, it’s all over the place… just google “Kendall Jones Endangered” and you’ll find plenty of articles that talks about facebook pulling her pictures that display dead lions, rhinos, etc (some of which are endangered). Tried to include some links but they removed my comment because of it.

        … Nathan, I have nothing against her hunting (even though I’m a vegetarian & taking steps to produce my own food), I have an issue of her hunting endangered animals. I have a lot of friends/family who are hunters/farmers (all who practice conservation, I wouldn’t be friends with somebody who doesn’t). Sorry to hear about the Python situation, I’m sure there are ways to control their intrusive behavior without eradicating them (esp in today’s age).

        All I’m saying is that there seems to be little evidence (numbers) that hunting endangered animals has helped in conservation efforts of endangered species. I think I read that the white rhino has been reintroduced thanks to hunting demand, but how many other animals have been wiped out in that timeframe? Hunt on, but be respectful of life and the effect you have on the ecosystem.

        • Matt Hutchens

          She hasn’t killed any endangered animals… Stop reading what the crazies are writing, and dig for some truth. Pics like the one with the rhino…the animal is tranquilized. She shot it with a tranq gun (dart), so the people who needed to get near the animal, for whatever reason, could do so. Sanctioned by the government of that country, and so forth.

          • Entropy0321

            I’d be interested in seeing your sources to backup these claims; however, there are about a hundred of these articles elsewhere that would beg to differ, as well as content on her own facebook page that shows Africans eating an elephant she killed, pictures of her standing with her foot on the back of a lion while holding a .416 Remington (pretty sure those aren’t used for darts… or tranqs), as well as her own facebook comments like this one:

            “In 2008, (age 13) I took my second trip to Africa to start my Big 5 experience… The first animal I ever shot was a White Rhino with a .416 Remington!! On this trip I also took some plains game, such as impala, kudu and mountain reedbuck home.”

          • Entropy0321

            Btw, just so everybody is clear I don’t support this POS Dickinson, but I also don’t support hunting endangered animals.

          • Shannon

            This isn’t about the hunting of endangered animals any more. This is about whether or not someone has the right to humiliate you because you do something they disagree with. What if I disagree with your comment above? Does that give me the right to solicit and display naked photos of you for the purpose of humiliation? No? I didn’t think so.

          • Entropy0321

            Yes this article is not about the hunting of endangered animals, but I feel that the real issue at hand is. This article covers a semantical position of a much larger issue, which is whether or not hunting endangered animals shows any evidence that it supports conservation (of which, after a week I have still received no credible evidence). This article is just a publicity stunt for this pathetic politicians run for congress. If you read my statement above I clearly stated:

            “I don’t support this POS (piece of shit) Dickinson, but I also don’t support hunting endangered animals”

    • Nathanael Ginn

      So what are you doing to help protect Burmese Pythons since they are no endangered and actively being hunted in Florida because they are “invasive”? Or do you not care because they are scaled instead of furry. If you are against preserving them but for bashing this woman for hunting, then you are a top notch hypocrite.

    • Lead Dealer

      You’re a real special kind of scum. You know that?! I’m not even gonna waste any time explaining it to your stupid ass why hunting these animals is important to conserving the endangered wildlife. I’ll just call you a piece of shit. You piece of shit!!!

      • Entropy0321

        Wow you really got me

  • putupjob

    How long will it be before they do the same thing for the L’Oreal girl?

  • SandyLester

    Isn’t it interesting that a democrat solicits child porn so openly.
    Not a surprising, interesting just the same.

    • Stormchaser Onne

      So anyone who is in porn at 19 years old is in kiddie porn??? You make absolutely no sense Libertard. You Liberal Freaks are stupid as your Lord and Savior Obama.

      • Gabriel Wainio-Théberge

        there’s actually a surprising level of validity to this criticism – she’s 19 now, which means she’s been legal for all of one year? at most? (I’m Canadian and dunno American age of consent laws) any nudes anybody has of her, there’s a decent chance they’re from before that. DICKinson really did not think this through, at all.

  • Chris

    This guy is a lunatic and isn’t even a real candidate; he failed to register on time to be a candidate and the VA Democratic Party has rejected any affiliation with him.

    What a noob.

  • Marrkedman

    If I were her father, uncle, brother or cousin, I would take a trip up to Virginia and beat this demolibtard’s ass in front of his wife and kids.

    • Sounds like you’ve really thought this through.

      • Marrkedman

        Actually I think of it more of as an instinctual response of a father towards some left-seeming-pedophile, who apparently gets his rocks off threatening young girls. That type of behavior is unacceptable and really needs to be curtailed. As Justice Holmes once wisely ruled, no one is allowed to yell fire in a crowded theater, when there is no fire, just to get the crowd riled – lefties have been screaming “fire” through megaphones for the past couple of years now. And it needs to stop, or those who can stop it, likely should and will.

        Why? Are you a supporter of bullying young teenage girls too? Are you also perhaps a prototyppical-liberal hypocrite that never really thinks about where their food comes from, nor respects those with the skills to bring the food?

        No. That was the instincts of a red, blooded, American, male, father and Veteran who can’t stand bullies.

        • I personally dislike what Dickinson is trying to do, but I’m libertarian. We oppose the initiation of force. It’s called the Non-Aggression Principle. Someone posting to a libertarian site should be familiar with this concept.

          • Marrkedman

            I am more than familiar with the “please take my lunch money Mr Bully Principle”. I am not a fan of being the first to draw blood, but once it is drawn….

    • Akerskronks ov Steele

      CUZ TUFF

  • Kelsey

    Okay… so I’m thinking it’s not a big deal that this chick is hunting exotic animals. The fact that they are “exotic” or not from the U.S. doesn’t make it not okay. It’s whether these animals are endangered that makes it immoral or not.

  • Brian Lewis

    I would put money down that he has a raging hard-on for her, in more ways than one.

  • Wow how consistent he is about what he says versus what he does.

  • James Kropf

    Well Mr. DICK – Even if I had pics like that, I wouldn’t sell them to you at any price – you’ll just have to get your masturbatory aides elsewhere you jerk. I realize you’re not on the ballot yet but I feel like I want to move to Virginia just so I can vote for whoever is opposing you.

    • Pierre

      You’re completely missing the point.

      • Shannon

        No Pierre, you are the one missing the point. The more you comment, the more I realize that you just don’t get it.

        What this “man” is doing is illegal. It could be considered sexual harassment, child pornography (depending on how old she was when the photos were taken), cyber bullying and possibly a hate crime. That’s the point you don’t seem to get.

        • Pierre

          What, specifically, is his offer?
          My understanding of his offer is that he’s willing to pay $100,000 to someone who can produce photos of this woman in the nude. Now if she hasn’t signed some kind of model release form, then his rights and/or the rights of the photographer with respect to what can be done with the photos would be significantly restricted. But it wouldn’t be restricted to the point where he wouldn’t be allowed to keep them in his possession.

          However, if I were him, I wouldn’t have presented the offer that way. I would have simply offered her $100,000 directly to pose nude for photos. But I don’t think that’s the point he’s trying to get across.

          • Jauniela

            It doesn’t matter in this day and age if she’s signed any kind of form – he can use those potentially illegal/illegally obtained photos of her in any way he wants as long as he doesn’t sell or profit from them in any way. He could spread them online to harass her making sure they’re all over the internet or use them for his own pleasure. It’s slander, sexual harassment and bullying of someone with a different political opinion and something that a decent person simply wouldn’t do. Especially when you also look at his other tweets.

          • Pierre

            There is probably a law which states any photos of her in the nude for which she didn’t sign a model release form can’t be distributed without her authorization. If all he wants is to have nude photos of her, he should simply offer her whatever it takes to get her to pose nude. Given her fame, I’m sure there are others who would pitch in if Dickinson can’t afford what it would take to get her to pose nude.

            But I don’t think he’s simply after photos of her in the nude. I think he’s trying to make a statement – probably due to his feelings about her fame due to her big game hunting and the way she boasts about the kills she’s made.

            Either way, she could make a ton of money if she did pose nude.

  • raz

    200k to anyone who can find this idiot’s balls.

    • John Smith

      A bounty that is sure to go unclaimed

  • What I would like to know is how a guy in his position can get away with saying he wants to “make a target” out of a young man in this day and age where if a guy even looks at a woman wrong he can be charged with sexual harassment. How come the police haven’t busted him for attempting to soliciting pornography.

  • MrChow

    Isnt she 17? What a pervert, and a Democrat? Way to be a leader (sarcasm). This is the face of the Democrat party in Virginia?

    • Danny Meeker

      If a Republican had said this, there would be cities on fire, demanding his arrest.

  • Harold429

    Now I don’t know this girl from nothing – no idea who she is, how old she is, whatever. The douchebag democrat probably doesn’t have $100k. But assume for a moment he does. Also assuming that she’s 18. She needs to go get a lawyer and have that guy reach out to the douchebag and tell ’em he has naked pictures of the girl. Get the money in escow and then have her take a modest selfie coming out of the shower or something. Doesn’t have to show any of the ‘naughty bits’ – naked is naked, right? Then she prints a crappy 4×6 and hands it over and then she takes that $100 grand and plans another hunting trip. Maybe she should go on a democractic douchebag trip?

    What’s really amazing is that he runs his mouth like this and knows that she’s a gun girl. She’s probably got a brother, father, uncle, next door neighbor, etc. who are all gun guys. Not sure I’d be calling her out this way when I know she and everybody she knows could send 168g of lead down range or put an arrow through my nutsack at 100 yds. Just saying.

  • gaby leblanc

    This is EXACTLY the same mentality as the Steubenville teens who took pictures of themselves raping an unconscious girl. Dickinson believes that sexually victimizing girls is perfectly acceptable if her behavior isn’t in line with his opinions. SICK and SCARY

  • Tanner Waits

    This site offers a great deal of unique perspectives of a political minority. I respect that. As a result, I approach the material on this site with an open-mind while engaging critically with the arguments presented. But to be frank, the expressed positions of a plethora of commentators are so heavily rooted in political and social biases. When scrolling through these comments marked by misinformation and prejudice, I cringe at the utter lack of scruples. All of this has certainly irked me for sometime, but this article and many of it’s responses finally provoked a reaction.

    If you took two minutes to consider the issue at hand (the tweets and comments made by Mike Dickinson), or perhaps if you even looked into the matter for yourself, you’d probably better understand who this man is – a fraud. The article itself is certainly misleading, as it glosses over the key fact that “at the moment he is not on the ballot”. In fact, he passed up the deadline for paperwork on April 10, the very same day of his interview on Fox News, posted above. Yes, he tweets incessantly in a manner entirely unbecoming of a politician; his 100k offer clearly indicates that, as everyone has rightly responded. But prejudices are leading you to an entirely illogical conclusion, that his self-proclaimed “affiliation” with the Democratic Party, leftists, and liberalism are somehow relevant to the multitude of absurdities expressed by Dickinson. And what you miss when you make uninformed, close-minded snap judgments is the most obvious conclusion of all – Mike Dickinson is not a political candidate. Mike Dickinson is not a politician. Hell, Mike Dickinson is probably not even liberal. The only salient aspect of his public identity is the fact that he’s a fraud, who claims to have an interest in politics, but has shown all the signs of someone who is simply out for the spotlight. His website is insanely bare, and even his donation page has been shutdown by the web host, because again, he is not a candidate. He has no formal affiliation with any local, state, or national party. His total campaign expenditures to date? Less than $5,000. All of this information was easily acceptable within a few short minutes. Read his twitter page for yourself, and just try to tell me that he’s a serious person. I’d love to hear that argument.

    So when you zone in on Dickinson’s “political affiliations” (an aspect, which again, reeks of convolution and bullshit) and allow yourself to make ignorant remarks, you’re doing a great disservice to yourself, your own political affiliation, and everyone else who shares your political ideals. We want our libertarian philosophies to actually have more of an impact in the current political market, and since your impulsive comments only demonstrate to other a lack of civic responsibility, you are personally being counterproductive to everything we’re working for, so stop. Thank you.

  • Tequila Party USA

    I wish I had 100k, I would offer a reward for his manhood…….

  • How about we raise enough money to make him a target. 200k for anyone who can produce dirt to get him fired or divorced!?!?

  • capers2

    How about $100K for anyone with pics and a video of this clown with a ball gag and a dildo up his rear. Chances are there’s a few of them floating around…

  • Frodslot

    Let’s set up a fund , say $50k, for any tape picture or both of this idiot lying, having sex, soliciting sex from young girls , etc etc.. Maybe he also likes vegetables up his ass… Am sure he sent a few naked selfies to some other young girls hoping his stature as a politician will entice them to his bed.. Heck maybe he just wants Kendall’s pic for his private collection… know what I mean? he certainly lives up to his name “Dick” inson….

  • Mahhn

    His name is fitting, He is leaching off of her for attention, pathetic. and I don’t know either of them beyond this. He basically put a bounty on her head, he knows there is some moron out that that will assault her for that money. Isn’t it a crime to hire people to commit crimes for you? 100k buys a lot of evil these days. He is advertising to pay for criminal activity.

  • Jeri Baker

    1. Just because he is a Democrat doesn’t mean all Democrats want this stuff on her. 2. Just because he is an idiot doesn’t mean that everyone from Virginia are idiots. 3. Just because he is a man doesn’t mean that all men only think of women as things to be abused and objectifies. 4. Just because he IS an idiot doesn’t mean that people with any intellect have to discuss or consider his idiotic statements. 5. Just because he is running for political office doesn’t mean he should be elected!

  • Jle

    I hope she gets naked photos of him and leaks them.

  • Kurt bauer

    For me if she I over 18 I would also like to see it. but free for me I’m a poor American citizen

  • Kurt bauer

    I would give 25 cents to see the presidents wife’s nanny naked.

  • Donovan Hurley

    solicitation is illegal in Montana, how about Virginia?

  • Amanda

    What she is doing is wrong and she should face consequences for it but that does NOT mean she can be made a “target”. When did being against exploiting animals mean it was okay to exploit people? It makes me sick that people feel like they have to take sides, this is just a horrible situation all around.

  • dinkster

    His fame boat will dry up long before hers does.

  • waltkaiser

    is this ahole for real ? He wants to be a congressman and acts like this, Weiner the second, wow.

  • Wedeservebetter

    I am truly disappointed with your twitter postings. I would like to state a few facts; 1 – most of that animals were not killed (they were shot with a traq dart so they could be examined and blood samples taken – Africa manages there wild life population – do some research), 2 – hunting is a hobby and the lion she killed was a green hunt. That means the population is growing and needs to be maintained. Again, Africa manages the wild life population in the reservations. 3 – Do you eat meat? Hamburgers, steaks, ext??? If so, you should check out how slaughter houses treat those animals. Better yet, eat eggs? Check out how chickens are treated… I say this because the party you represent claims that the other party has a “war on women” but you (a public official that should be focused on other issues that are bigger then a 19 year women old hunting in Africa) post a 100k reward for photos or videos? Really? Why don’t you use that 100k to support the surge of illegal immigrants that your party and president have created? I do not understand why you could not just keep you mouth shut or state that you do not agree with what she is doing. Ever heard the phrase “if you do not have something nice or productive to say then be quite”?

    My family, friends and myself will not be voting for you unless you apologize publicly. By the way, I am a democrat but are growing tired of the mudslinging on both sides.

    I thought we were better then this…

    • Jim_Satterfield

      You’d have a hard time voting for a fake candidate.

  • Dan Mathewson

    Dickinson, you need to get a better handle on grammar. You should’ve said, “Should not’ve , a contraction of ‘not have’, instead of “should not of..'” You sound like an idiot when you write that way. Oh wait, you are an idiot. The Democratic Part; “A criminal organization masquerading as a political party.”

  • Ksiz

    You idiots realize this isn’t real right

  • Jake Kerby

    I am sure there is a sex tape of this guy getting pounded with a strapon that needs to be released.

  • Michael Smith

    Liberal jerks

  • mike

    keep hunting it are god given right !!!!!!!!

  • msmadness

    What a dirtbag. And talk about a war on women. What would happen if a Republican went trolling for a naked picture of a liberal just to embarrass her?

  • mr_Sug

    Is this offer good for any democrat that hunts too? Gabby Giffords and her husband are hunters and very well known. I’m sure it will make good copy.

    Or are you playing the Good Hunter – Bad Hunter game? How liberal of you.

  • Christina Mowatt

    His behavior is extremely immature, irresponsible and unprofessional! I hope that no ones takes this D bag seriously.


    If this girl was my daughter, I’d go after him with everything I have available to me!!!

  • Mojavegreen Nln

    We have enough stupid uncaring politicians in office. We do not need any more added. In fact vote them all out over the next two elections. BTW I hunt animals too. 🙂 I live in the small town of Oro Grande CA. I’m not that hard to find. Bring it on…Please!

  • Ronin

    This guy isn’t a real candidate. He’s just going around trolling people because he’s a bitter individual.

  • Mr Guy

    I wonder what the reward is for any pics of Dickenson accepting kicksbacks or bribes.

    • Jim_Satterfield

      Wouldn’t he have to be a politician for that to be possible? He’s a fake.

  • Jim_Satterfield

    I would suggest that the writer consider getting some facts straight. The Democratic nominee for this seat is Jack Trammell. The moron referenced in the article has a web site for his “campaign” and nothing else. No documents filed to get on the ballot or anything else ever done to show legitimacy as a candidate. In fact, other than what he says publicly there is no evidence that he has ever had any actual association with the Democratic Party other than claims made on his web site.

  • Sportsmen only like her because of her gender and hobby not as a person.
    They act like they wanna (mate) with her.
    They are overreacting and freaking out when we criticize that woman.

    If it was a man who did the same thing and got a hate page.
    Little to Noone would defend the man.

    She is a selfish parasite who killed a vulnerable species such as the lion, African lion numbers are dropping.

    Why didn’t she just shot a gazelle, buffalo or wildebeest since their numbers are tremendously large?

    I know, hunters are selfish and for $$$$$.
    The amount of money WASTED on poaching a vulnerable species such the lion
    The same money she wasted could be used to help the villager.

    Kendall Jones she was a bad cheerleader and she just wanted attention.
    She can’t write her own stuff and her loser father write all the trash for her.

    Lions are vulnerable and numbers are dropping.
    Elephant are vulnerable and declining.
    That rhino wasn’t killed (I hope) White Rhino are (NT)
    leopard are (NT) and number dropping.

    Also as people saying she shot a cheetah!!!!
    Bigcat she killed wasn’t a cheetah was a leopard.

  • Tammy

    I don’t care, Democrat, Republican, any other political party affiliation. Anyone who posts a stupid suggestion/request such as this is WRONG!!!. This is ridicules, She may be hunting animals and many may not agree with her actions, but in no way does this justify what this man is requesting. Never mind it is sick, he is also setting her up for stalkers. Disgusting.

    • Zach LeFevre

      What’s so sick about the human body? We watch shows where people’s limbs get blown off. Just about every commercial has sex in it or referred to. But a nude picture is sick? I don’t see why. Also, it’s ridiculous* not ridicules, article’s brother.

  • Randi Sue Valtierra

    “If #KendallJones wanted privacy she should not of become a public figure.” IT’S “SHOULD NOT HAVE” YOU ASSHAT!!

  • DerpDerpDerp

    I got no money for naked picks of him. Hit me up if you can get pics of him with his coke hookers.

  • Rand Allan

    My experience is that people, and in particular politicians, that pound their chest to show how moral
    they are always seem to be the ones that have some sexual deviancy or other moral failure to
    hide, and are striking out at others to hide their own private shame. I
    say we offer $100,000 to uncover his moral failings. Shouldn’t be too

  • Grubba

    You people do realize this a fake account, right? This guy isn’t running for anything, and the account is probably a plant to try and rile up the right-wing base to come out and vote in Cantor’s old district.

  • Bahu-yuddha

    ““I have 100k to anyone who has nude photos or videos of #kendalljones at Texas tech (sic),” Dickinson tweeted. “She deserves to be a target”
    Or is that only when TEAM Red does want to pony up for abortion pills?

  • Porst

    I don’t agree with what she’s doing, but this douchebag politician wouldn’t be asking for this if she was a guy instead. Gross.

  • Chino’s shoe

    Axl keeps his ticket stub from a Wham! gig in his wallet at all times


  • Porst

    Would he be asking this if she was a man? Nope. Way to shame women for being naked, Mike.

  • KingAdrock

    I think the headline should read “Congressional candidate starts new job as pornographer”

  • Liberal Juggalo supremacist

    The DNC, the pedophile sex creep party. That fat ass needs his tits cut off.

  • If I was her dad is be on my way to kick that mefers ass.

  • Isn’t she like 17? And isn’t that proposal against oh I don’t know. Some kind of law or something?

  • chivette lover

    I posted yesterday this was a fake. Oddly enough my comment isn’t showing up. Apparently Libertarian republic censored me….

  • Megan Finley

    There are so many things wrong with this story. The fact that a grown man thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for nude photos of an underage teenage girl is disturbing. Congressman Dickinson says that Kendall Jones deserves to be a target because of the fact that she hunts big game. She is not the only person to hunt big game; do those other people deserve to be targets? Congressman Dickinson is a public figure as well, should he be a targeted of hateful and derogatory comments? Should people be offering $100,000 for dirt on him from past flames and enemies?

    As someone who wants to be a representative leader in this country, one would think he would avoid scandal
    and not beg for naked photos of a young teenage girl. Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer, both (former) elected officials, got in trouble for inappropriate sexual activities with young women. Why do our representatives think this is acceptable? It looks like Congressman Dickinson thinks it’s perfectly okay behavior, even tweeting to an opposer of his ideas of harassing Kendall Jones that they should be arrested for stupidity. Insulting people with opposing ideas and asking for nude photos of a girl because he does not like what she does in her spare time do not seem like qualities an elected official should have, even a potential one at that.

  • Samuel Riley Kendall Jr.

    I hope that this young lady is not harmed by some fool rabid for this mans money. If she is I will not rest til this man is imprisoned for causing her harm.

  • As usual, it’s fine when the left does it. Also, if he should be arrested for anything, it’s crimes against spelling and grammar.

  • wilder5121

    That lion is impressive, even in death. She looks like a trashy slut…dime a dozen. Too bad a magnificent animal had to die for THAT thing.